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There was a moral in that, somewhere. (Commissions & Patreon)

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Sweet Celestia, why is every major word capitalized in the descriptions?:raritydespair:

low-key, i just copy and pasted the title.

B_25 #4 · Sep 27th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Because it's a horror to read, Lola.


Best chapter title on the site, tbh.

Improperly tagging a story will get u in trouble, dood.

Loved it

I'm a big fan of TwiSpike by the way. So yeah, well done my brony friend. :moustache: :heart: :twilightblush:

Okay, then.

I'm giving you a Like more for the sake of it than anything else.

What did I just read, well I don’t know but I do know I want more.

Like... just because Spike is the best... execute all that think otherwise

:trollestia: and all my little ponies bedded Spike
:moustache: That's a neat story can you read it again?
:trollestia: I knew you'd like that last naughty bit
:applejackconfused::yay::rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightsmile: So did I. :derpyderp2: we?
:trollestia: that's my boy!


This story is the best, and everyone should love it.

Twilight sighed and wept. “But I was also a terrible pony, and that caused you to become a villain.”

This is a logical fallacy, for you imply that Twilight herself is not perfect in every way.

After the arduous battle, the great dragon Spike went on to assume the throne of North Kore- Equestria. Under his glorious reign, Leader Spike has led Equestria to a golden age unthinkable under that of any mere pony. He continues his remarkable reign with the goal of one day liberating the Crystal Empire from the imperialist yaks and their dotard leader Prince Rutherford.

Glorious XD.

Oh shut up and take my like you magnificent bastard.

I've never been so enlightened.

I always knew the times of SPIKE being taken for granted & being left behind would come back to bite all ponies in the butt and this proves it. Well done good sir.

Well... I am at a loss for words.:rainbowhuh:

Besides this sentence of course.:twilightsmile:

Nope. Still can't die peacefully yet.

Dude, this is great.

Did you just copied the notes from starwirls ghost's journal? Only a wise master like him could conceive a masterpiece like this.

Well... Only him.. AND SPIKE!

Holy fuck I don't even remember writing this shit.

Glorious, Spike is set free for the world couldn't contain him, because he is Spike.

Isn’t the end part just an abridged version of “Where are you, twilight?”

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