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It's a rainy day in Ponyville, and Button Mash is spending it like he spends any other day - gaming. But Babs Seed needs a place to crash while she waits out the rainstorm, and his basement is as warm as anywhere. In the process of making herself at home, Babs gets cozy - much to Button's discomfort.

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Need more! Button Mash x Babs is best ship ever.

Oh come on! There has got to be more. :flutterrage:
Seriously this was a great story. I like this ship although its kind of cliché, cute shy nerd boy dates Loud brash street wise girl. I love it!

Ooh, I love it! :3
I would love to see more X3

...why are you using emotes?

Which we are missing a Button Mash tag

No, we aren't because there's not much of a reason to add one. There is nothing wrong with using the 'other' tag.

We do not need tags for every single character, ranging from snowdrop, to Littlepip, to Nyx and a myriad of background ponies that actually appear in the show.


The 'other' tag is for any character that doesn't have a distinct tag yet. Button Mash is distinctly a canon pony with no tag (yet). it's a different tag from 'OC', which is for original characters.

3374245 the "OC" tag is blue. The green one is the "Other" tag.

Hmmm I don't usually read romance but this was good.

Lot of parts in hear made me laugh.

This was good I kinda wanna see more to this story :raritywink:

Good job keep this up. U got a thumbs up from me.

3374358 but there is a need 4 a bm tag because hes became VERY popular:twilightsmile:


There's now a girlfriend, so... "Button Mash Versus The World"?

I really don't agree with that at all, but in reality I don't have anything to argue against it seeing as most background ponies and such were popularized by the fandom (in this case, button's personality is ENTIRELY reliant on whoever animated the shorts that he is involved in) and thus received character tags, and he did in fact appear at one point in the show.

Still, if you focused on the popularity of one character like you said which should be the deciding factor in character tag creation, then why is there not a tag for Nyx, Littlepip, and so on? Because it's not needed, and i'm sure as hell convinced that Knighty or whoever does not wish to spend their time adding a new tag for these characters, when the 'other' tag works perfectly fine.

really liked this, my dear writer. although it might be a bit cliche, the whole nerdy boy falling for the sprawly girl and vice versa, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a good read. once again, good work you have here.

3376397 sometimes, if they're well written, cliches can be some of the best reads.

never said that they weren't. i really like cliche based things sometimes. they tend to be funny and enjoyable reads. just not a big fan of how often they tend to be used.

i just read this for the third time. is it weird that i can see this leading to something more mature?

Cuuute! I christen thee shipping 'Buttonseed'.

This is quite a read. Romantically funny with a touch of relation to my life... being a gamer is quote a thrill in more ways than one.

You done good, sir Sparkler, you done good.

Probably the umpteenth one to say but I typically avoid romance, this however was great


i would love to see your interpretation for how they would spend time together as a couple.

My original idea for this ship was, that Button Mash was sent away to Manehatten to attend Pranceton High, since his parents thought it would do him good to break away from the screen and learn to be his own man in real life. Utterly confused in the new environment, he befriended Babs, and it went on from there.

3375509 ok i here u but i never seaid ther shouldn't be 1 4 them im just saying any that has aperd in the show should get 1


It's now easier to follow your art's progression, then, knowing this. (I'd only seen it on derpibooru.)

Well, this was certainly much sweeter than I expected it to be. Enough so for this. . .
It's the sort of relationship I can easily see happening. Heck, it seemed to be something I saw a lot of near the end of highschool; all the athletic girls were going out with gamer guys.

Wait. . . HOW COME I DIDN'T GET A GIRL THEN?! :twilightangry2:

All jokes aside though, this is a story that has hit that perfect point where it would be nice to see their relationship grow from this point, but it is also perfect as it currently is. Haven't found many stories that hit that for me. Bravo. :twilightsmile:

So this story was the inaugural fic for a group, Button x Babs. That's the best praise I can think of. :twilightsmile:

It's STRONGLY implied.

When I read this all I could think was. Faved!


Great read, I am really looking forward to more! I would agree to this ship! :rainbowkiss:

Oh, please someone make that happen.

3379268 Gamer/Nerdy guys tend to have a lot more personality then Jocks. The reason you probably saw all the sporty chicks hooking up with the gamers near the end of high school is because they didn't have to worry about the social hierarchy anymore and could finally pick a BF they actually wanted to be with instead of a guy that was popular.

Your inability to properly use the New Jersey accent made this a painful read. I recommend long, long nights of watching Al Pacino movies. For the record, Babs never used the phrase "youse". And yes, I did check this. She doesn't say it once.

It was cute besides, but I mean, yeesh. Tone it down.

This was adorable, and I'm glad it didn't go clop


That's a New Jersey accent she sports? Sorry, I had never heard the like before... :derpyderp2:

I just went with "youse" and ing>in' as the primary tags for her accent. I was tempted to do more, but I stuck with just two. I'm sorry if it was too thick... :ajsleepy:

True enough. Perhaps the reason why I never got someone is because upon first impression everyone seems to think I am insane, weird, and/or gay.

No joke, people spread a rumour around the school one year that I was gay. The rumour was debunked by my gay neighbor.

Why me. :raritydespair:

2nd time reading this I don't know why but I really like this story and this shipping:trixieshiftleft:

Oh the implications. How scandalous.

Great story. Would read again.

( One teacher had joked that they would have better results if they stopped handing out grades and started handing out achievements. )

Oh God, I would've been Valedictorian.


This was pretty good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Umm...excuse me, author? I'll take the 'Sequel Special' with the...(looks at menu)...'Right Now,' please. Oh, do I want a side of 'Clop'? Ah, surprise me!

A very cute bit of Buttonseed. My only complaint is that there are other second-person pronouns in the New Yorker dialect, but aside from that? Adorable.


Button Mash is canon? Did that happen when I wasn't looking?


His first appearance was in the "Hearts and Hooves Day" episode. In the song, Sweetie Belle says he's "too young."


Huh, never knew that. I haven't watched that episode in ages. I don't think he merits a tag because of that fan animation, though.

Awww, really nice story, loved it.

Also, the shipping looks good and now I'm totally jealous of Button, lol.

“Oh? Huh,” Babs said, as she shrugged down into the couch, leaning back to face the screen. “Goin’ farther’s good, I s’pose.”

:duck: :ajsmug: :trollestia:

This was really refreshing from all of the other fics i'm reading.
Thank you for this.

I've only seen this particular pairing on Derpibooru; kudos to you for making this a thing.

Such a nice display of affection towards two entirely different children :rainbowkiss:

“Yeah. But for what?” Button Mash smirked, and gave a nod down at his hips. “Video games in my mom’s basement? Yeah, that’s a life,” he shrugged.

I no longer dwell in a basement, but I sympathize with his plight :ajsleepy:

3380065 Your comment made me think of Admiral Ackbar in Robot Chicken :rainbowlaugh:

Ha nice! Gonna go watch that now. TO THE BAT-YOUTUBE!


Yes, good show. Jolly good show.

Oh, wow, that was shipping done right. It was all cuddly and fuzzy and the setting was just absolutely perfect. I find myself somewhat wishing that I'd get heaver rainstorms around where I live, and that it would knock out the power, from time to time. Sitting in a darkened house while the world just storms around you is one of the best ways to spend an evening if you're alone, and I can only imagine that spending it with someone would make it so much better.

Hmm... You mentioned 'fingers', and also mentioned 'ponies' :rainbowhuh: I'm now officially confuse.:derpyderp1:
Also, Bab x Button is a great ship! Need more of this SEQUEL! :flutterrage:

(See anthro tag) ohhh, now I understand.

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