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A depressed Anon, aided by countless books on psychology and philosophy, tries his luck at being a therapist for the fluffy ponies that surround him. Do ponies even have the problems he deals with? Do ponies even need the help he can offer?

Art by osawari_64

Edits by Tranquil Serenity.

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B_25 #1 · Dec 15th, 2018 · · ·

This story is a bit of a strange one.

I wanted to try writing a scene that didn't have any real resolution. It's more so a proof-of-concept of anything else, but there's supposed to be enough there to spark an idea in the reader's mind of what could happen next. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this kind of writing—of it being a scene of someone's life with no real beginning or end.

But I'm glad to have written in. Sorry for the mistakes—was a bit sick during writing.

Anyway, onto the next project!

Interesting. He probably could have explained the concept better to other ponies.

This is pretty good, love how they converse with each other.

Sometimes you need a friend. Who can be near as long as you need it.
Sometimes you need a stranger. Who can listen, share some bits, give an advice and then vanish, words you said vanishing from your life with him.

Well you made me want more :moustache:

Empathy, even from shared misery, breeds insight.

i really enjoyed this story more than i originally though. Don't know if you had any plans other than a one off, but i can definitely say i would love to see more.

I really enjoyed this. Good work mate.

Still kys

Comment posted by LoudThunder deleted Dec 16th, 2018

It is a nice story and definetly an interresting concept. You could do so mutch with this.
It would be cool if you could come up with some sort if sequel story that uses this concept:twilightsmile:

Good story, I wonder how the rest of the mane six could do there...

In an attempt to give us the narrative. I believe B, you just opened up to us about somethings. The feeling having a big ego and small self-esteem? That's personal. Thank you for opening.

I, uh, don't have that?

I'd be careful about looking too far into my story. It is the job of the writer to take on the feelings of his character in order to best express them, but for the time being, I do not possess any of the characteristics Anon has in this.

I would equate it to not expecting the author of Pyscho to himself being a psychopath, or the author of Lolita to actually being a pedophile.

That aside, I hope you enjoyed the fic. Thanks for sticking around over the years, SCP.

Yeah sorry, sometimes I look way to deep. I guess I'm projecting

Slightly, but don't sweat it.

I'm just glad you read the work.

I've heard it said more than once that almost everyone in psychology went in to it to figure out how to fix what's wrong with them.

Damn good story regardless of what the original intent was. Would like more like it if you have time, maybe a continuation.

I'm a horrible guy. I clicked on this story thinking it was a joke from SNL- The Jeopardy parody with Sean Connery saying "The Rapist" instead of "therapist"

Looks gud, ill read, i must admit the only reason i clicked this is because Intricate Disguise told us about you.

This was really good. I'd love to see more. Maybe Anon talking to other ponies while trying to figure out his own thoughts and feelings?

I really was expecting "that'll be twenty-four bits haypenny" or the like at the end there.

This would make a great miniseries. Or a "completed but still gets new chapters added when author feels like it" fic. Not expecting any romance but I loved the playfulness here.

Echoing what others have said- this does perfectly well as a standalone, but would be a fantastic lead in for a miniseries , either just with a purple princess or with other patients! Either way, well done

While most of the time a scene with no clear beginning or ending can be seen as bad writing, in my opinion it's the kind of scene that's the most true-to-life to write. Life often doesn't answer our existential questions like "what should I do for a living" and "where is this path taking me" as neatly or as quickly as fiction may lead us to believe.

Also, good on you for having a therapist who isn't academically qualified to be a psychiatrist but, at least in a world where psychiatry doesn't seem to exist, still makes him an expert in the field. I have a degree in psychology, and had plans to become a counselor but they fell through. Anon is the kind of therapist I'd be, one with as much knowledge as counselors but without the certifications and regulations.

I’d love to see this continued as a series of disconnected one-shots. I’ll tag it as tracking for now and hope for a possible update, but I highly doubt it 10/10 right in the feels every step of the way.

Beautiful. This would be great as a sort of "intro story" for a series... I mean, the whole "Can I refer a friend?" thing really leads me to believe there is something more to come for this story.

“May I recommend a friend here?”

Or 6?

Every time I think this says "Anon the Rapist"

Coming soon!

>rape is best pony.

And no, I'm not a psychopath, it's an obscure reference.

glad to see I'm not the only one who thought of that. :pinkiecrazy:

I could see a full-fledged story come out if this.

If not a full story at least a few sequels.

Wow, really enjoyed what you wrote here, do more! :twilightsmile:

Loved this! Seriously, great job. I’m really hoping you plan to do a bunch of One-Shots with this concept, so many possibilities!

Looking forward to more!

Blasphemy! It's canon that Twilight never wanted to be a princess when she was little

Am sad :( it ends and nothing to be added.

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