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I will hijack stories and make crap. Why? Because there are stories with dark endings, death, pain, misery. I will make such stories happy. I will save the characters from a cruel end.


Join Button Mash and Babs Seed, or rather their families, as they follow the couple along their date in Canterlot. Each family thinks their child is gay. Light humor follows, along with cuteness.

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It's no masterpiece, but you've definitely got me curious as to how this plays out.

Cute. I think I'll enjoy this.


Best line.


Also best line.

Not bad. Keep at it.

Bummer. Honestly, I would've loved it either way. But I'm looking forward to seeing the next story!

Well that's kinda disappointing, but I'll live. You tried, you found the task to be beyond your ability, but that's ok, you still tried. That's more than I can say for any of my fanfiction ideas.

I'm curious, was this being written entirely on the fly, or did you have a rough plan for the rest of the story that you just couldn't turn into a story you were happy with?

I had a plan of a sweet, yet funny date, with the families following the couple, trying to be sneaky but being downright obvious while Button Mash and Babs just played dumb and still having a good time, planned on including a pair of robbers named Brute Hoof and Lanky Legs who would attempt to rob them, only to get confused when discovering Babs was a girl and Button a guy.
Near the end the two would have been in a park at sunset and shared a kiss. Family would show up with cameras and would question why neither child would except they were gay. Babs and Button would explain to each other's family, then voices beneath a park bench of Celestia and Luna talking about their bet and Luna winning with a HUZZAH!
Some more story stuff and then The End.

Thanks for that.

I think it would be fairer to mark this as Cancelled rather than Complete, so that people don't get the wrong idea and think there's a whole story here.

Yeah, but folks are FAR less likely to read a story marked Cancelled then one marked Complete.

That's true. I think I'd err on the other side of it, but I can understand your perspective, given what you wrote in your fourth chapter.

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