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Forget the Words and Sing Along! | (Commissions)


Twilight stumbles home and to the scene of a murder. Spike stands before a corpse. When she asks him what happened, all he can ask her is: "What do you mean?"

This work of insanity was inspired by... YourNeighborhoodAlicorn!

(Or, Harmonic)

[Cover by Swagstapiece!]

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Fun story! Reminds me a little of Fiddlebottom's excellent work!:pinkiehappy:

Sigh. Take my money. Ugh, was good though now...I want to write a dark spike story.

I also liked that ir was not overly long. The length felt just right.

Be honest, you tried this in Among Us didn’t you.

Hillbe #4 · August 23rd · · 1 ·

:raritywink: I know what you meant
:moustache: She gets me
:pinkiegasp: I don't think you know what that word means
:trollestia: As you wish
:facehoof: And now they're storming the castle
:rainbowhuh: I'm looking for a six fingered griffin
:trollestia: and I still did nothing
:derpytongue2: I'm on the brut squad

Reminded me of this:


But I don't know what it meant.

bmAlol #6 · August 23rd · · 8 ·

i don't get it this made no sense and if you were trying to be funny all you really came off as confusing

:facehoof: You ARE the brute squad.

A good laugh, this was.


I miss your old profile pic man

"And... you killed him. Did you kill him?"

"Would it matter if I did?" :moustache: :trollestia:

2d booty?

You know it might have helped if you had shown Pinkies dream.

What HAD it meant?

Okay...but what did it mean? Or is the meaning to be found in the lack of a meaning?

B_25 #15 · August 23rd · · 1 ·

You must not notice flying airplanes often!

Pinkies dream was different than that twilight's dream...wait was twilight's dream actually pinkies dream?

Okay, but what does it mean?

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