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I'm a 18 years old student who lives in Chile and tries to make fanfics out of ponies... So... Yeah, that sums up everything.

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Unexpected Company: Chapter Three
Around 4k - Should be done in a day or two.

Ponies & Fanfics
Around 1.6k words - It looks pretty nice to be honest, but I got to a dead end because don't have a good way to explain the plot.

Secret Agent Gummy
Around 2k words written. - This one is a one-shot that I found laying around collecting dust, maybe I'll try to finish it, it has potential and it's actually pretty funny.

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Good evening, and thanks for adding One Night to your favourites! That one was more of a fever dream than a standard story, so I'm glad you liked it.


:ajsmug: Thanks to you... Also, I've just finished the first chapter of the fic I showed you and... If you want... Maybe... I dunno... :twilightsheepish: You could give it a look?... :twilightblush:

(The password is password...)

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