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It was supposed to be such a pleasant Sunday morning. Nothing could have brought down Twilight's mood on such a beautiful day, not even the fact that she ran out of oatmeal for breakfast.

But what do you do when your future self suddenly pops in for a visit? What do you do when several dozen more suddenly show up? And what do you do when you have no way of getting rid of them?

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Well played, Twilight. Well played. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, that was confusing :rainbowhuh: but funny. "Twiumvirate" :rainbowlaugh:

Had to double check that this was a complete story. Why do I suspect that Celestia is going to dump it on Luna and Cadance though...

Celestia dumps it on Luna. Luna passes it on to Cadence, who in turn conscripts Shining Armor to take care of his sister's problem. And then he probably turns it over to some poor schmuck in the Royal Guard.:rainbowlaugh:

Moral of the story? Karma's only a bitch if you are! :rainbowlaugh:

There's a Flash Sentry joke in there, but when I try to tell it, it becomes unfunny :unsuresweetie: it is the curse of Flash.

I love her solution.

Turnabout is fair play.

Okay, the set up was wondrous, and the conclusion was hilarious! Well done, bravo!

Never run out of oatmeal. This inspiring message from the story could change the world.

That ending, :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

So a Fanfic full of Twilights? I guess we entered... the Twilight Zone.

:twilightsmile:Dear Princess Celestia, It's my day off and I plan to enjoy it. Plus let's face it, you owe me.

:trollestia:Damnit, she's learning!

We call them the Twiumvirate.

Oh for God's sake... :facehoof:

This needs moar likes :rainbowlaugh::yay::derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowwild::raritystarry::scootangel::twilightsmile:

Twilight 34


herd of Twilights? Maybe flock of Twilights? Oh, I know. Brood! A brood of Twilights.

The suggested nouns for unicorns are "blessing", "glory" or "marvel", while those for librarians are a "stack", a "catalogue" or a "shush".

But for this special case, I'd use either "a posse of purple pony princesses", "a lot of lavender librarians" or "a tesseract of time traveling thaumaturges".

(You don't have to tell me in the form of a Friendship Report, but personally I think it would be kind of funny if you did.)

"... you have learned how to troll well, my little pony. :trollestia:"

"I was taught by the best. :twilightsmile: "

6308543 But if you don't run out of oatmeal,then some other you will run out and you'll get trapped in their world!

6314731 While that's true, there's a .1% possibility I could end up in a world of mythical creatures and stuff like that, and honestly that's a risk I'm willing to take


But for this special case, I'd use either "a posse of purple pony princesses", "a lot of lavender librarians" or "a tesseract of time traveling thaumaturges".

I sense you admire audacious amounts of alliteration.:ajsmug:

And then, twilight uses time magic anyways to summon Starswirl and asks him to create thousands of portals for each twilight, unfortunately, because of an oversight, they all lead to Canterlot High. Have fun, Flash!!!

This was a jolly good read.

6314726 Definitely a tesseract of time traveling thaumaturges. Definitely.

All I know is fucking picnic breakfast magic princess cake. I think that sums it up nicely.

I was seriously hoping Twilight would do this to Tia. Well played Sparkle well played.

Wow, my head is still spinning from this! I love how in the end she was just like "I can't be dealing with this, you take over".

Inb4 somebody points out all of the triangles that can be formed in that cover picture.
In an unrelated note, Twilight's life is strange. Ah? Ah? ... Oh, never mind.

6307588 tata luna I have cake to eat.


I figured out the letter by the second paragraph, I then proceeded to make noises generally reserved for donkeys or hyenas.

Good, funny story.

“I intend to,” Twilight 34 said, licking her lips. “I just hope the universe doesn't explode when I tap that plot. I do look gorgeous, don't I?”

And I thought Rarity was a narcissist.

Crisis of Infinite Twilights

Did you reference what I think you referenced?

Twilight 34

“Found another one in your closet, Twilight. But I couldn't convince her to come out and join the others.

This fic isn't just GOLD, it's pure platinum!

Oh man, that letter at the end was the perfect end cap to this hilarious fic.

This, right here, is the finest example of Twilights growth as a character I have ever seen. Truly, she has grown into the role of a Princess of Equestria. I'm sure Celestia is tearing up with pride.

Entertaining throughout, but that ending was a ten-pound cherry on top of a two-scoop sundae. Thank you for this.

herd of Twilights? Maybe flock of Twilights? Oh, I know. Brood! A brood of Twilights.

I'm sorry Spike, but the correct term is "Shelf of Twilights."

Delightful! :pinkiehappy:

Reminds me of a story about Twilight clones, that came out of a clone goo machine.

I guess that Purple Unicorn Librarians is something one can never have too much. That ending tho...

My reaction: “So very many waifus... but which one for me?”

Or about to hoof it off on Luna

To warn you not to use any time magic?

Eh, no matter; there's another unicorn who knows temporal magic.

There's no vampire Twilight?

This randomly popped into my feed, and with that cover, I decided why not. It was an amusing outing, well paced, with good, pointed jokes about the situation, with them taking it just seriously enough to show this IS a problem, without going twili-nanas on anything, just trying to consider it. Spike came off as a great help here, and the original Twilight tried her best to keep everything clear and steady, while still sometimes not thinking through her particular ideas.

The ending is a wonderful bit of subversion of expectations, as she decides this is beyond her, since technically, these others are coming in with warnings to her in some cases, meaning she can't really solve this one, since their presence indicates she tried and failed. Also, good use of simple distinctions too, as we only get two direct clones, and nopony save Past Twilight outside of the original 3 got lines, just small descriptions.

An excellent, well written one shot. Leaves you wanting more, but not in a cliffhanger way. Thank you.

She's the one still in the closet. :rainbowlaugh:

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