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Writers are Liars (Commission Info)


There's a history here, one of your own making, that tells of the place once called home.

Search this forgotten castle and find it, Spike.

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Outstanding improvement from the first draft, my friend. Easily worth a read.

Well, that... is heartwrenching. A lot of mood setting, as is typical for you. And I liked this, even if if... didn't end to well.

An alternate universe where Spike kills his family, friends and sister? Damn that's dark. I'd love to read a full story of all that happened, how Celestia tried to calm down her son but failed, how the Elements lost and how the alternate Spike went insane. I have a feeling he and Discord are now enemies but I could be wrong. So many ideas for that version.

Damn... :fluttercry: Have an upvote.

You should do sports fic

What sport?

the trauma
the struggle
the suffering
You evocated these feelings far too well, my dear friend.

Like with Spike or....?


Please make it into a series.

Not sure how that would play out. Spike is caught inside an endless loop, so a series would just be this chapter repeating over and over unless you had another idea in mind?

Whoa... Quite the emotional experience here. Lots that a reader can interpret while enjoying in the poetic way in which this is all presented.

My take is something happened to Spike. Something that corrupted him. Something that, as his transformation did in 'Secret of My Excess' went unknown until it was all done. Spike went mad, gave into his greed, and destroyed Equestria with no thought. He was a mindless brute stuck on acquiring items. Dedicated to being selfish. Now he is alone and full of remorse for actions he never wished to have happened. Knowing it is he who sent his friend to oblivion. He who wrought Equestria to a burning wasteland.

Quite a dark tale but one that makes you cry as you realize how important it is to retain control of one's self. To not give in to negative emotion until it makes you into what you're not.

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