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Long ago, before the banishing of Luna, Equestria was home to six races, not just three. In addition to the stewards of the weather, the earth, and of arcane magics, there were also the Changelings and their Queens, the harvesters, but not thieves of love, who spread it across the land, the Fel Ponies, those who guided the souls of the dead, and finally, the Noctus Ponies, or bat-ponies, who helped guard the night.

For a time, harmony between the six was maintained in full, but over time this once proud family grew distant. The Changelings became corrupt and greedy, and the Fel Ponies began feeding upon dark magic. The former left the lands and the latter were banished to Tartarus.

At that, only the Noctus Ponies remained... the strangest and most misunderstood of the three, due to their need for blood. A steady fear of them had always remained among of the populace, but with the help of Princess Luna, their reputation remained noble. However, when she became tainted by the Nightmare, they became tainted as well - at least in the eyes of the populace.

They were forced to flee. To hibernate for many years.

Now, two years after Luna's return, her, along with Princess Celestia and Twilight, have begun turning the wheels of change: their goal to unite the six races once more - starting with those who helped watch the night.

The minions of the night will return in full force.

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Idk if this is what you intended but I imagine everyone's voice with an old English accent. Probably because of your elaborate wording (which can be a bit excessive at times but it's all good) Definitely gonna track where this goes.

Interesting.... Let's sit and wait....

Also, why does it have to be all at once? Why not slowly over time? Just HOW bad is the food supply? :facehoof:

"Well excuuuuuse me, Princess!" Pinkie chirped.

That shit. I get it and I love it



I guess you could say

things are about to get a little-

*dons shades*



But in all seriousness, a really good read. Kinda confused what happened in the prologue, was that little bat pony having a dream or did she narrowly escape death just then?

As I said previously. This seems interesting.
:moustache: for you.


No, no dream - she just wished it was. Equestria was at war - the bat-ponies were being chased down out of fear. She narrowly escaped death.

3343653 Where the hell is the Gay Weed? Lᴇɢᴀʟɪᴢᴇ Gᴀʏ Wᴇᴇᴅ and have more rights for batponies, I say!


My good sir, Gay Weed is already legalized in Equestria. Why do you think the ponies are so happy all the time?

*Patrick Stewart Hearty Laugh*

3343694 Really? Then why would anyone ever be evil? Are they too poor to afford Gay Weed? Did the Canterlot people tax it so much? DOWN WITH Gᴀʏ Wᴇᴇᴅ TAXES!

3343714 why is it when ever I see you..... THATS ALL YOU TALK ABOUT

3343768 I say more things, but 'Gᴀʏ Wᴇᴇᴅ!' has been on my mind too much. I, too, write on fimfic and try to speak to my readers, but they do not answer. I guess I do this because of boredom and out of the fun of just messing with you guys. Meh, I will continue doing this for a month or two.

Lᴇɢᴀʟɪᴢᴇ Gᴀʏ Wᴇᴇᴅ!

The Prologue was a good cold open. in my opinion, the biggest problem is that the cold open doesn't work as well for Chapter One. The chapter content was good and well thought out, but it feels like if you squeaked a chapter between this one and the prologue showing the rediscovery of the bat pony nation the flow would be greatly improved and not feel so stilted. Just something to consider, take or leave it. Good concept, so I'll favorite, like, and see what you do with it!


Congrats on the feature!

Ok, this earned an upvote, fave and a follow from me :pinkiehappy:

This is some genius example of character writing. I can pretty much read all of their lines in their voices.

Now, two years after Luna's return, her, along with Princess Celestia and Twilight, have

Should 8e she and has. To check if syntax m8kes sense, remove all people except the direct su8ject.

Awesome... just, just... awesome

Twilight couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the busiest man in Equestria.

No! that sort of refernce is not allowed!:fluttershbad:

can eat jar of peanut butter in under ten second flat

Ms. Dash, I'm not sure if you realize this, but I take my peanut butter very seriously, and I'll be DAMNED if that doesn't sound like a challenge.

Anyone else finding it funny that the guy is banned yet his fic made feature?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I very much so would love to see more of this.

I think it happened afterward.

3345337 It's an alt account of someone else who got an IP ban.

3345090 Sadly, you won't. The writer is banned.

3345349 oh... so wat'll happen to the story?

3345349>>3345337 This guy is an alt of Silent Bob, who got banned for being a complete jerkwad

3345354 that DOES NOT answer my second question....

3345353 It won't be updated anyone. Simply as that.

It won't be continued. Because the author is banned. And can't access his account to post new chapters. This is pretty much it. :applejackunsure:

3345369>>3345365 are you kidding me? this story has POTENTIAL, it'd be MOCKERY to it!

Then the author shouldn't have made an alt account. Sorry bro, but site rules are the rules to go by. :ajsleepy:

3345377 no words can describe the idiocy right now :facehoof::facehoof: but whatever

Better to just get along with our lives. There will be other stories out there. :twilightsmile:

3345384 how many about Bat-Ponys? hhhmm?

Go to the Bat Pony group and you'll probably find a couple.

More:flutterrage: i am alredy whating for more on like 5 storys.:trollestia:
Not to rush eneyone:eeyup::twilightsheepish:

3345551 sorry to tell you, but there will not be any more

3345381 dude, Silent Bob threatened other users, used alternate account to upvote his stories into the featured box, and then evaded his ban with this story. Pretty sure he's the idiot.

3345603 I didn't say he WASN'T an idiot


Thank you so much for this link--I've already found some great fics that I otherwise would have missed.


My thoughts when reading this: threatened other users? Par for the course even on a site that's supposed to be full of "love and tolerance." Ban evasion? Eh, I've seen worse. Created alt accounts to upvote his own stories?


3345607 true enough


Par for the course even on a site that's supposed to be full of "love and tolerance."

Hopefully you understand that "Love and Tolerate" was the troll mantra of /co/'s brony community back in 2011. after some people actually started to take it seriously, they spread it to all corners of the brony fandom.

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