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Celestia wants to relate to her little ponies her dudes, so gets a book on how to be “hip.”

Marked complete, but I may upload snippets when the inspiration strikes me.

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This story made my morning.

I'm reminded of Dr. Evil doing the macarena in Austin Powers, evidence that he is both "hip" and "with it."

This story speaks to my soul. Despite the story going nowhere, I would love a sequel.

I dont know what im looking at, i dont know what i just read, i dont know what to think,

but i do know im not the only one having this problem, right?

This made me laugh:rainbowlaugh:

Alright who downovted this, I'm going to force feed them cake

His mouth opened and closed repeatedly, his large cheeks reminding Celestia of a pufferfish.

Was that a lowkey reference to the meme? :rainbowlaugh:

Loved this!

I too am most jive with the cool cats. My shizzle is always set to fodizzle. :twistnerd:

What it do?

"What up, mah ziggas?"

And this is what led to Celestia apologizing to the zebras for the next month...

Im not going to lie, that pic of Celestia is slaying me. Have an upvote! :rainbowlaugh:

The gnar is real.


Comment posted by Ahzidal deleted Feb 7th, 2020

My sides are launching into orbit.

I really wish this would have a new wave of popularity so that a whole new group could experience it. This is utter gold. Loved it when it came out, and re-reading it now still kills me.

Fuck, I'm done. That's it, you killed me. You monster. The idea of Celestia saying "Good morning, my dudes" in her usual tone of voice just destroyed me in the best way possible. Kudos you maniacal genius

Wonderful notion.
*laughs but off at story*
Well done. This is going in the Favorites


That's it. You did it. The new chapter revived me and then immediately destroyed me. Kudos, you magnificent, comedic monster.

You best not be pouring lite bullshit on my boi's grave.

Hearing old people use slang is funny in that really awkward way.


Boy was the shit. Even when he stiff.

"Hear me out, fam"

I ded.

HOW MANY LIKE DO YOU WISH OF ME BRHU?!:flutterrage: i can't drop more than one mate! :fluttershbad:

im somehow envisioning celestia wearing those chill glasses and saggin pants and just facing nightmare moon

Damn she busted a cap in her ass.

And then Luna tries, "It hath the crunk within the fo shizzle!"

Luna's like your 80 year old grandpa trying to pretend to be hip with the jive. ... god I'm old.

r/fellowkids sums this up perfectly.

Wonderful. 10/10, would read again.

Literally cannot believe this story kept updating after being completed.

But those chapters were the real deal. Ur forgiven

This chapter is 🔥 my g. Ong, no 🧢.

This was amazing and I loved it!

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