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Rainbow Dash has come to learn reading novels can be a great way to pass time and that it does not make her an egghead nor any less impressive an athlete. Still, A mare with such a high profile has a reputation to look after.

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I've also entertained the idea of Dash having a high-leveled mindset. I mean, she's employed with the weather team, and I'm pretty sure she's had to deal with a few chemicals in her time at work. XD

Professor Dash for the win~! :heart:

Applejack's eyebrow could have reached escape velocity if it were not firmly attached to a tough, earth pony forehead.


Thanks. For me the idea of this fic is more inspired by Testing, Testing, 123. Than Read it and Weep. High perception is one thing, but memorizing everything is quite another. Still though, I wouldn't say it's my headcanon dash is this cerebral, but I would say I think she is like one of those people (I know many) who just act much less intelligent then they actually are for perception's sake. I'm not trying to imply I am making any sort of political statement with this silly pile of writing but it makes me think of how hard it can be to get women into STEM.

Yesss! That is completely where that sentence came from. The chapter title comes from another of her other lovely videos:

Fanfiction: Not even once

Too late, man. The ride never ends.

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