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Luna was never banished, Discord is Celestia's court jester, the Elements of Harmony do not exist, and Twilight grows more pompous and more egotistical every day.

Celestia is not amused.

This story is on indefinite hiatus. I might revisit it, so it's not cancelled, but I'm not currently skilled enough as an author to do some of the things I wanted. Believe me, I've got the drafts to prove it.

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You spelt prologue wrong you silly filly.

Also I don't recommend having three paragraphs starting off with Twilight Sparkle.

I'll do a bigger review when I'm not in the car

She is so adorable. I'm taking her as my bed pet.

This is shaping up to be a good story. I like how we're going down a Mare-Do-Well path of passive-aggressive ostracising rather than just giving her a good talking-to—this does feel like something Celestia and Luna would do had they never had Nightmare Moon come between them. I'm interested to see just how badly this obnoxious version of Twilight does in Ponyville! :rainbowlaugh:


You are absolutely right, I spelled it wrong. It's fixed now, but let's just pretend I was trying to make a programming joke.

I see what you mean about saying "Twilight Sparkle" at the beginning of each chapter. I was trying to put in some artsy repetition, but I'll change it if it's really a big problem. I really can't remember what my rationale was for writing it that way, though, because I started writing this back in August.

Nice concept. you have my full attention.

And you and I need to have a future talk on magic. Because you and I and Ardensfax seem to all agree about it. Ish.

Read the first chapter and liked it. I think your sentences might be a bit short and maybe throw in a few more commas, but I like it. Change up your sentences to make them a bit more interesting. I'm the gay little fairy pegasus of weird prose. Feel free to ignore me. But you can't. For I have dat Dash ass.


In what way are our ideas similar? Ish. My ideas aren't super special or anything, but it's uncommon for me to meet people, who have similar ideas about it.

3341494 We'll talk later~ I'm also glad you are enjoying John De Lancie screaming shit in my story. :rainbowlaugh:

It's interesting. Everyone is bitch. Want read more of this.

Oh. My. Goodness....so much potential in this! :twilightsmile:

So has no one noticed I killed Spike in the first chapter? I kinda expected people to be commenting on that.


Truthfully, I wanted to spare him from dealing with my version of Twilight.

3341559 Hahahahah you are such a prick!

I loved him in season one and two. Because he was such a snide bastard.

3341569 I have a feeling Twilight just needs to get laid. It solves most problems.

You could not have a better title for this story. You'll get featured if you keep this up. Pump out two more chapters! Get a lot of people interested. It makes you want to write more!


Don't worry, it didn't go unnoticed. Surprised me a little, but I suppose it makes sense for this story to dispose of her assistant. Nothing to argue about here.

Overall... you have a like, and if I like the rest just as much as these first two chapters, you'll get a fav in the future.

3341678 wat. Blue balls is a dick. Shining should date Rarity. That a true knight.


But... I already gave him alcoholism and a bunch of STDs in the second chapter of the story! Why would I want Rarity to date him? That'd be awful for her.


Well, if you have any ideas for an interesting Blueblood subplot I'm all ears.

Perhaps he funds medical research because of his conditions? He could be the Michael J. Fox of Equestria.

3341750 .... I love your dark humor.

Marry me.


I hope you know how to treat a pretty gentleman right. I only accept the very best back scratches.


That... That actually has potential. If I don't end up using it in this I could easily see putting it in a side story.

"Elementlessverse" has a nice, but long winded ring to it.

3341789 Colt plz. I do anal. Who doesn't want to unload in cyan butthole?


I wasn't aware my butthole was cyan. I always thought it was brown.

3341943 someone is now famous. Now write more chapters you so of a bitch because I think you need to have four thousand words to get on the featured page!

"And how would that not bring us down with her? Remember, that was the time she cast the Want It, Need It spell." Celestia cringed as she remembered the horror of that day. That was not a good day. That was not a good day.

So that's why Twilight knew, that this spell "works every time"... :twilightblush:

So has no one noticed I killed Spike in the first chapter? I kinda expected people to be commenting on that.

"Here lies Spike, a dragon with bad luck,
when he died, nopony gave a..."

Thank You For The Very Informative Title


Well you are kinder than the people who do Friendship is Witchcraft. And better at doing Comedy.

Man, I hate that you killed off Spike like that...I hope the rest of the story makes up for it.

YAAAY!!! RANDOM COMMENT!!!:pinkiesick::pinkiesmile::rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2::scootangel::raritywink::twilightsmile::twistnerd::applecry::derpyderp2:


YAAAY!!! ANOTHER RANDOM COMMENT!!!!!:raritycry::rainbowwild::raritydespair::rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::pinkiecrazy::derpyderp1::applecry::facehoof:

3341569 Oh...okay. Still a little mad about you offing him, but at least there was a good reason for it.

quickest kill off of spike in the history of fanfics

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: yeeeeeees just yeees just yes

Meh, so far she is just an know it all who happens to have an big ego who will hate living with commoners who do not act like slaves around her and which according to the prologue will have no character development whatsoever...kinda like Disgruntled Twilight, only this one corrects others more instead of thinking about sex and considering how she only hated the minotaur for telling an seemingly impossible story she seems to be an little bit less racist than disgruntled Twilight, fortunately i like the letters from a disgruntled friendship student story so i can not wait for the next chapter.

I like cynicism. I like this fic. :rainbowlaugh:

If there are no elements then that means no true friendship exists, no need for enemies when you are own worst enemy.

Spikey Wikey, NOOOOO!:raritycry:

but other than that nice job :pinkiehappy:

"Y'know, we've come up with this plan to sweep her under the rug... But shouldn't we try talking to her first?"

The sisters looked each other in the eyes for several long moments. Then in unison they spoke.



Well, I was wondering if someone was doing this kind of AU. So far, I like it. :twilightsmile:

Deer Twilite Sparcl,
I has bean a lorving fan of urs sinse yous was an file. I are frum Ponevil, and cants wait for yous to are vive. I wanted I and u to hang wen u get her. I wills tel u aboot Me and ponevil. I wont stahp taking allllllll daaaayyy.
Lov, you're most lovng fans,

Dear Princess Celestia,
Please give the attached letter to one Twilight Sparkle of Canterlot Castle just after she leaves for Ponyville. The aneurism she will receive from the letter may end with her untimely demise from 'natural causes.' Thus ending your struggle with her (and keeping her out of our lovely town. Whatever we did to deserve her I would like to formally apologize for right now)
A concerned citizen of Ponyville.

Dear Author,

When Blueblood became problematic we nudged him to start frequenting the local bars and brothels until he became an STD infested alcoholic.

Ouch:twilightoops:, and I here I was thinking that something would be different when becomes something much more deadlier (if not the same as) than Blueblood, like a team-up or something. Surprise that Celestia and Luna can be cruel to one of their own family member, but I guess it won't be hard to see where he get's it from. Hmm, in that notion, I wonder what's Cadence involvement in all of this, as she shared a connection to Twilight as her babysitter back in the day. I imagine that it never happened in this Alternative Universe?

Anyhow, a nice promise to the story, so far. It'll be interesting to see what developments occurred in this. So keep up the good work.

3342316Now p by djRainBow jokebeen ghana:moustache::pinkiesmile:greenday:fluttershyouch::pinkiecrazy:Princeess TwiDash:twilightsheepish::heart::twilightblush::pinkiesmile:Happend Happend Happend end." There are to Happend Happend end.":twilightsmile::duck::ajbemused:hollywood undead:rainbowdetermined2::fluttershyouch:been ghana greenday Princeess and Rain hollywood:fluttershbad::applecry::ajbemused::derpytongue2:greenday Princeess TwiDash with shipping sex:duck::scootangel::trixieshiftleft:


I just posted this story today.

A real master does not spoil his slaves. You must work for your reward.

This is really, really interesting... I shall read this soon once I have the time. :ajsmug:

3343736 But what if we like waiting? Then aren't you really rewarding us? :trollestia:

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