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Put the cart before the horse, mix things up, and look at them in a different way.


What would My Little Pony be like if it were British? Let's all don our top hats and monocles, sip some tea, and watch a jolly good show, guvnah!

Now with its own reading!

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:pinkiesmile: That was marvelous, my good sir.
:pinkiehappy: Please do keep up the amazing work, thank you.

Yours truly... NecromancerX69

Ps... :pinkiecrazy: Would you like some tea?

Oy, Pinkie, can you do us a triple fried egg sandwich on white bread, with chili sauce and chutney?

We just did a dramatic reading of this. It was glorious.

3418783 Barata is best Applejack

Dancer is best Rainbow Chav


This is the greatest story i have ever read.

3418783 I heard most of it. You guys did a smashing job!

3418804 Coz as Nightmare Moon was the best casting choice, imo

Very well written, only a few minor quibbles here and there with grammar and sentence structure.


This is 24‐carat comedy gold.

What if the Doctor had an american accent here?


I demand a link to this immediately, Baldrick!

Twilight spoke, “Applejack is the spirit of bluntness, Rainbow Chav is the spirit of brazenness, Pinkie is the spirit of mirth, Fluttershy is the spirit of appeasement, and Rarity is the spirit of politeness. The spirits of Christmas past and Christmas present are unavailable. And I…”

They all floated up into the air.

“...I am the spirit of sarcasm!”

Genius. Just...genius. So many big words, so much hilarity...DO TRIXIE!! I WANT TO SEE THE HILARITY OF THAT!!

3418903 I might very well do that. I need to think of a way to Britishify it, though.

3418892 We didn't think to record it, sadly. Barata and his glorious Scottish accent came in at the halfway point. We were lucky enough to have Carts in the call with us, at least xD

3418910 Thank you!! I shall follow you! This is to awesome! By the way...I sorta imagined Fluttershy having a mustache, a top hat, and a fine dress. Which reminds me...


3418931 Doing an entire run of these fics will take us out of our DR retirement, probably :3 I'm excited.

There have been some exceptional British MLP fics, in particular The Rummy Business of Old Blooey which is a spot-on Jeeves and Wooster parody/tribute. This one is very good, and can be read rather quickly, which is also good, wot?

3418910 More gratuitous Latin, more Monty Python randomness, more stiff upper lip, more sarcasm, and more classism!

That said, I love this :twilightsmile:. I'm imagining that the narration is actually being read out loud during the cartoon itself, since British cartoons (e.g. Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine) love doing that.

requires an organiser to to make preparations

You've got an extra 'to' in there, mate. Better give it a look-see, wot?

British ponies are almost as terrifying as... British taxis!



i saw that the story pic was the same as my profile pic and just had to read it!:pinkiehappy:
Also so Many Monty Python References!

This story was funny... and bloody well-written at that! I shan't not ignore such a fine work of literary humor.

If I could make one complaint, it's that Rainbow Chav was not drunk, pregnant or fifteen years old, like other chavs. At least, the ones I'm used to dealing with. Aside from that little thing though, I found this rather funny. :yay:

It's always a laugh when it's the English getting made fun of.


That would be nothing less than appropriate.

You forgot one thing...

You needed to have Nightmare Moon chasing them about the ruins to the theme of Yakkity Sax.

Bonus points to those who understand that reference.

Wait, so you're not British? I thought this was really British. What does this say about me that I thought this story chock full of British stereotypes was really British? :twilightoops: So Scots are like the Southerners of Britain. Imagining Applejack with a Scottish accent just make me laugh my brains out! :ajsmug: Soon Sweet Apple Acres was filled with Scotsponies. Three colts to a caber. I also very much appreciated all the Monty Python (Flying Circus, Holy Grail, and Life of Brian) jokes. And Nightmare Moon was French. Why didn't she taunt them? Telling Twilight, "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smells of elderberries!" Also, the appearance of the Doctor. I also couldn't help but imagine British Twilight Sparkle as voiced by Catherine Tate. Just a fun, goofy little story.

but what about Canterlot?” asked Twilight.
“‘Tis a silly place,”

:rainbowlaugh: See wot you done did thea!
Also: "Appeasement" :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Brilliant. Just brilliant. You see that shiny gold star up at the top? Imma click it mate.:twilightsmile:

This was funny and all, but...

We British don't speak like snooty Victorians anymore.

Other than that, good job! You've earned a follower!

better be a ton of doctor whooves in dis.

As a Brit, I can affirm that this was most definitely 100% accurate and not made up at all. :scootangel:
In all seriousness, this is hilarious. The only niggling little thing I have is that if you really wanted the equivalent of AJ's accent, you probably should have gone for a Welsh one, but that's just me nitpicking - Welsh accents are bloody hard anyway.

"Ah, Queen Luna. Are you prepared to surrender?” asked Queen Celestia, who just appeared on the scene.

“Well jes, I zuppose,” said Luna. “I am French, after all.”

This is a prime example of a horrible joke.

Bloody good show! Bravo!

You have my full, undivided and entirely British attention!

have luna come back with an american accent

Now, that would have been acceptable if there was anypony wearing a TOP HAT! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh yeah, and simon is best dragon.

"'Tis a silly place"? "He's an ex-parrot?" I see what you did there, mate. Loved it.

Not enough welsh. I demand more! :pinkiecrazy:

“Oh, it’s absolutely dreadful,” said Rarity. “It runs off of its own rules. Ponies jump in queues, they walk on the right side of the footpath and roads, and they have teatime at a quarter past four rather than the hour itself!"

Confirmed: Everfree is on the other side of the Channel :ajsmug:

“...I am the spirit of sarcasm!”

I've lost it here... :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats on the feature, Carts! You definitely deserve it bro! :raritywink:

Oh god my sides... This fic is beautiful. I don't see fics of this high quality often, but they always bring a smile to my face... Until I notice I just woke up the family at 4 AM due to my laughter... Still, it was worth it. Have a :moustache: good sir.

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