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I'm guessing Sunset is his name for Fluttershy, and Don't Know is Twilight?

Other way around

How could that be wonderful? One pony is dying and the other is struggling to stay clean.

unexpectedly good story about bluefast the porcupone

Actually pretty sure that it's the other way round.

It makes sense, now that I think about it.


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If this character is sincerely thinking this, and is a unreliable narrator, then the whole situation is very, very sad.

You smirk confidently and point to each pony, from right to left, "Dairy, Rapidash, Don't Know, Pinkeye, Dat Ass, and Sunset."

God dammit, Anon! WTF?!

This story is a wonderfully absurd combination of randomness, stupidity (at least on Anon's part), and comedy. Well done, 2Merr! Bravo! I say Bravo!

BTW, what is this "T" word mentioned in the description? I saw a handful of swear words, but none of them started with "T".


I'm sorry to use such foul language, forgive me.

I like to make Anon so dumb that he thinks he's smart.

Good job Merph. Good job.

Gasp! How dare you use that word, you... you... dirty rotten binoculars! You're such a magnifying glass! Optical zoom! You know, you're exactly a 91/4 catadioptric optical system!

:yay: Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry for using such language. Forgive me. I guess I'm just a foul-mouthed microscope, aren't I?


Well done.

I give you 40 keks. And that's terrible.

new high score :pinkiegasp:

The wind blows gently through your hair-colored hair, occasionally gifting you with a stray leaf or two.

hair-colored hair

hair-colored hair

How could you?! :pinkiecrazy:

Two buccaneers in the hoof! :D

It amuses me that it bothers you this much.

Rapidash accuses you of not knowing her name.

Crayola Plot.

Did I win? 😇

Comment posted by No I Will Not deleted Nov 29th, 2017

I’m still wondering who was who.

rapidash= rainbow dash
pink eye = pinkie
dat ass = applejack
dairy= rarity
don't know = fluttershy
sunset = twilight

the opposite of twilight is sunset

Twilight is the time right after a sunset when the glow of the sun is just under the horizon. It can also refer to the glow during that time.

Oh my god, I love your Anons. such quirky bastards. But I have a question, are they all different Anons, or are they the same Anon, between your short stories? My god you had me laughing so hard. And I loved Hair-colored hair.

Your a genius

The Monk

They’re all different, but most are pretty similar.

She's already taken the hat off and started out the door.
Now you'll never know what she looks like with her shirt on.

What the hell kind of psychopath puts on a hat before their shirt?

Omg, AJ wears a hat ALL the time! I've been saying she's the hot one all along.

Good story, Mear :twistnerd:

I wonder what he calls Celestia and Luna. I also wonder how well he and Flutters' brother get along. Probably swimmingly.

Don't Know buries her head in Pinkeye's mane and starts shaking. She must be having a seizure, probably from some pony disease or cancer. Meanwhile, Sunset looks slightly less autistic than normal. She's most likely going through withdrawal—poor girl just can't stay away from vaccines.

This is the best paragraph in this story.
Well mostly...
Mainly because the line annoys me;

Meanwhile, Sunset looks slightly less autistic than normal.

Other than that it's good.

I cried. So beautiful.

What was with that bit about autism and vaccines?

You've never even seen this "Hedge Hog" guy.

Heh. Nice Sonic reference.

Wow. That faggot actually did it.

I love this fucking story

Guessing Pretty hair and Sleepy

Can someone explain the name Rapidash? I feel like this is a joke that is going completly over my head.

There’s not much to it in terms of a “joke.” Rapidash is the name of a horse Pokémon that kinda-sorta sounds like Rainbow Dash, that’s it. Pic related. vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/pokemon/images/7/70/078Rapidash_AG_anime.png/revision/latest?cb=20140126101147

I found this story so funny that I decided to make a reading of it, but using AI voices for all the pony lines. I think it turned out well - here's the link if anyone is interested:


Hey, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this.

“That’s cause your name is super gay,” you point out. It's not the only thing super gay about her. Seriously, how far in the closet do you have to be to dye your hair every color of the rainbow and still claim to have a boyfriend? You've never even seen this "Hedge Hog" guy. He's probably made up.

this "Hedge Hog" guy


"Jesus Joe Miller Christ! Warn me when you do that, you fucking psycho!" you warmly greet your purplest friend.

“Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire, Harry?” Dumbledore asked calmly.

You smirk confidently and point to each pony, from right to left, "Dairy, Rapidash, Don't Know, Pinkeye, Dat Ass, and Sunset."

Wait so... Those are not their names...?

It's time to commit Homoside to Anon:rainbowlaugh: GOTTA GET HIM FOR THAT UTTER FAILURE!:rainbowwild:

It's the name of a pokemon, and it sounds like Rainbow Dash

Yes, this story would be much better if that sentence were cut (along with the sentence immediately before it).

I get that Anon is supposed to be the type of character that I would say “Here’s your sign” to (like a certain recently retired stand-up comedian) if I ever happen to fall through a portal to Equestria but maybe it would be best if almost any other line were used here instead.

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