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How often have we been invited out, and yet, left alone? Spike knows the pain of being alone at a party, and apparently, so does Princess Luna. What will the two learn about each other as they get progressively drunk throughout the night?

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Oh man, I'm super not-great at comments. I never know what to say, except that I enjoyed the story a lot. On top of that, it's a fun interaction between two of my favorite characters!

I'm really enjoying catching up on your works, and I'm enjoying all the new stuff you're releasing. Hope to see more soon, and I hope you get to enjoy it more :yay:

It's stories like this that make me wish that their were more ship stories between Spike and Luna. Actually, ship him with ANY of the princesses and it'll do wonders :moustache:

Okay, this was really fantastic. Down to earth, introspective, vivid Luna makes such a witty partner to joke-cracking, insecure, chill guy Spike. The emotions were captured well, and I laughed along with them and cheered too. There needs to be more SpiLuna in general, which is partly what caught my eye. And oh, that stellar art.

A solid romance and good shit.

Thank you for the kind words.

I feel like I've been seeing a lot of interesting pairings lately. This ranks among them. I am just now realizing how little interaction there is between Luna and Spike, and it's criminal. This right here is an example of why. You did a wonderful and believable job of portraying their interactions.
To Spike and Luna, cheers.

hey man i jus t wanted to sey that i thorogulhty engoyed ths it was reel good ekp it up

I very much enjoyed this story. I always love it when people write about Spike and his feelings of being underappreciated, as I can relate to that quite strongly.

Although there are a few grammatical errors, they aren't anything major.

All around, this is a great story.

I like this story...but there's something missing. I don't mean sex...the story is fine enough without it devolving into clop...but there's something intangible I can't quite put my finger on.

Maybe it's the ship. I've never read a Spike/Luna tale before, and maybe it just feels too strange to me.

For certain, I'll be looking for more tales like this. Good job.

There must be an epilogue or we riot.

I feel the most interesting part of this story is the frustration between Spike and Twilight and Luna and Celestia. And we do go into the reason a bit when it comes to Luna and Celestia. We also see a bit of a conversation between them. I kinda wishwe would see something similar between Twilight and Spike. But one can imagine that's going to happen the next day. Fun conversation when hungover.

Besides that, I follow your reasoning. I definitely can see those two bond over shared experiences. I enjoyed the read.

I feel the same thing, and I personally believe that it's because the whole Spike-Twilight and Celestia-Luna conflict isn't resolved. I know it's not what the fic is about but such are my feelings.
It's been aired, but it hasn't been dealt with in a proper way.

I still enjoy the fic immensely but those are the gripes I have.

Great fic. Too bad those always leave readers wanting more.

Really enjoyed story. Spike/Luna has always been one of my favorite bit I really enjoy your take on them, I had never really considered thier similarities before. Thanks for the good read!

Seems halfway done. You aired alot of conflict but then resolved nothing. I feel like, had you skipped that scene in the throne room, it would have worked better. or a better choice is to give us a follow up of the following day where these two are hung over and have to face a bunch of judgement ponies who falsely believe they know what's best.

Great story, havent read a spike x luna fic in a long time, so its refreshing to read this kind of fic. Thank you for dedicating your time on making this story.

Luna is best princess. :heart: Loved it.

9299144 I agree as well, though I think the throne room helped build the scene more, and he did well enough, so I feel it has, at the least, an argument to stay. But again, I do agree. He didn't resolve anything, not solidly. And again, I agree, a good idea would be to do a follow up on the next day.

Didn't mean to be rude here, and I'm sorry if I was. Just felt like adding my two cents.

Hope you all have a good day. :twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed this. I was wary to begin with, as most shipfics are unbearably soppy and idealized version of love. This story showed something different. It showed the growing of a love between two people that was rough, and dirty, and raw. I think that is the best word to describe this story... raw! …as in emotions, not that the fic was technically raw.

It also doesn't show us an unreasonable happily ever after. It shows that there is a future, but how that future turns out will be up to them. They want to get to know each other more, better. They came in as mere acquaintances, and ended up as something more.

Yeah, I really enjoyed this. Absolute 10/10 for me.

Your profile pic is better than the entirety of this fic.

Right, well, guess I should throw my two cents in on this fic.

.... It was good. Hilarious, and good- and it just... all kinda worked together. XD It feels like a completed fic- there were things that didn't get resolved, there was stuff that got dragged out, and bits and pieces of it really fit together.... but, in all honesty? It feels like it fit the atmosphere of the story. It all feels like it fits and belongs EXACTLY where it is, without any changes.

Allow me to explain:
LONG STORY SHORT, in other words, this fic felt like a Drunken mess. Twas Comedic. Twas Slice of Life-ish. Twas Drama-ish. But to call it Romantic? .... That's probably the best term for it. In the end? Romance is sad, and it is lonely. It's full of regret, and it's hit and miss with it's actions and wordplay- but also looking past perfect dialogue and seeing someone genuinely hurt beneath their usually impossibly thick outer walls and exterior defenses.

So, Yeah, that felt good for just two drunk people who had really only talked to each other that night. It was a bit slap-dashed together, a bit like a shotgun-blast esc plot, a bit "Throw it at the wall and see what sticks" but all in all? That mentality and writing just seem to fit and cohere with the story that you tried to represent, and the message that went along with it.

Sometimes life sucks.
Sometimes you feel lonely.
Sometimes people are stupid.
Sometimes people are smart.
Sometimes people should shut up when they are being stupid, because they THINK they are smart, and they aren't.
And sometimes, you just need to have a friend who will listen to you when you are feeling down- or just get drunk enough with someone to make them listen and BECOME your friend/potential girlfriend.
Now shut up, and help me finish this damn bottle, we're already halfway through....

What- too big for you? You need a TL;DR?

"It was a drunken mess, in writing, story, and general Plot. And it was a fucking drunken Masterpiece." -The_Whovian16, 2018

Actually. You know what? This story is so good that I'mma do something else too.

Nah. I enjoyed the review. It was spot on.

Oh, well good- cuz this story just found it's way into my Hidden Gems folder.
Thank you for the story man, I hope you keep making more.

That's the kind of fanfic I needed to warm my cold heart... Amazing history, well writem as always...
Princess Luna and Spike are such a underrated characteres in the show... I like to think spike can easely burn to the Ground the friendship Castle in a bad day...
Love your Spikes fics, thanks!

I thoroughly enjoyed this, with only a few reservations. I having browsed the comments, understand you're already clearly aware of the biggest issues plaguing the storyline; although it was rather disappointing each time I found an error in spelling or grammar. At first I mistook the errors as indicators of old speech dialects, but it became clearer they were errors by the ending paragraphs.
+1 point for feels

This was a really good story. Especially the characterization: it was as close to perfection as is physically possible, and you managed really well on basically all fronts of the story. I just wish this also showed what happens later, after they wake up, and perhaps even further beyond.

Dude this was fuckin' sick :twilightsmile:
I love the way you look at Spike and Twilight's relationship not just in this fic but in all of your fics and the romance between Spike and Luna makes sense and is sweet

awwww... that one really caught my heart!
beautifully done!
and so relatable.
(of course spike has been in more relationships than me by now)
and now im satisfied with a story, even on the slight sudden stop of the motion of this art .
{achievement unlocked! you satisfied the hard-to-satisfy!}
i would pay you, but I have no money.

because you let it.

Wow... Spike has to deal with her shit for 7 season straight, and in the end?

Heh, if u haven't made a sequel to this yet then I'd definitely like to see one that more or less focuses on the aftermath/next day of this brilliantly zany piece~ :pinkiehappy:

Even better, the sequel could have them waking up and remembering everything that happened and they both start to fear the potential repercussions. not only could you have them run away but after Twilight and Celestia find them a heart-to-heart happens and everything gets smoothed over with Luna and Spike entering a relationship together.

Heh, now that'd be a interestin' thing to read :pinkiehappy:. Just readin' the reactions n' whatnot would be more or less priceless :rainbowlaugh:

“One of these days, I'll grow big—huge even—and knock this whole castle down.”

There's not much to say about this fic only that I'm not very proud of it.

What do you mean you're not proud of it!? This was a beautiful fic!

“You hear that Luna? They're going to throw us in a cell with no booze!”


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