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Do you enjoy watching an author, reading their stories and enjoying their work? I sure do.

Do you enjoy reading a bunch of "WAHH I CAN'T EDIT TO SAVE MY LIFE AND EQUESTRIA DAILY PRE-READERS ARE A BUNCH OF ASSHATS" and seeing a bunch of mouth-breathers agreeing with them and telling outright lies in the comments? No? Me either.

Here's a group where we say to authors: shut the hell up about your drama and just write some goddamned horse words. They are what we're here for.

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This. Is. Beautiful.

Well, this is...not pleasant.

If whiny authors delete comments with constructive criticism on it, I automatically give their story a dislike for being a crybaby. :pinkiehappy:


I wish DH would come back. His blogs were fucking hilarious.


I see you reasoning in that. Call me a hypocrite, but in some cases it bothers me too. I guess it depends on case to case.

Hmm, a lot of these stories are short or one shots. I wonder how much complaining they did to EQD? I don't have a whole heap of pity or respect for short story or one shot authors in the first place. though, as with everything there are always exceptions.

^ this pretty much what I was doing. Even if people like my writing, they can still give opinions of what I could do better. While all the "oh, its fine, there's nothing wrong!" messages are nice to see, they aren't very helpful when I am looking for something. A person who likes you is more inclined to be more helpful in explaining things too, which is what I was looking for, and got.

293910 Fair enough. I was just ribbing you a little. But really, if you think about it... There is a marked difference between a new author who is confused by their response from EQD and asks their readers where they went wrong... and someone like DH who basically makes their blogs into a 3 ring circus of drama.


I just have an issue with people who use their followers as a hugbox, getting a chorus of voices saying "No, no, you're fine!" All they do is ask people who already like them to validate them. It accomplishes nothing.

Excuse me sir, but may I join your wonderful club? I promise not to be a whiny little bitch!

My roommate is a vampire should be tagged, dennis made a fuss when he was rejected

A lofty endeavour, I support you and this group fully.



He got you there. :ajsmug:

And the "yes-men" where a lot more help then those of EQD, through some PM's from followers of my blog ect. I was able to come up with some idea's and a solution. I'm currently working on the prologue. So in the end they were both right and wrong. I wasn't upset I was rejected, it was how I was rejected that blew me away. I am very disappointing in how they do things and how their system works. For a site as big and important as EQD, I expected more.

I decided to just drop the issue and walk away, I learned that EQD isn't worth it. It's like that childhood baseball star you had as a kid. You thought he was so awesome and the coolest guy ever, but when you met him in person, he's actually a total asshole, drug addict and an all round miserable person. Nothing at all like you expected.

On a side not, while I am surprised you this did group thing to my story, I harbor no ill-will towards you, you are free to do as you like after all.

I wonder if you realize the irony in creating a group solely to shame authors who have the audacity to seek comfort from their readers after being rejected... In effect since you are an author, and are whining about others whining, you are a whiny author yourself. So please, as a show of solidarity to all authors who whine, tag your own story.

I read the blog post, but even if you got a biased review doesn't mean you should be surrounding yourself with yes-men comforting you.


I'm going to venture to guess you didn't read the blog post, nor my story? You would see why "I was being whiny."

I had an extremely bias and unfair review. :facehoof:

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