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I like to read about ponies. I like to write about ponies. I guess I've come to the right place...

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Muffins at the End of the Universe, a writer's companion, volume three · 11:03am Jun 1st, 2017

Part of the challenge I gave myself with Muffins at the End of the Universe was writing an a confined environment. When your resources are limited it can sometimes lead to the best ideas, so for the first two stories I limited myself to working within the interior of the crashed pod, the Doctor's laboratory being a prime source of plot material. Rules are there to be broken however, and so Year Zero sees Twilight, Trixie, Derpy and Doctor Whooves venture outside the pod for the first time. Of

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Perhaps We're Sisters? It isn't done yet, so if you like it then you'll be on the wait too. The only story I have done is Flutters, Would You Go On A Date?.

2486829 Yeah, do you have any particular one in mind?

Saw your YouTube video about my little pony fan fiction. Care to read a story of mine?

Only if you feel like it. Do remember though that I started back in 2011 and I've probably improved some as I've gone on.

(Also I had prereaders until recently if you know any good ones)


No problem, I intend to check out some of your work soon as I can :twilightsheepish:

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