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The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. - George Orwell, 1984.

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2156485 No i left about five years before the storm.

Quick question, do you happen to be a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Reason I ask this is because I was from New Orleans myself and I was wondering.

2104997 Very well. I was going to request that you just forget about him
now that he's left, but as that was already your intention there is no need. Good day!

2104911 I know I am coming across very aggresively over this But seriously I am done talking about this asshole. Let me be a bit of a hypocrite for just a a few minutes and talk about him in the hopes that I don't have to again in the future.

I actually pride myself in being a nice person. But I am just going to be a raging asshole when it comes to Ralph because that is what he deserves. Don't get me wrong, I feel really bad for him. He has had a really fucked up life. But there is nothing I can do to help him. More importantly he does not want my help, or that of anyone. You say you talked to the man. congrats. He would have bitten your hand in the end, just like he bit the hands of everyone else.

I wish he had not taken down his stories, not only because that is perceived as the ultimate dick move on a fanfic forum, but because his doing so deprived me of the evidence to back up My following point.

I was one of his earliest loudest fans on here.

I am dead serious.

You know that old saw about no wrath like that of a lover spurned? That is kind of what you just ran into, though obviously I was just a reader.

Back in the period when Past SIns was not yet on this site, Ralph was the light around which all Nyx fans rotated. Nightmare Night and Nyx was funny well written had some of the best charactherization of the CMC and similar aged ponies ever . It remained in fact, amongst my ten favorite stories list on my user profile right up until the second RC yanked all his stories.

My point though, is that if you had gone through the comments of nIghtmare Night and Nyx" you would have seen me writing 2-3 supportinc comments per chapter. And we talked a lot. About charachter development abotu where the story was going. I even gave him an idea that he explicitly used about 2 years later in a story .

But none of that mattered to RC. All it took was for me to inform him that he was wrong about the idea that Nazi's were atheists and He blocked me. Well first he called me an idiot. Then when I posted a video of Nazi soldier's swearing loyalty to the Fuhrer under god ( spoiler alert " Atheists dont swear under god) and I showed him the actual Nazi enlistment form for the SS that specified that atheists were banned from joining the ss he banned me. Because Ralph never wanted a discussion . He just wants to tell you that he is right and you are wrong. His worldview insisted that all evil comes from atheism. Therefore the Nazi's were atheist. When I showed him that reality did not agree with him he removed me from his reality.

Later when he learned I am an attorney he on several occasions referred to me as an ambulance chaser, despite the fact that I am a tax attorney and the only ambulance I have chased in my life had my sister inside of it. In fact Ralph has never met an ad hominem attack he did not love. All feminists are ugly becuase why else would they be feminists. All atheists are Nazi's/ Communistts because why else would they be atheists( the fact that Nazi's and communists hated each other to death is meaningless to Reality impaired individuals like Ralph). The world is 6,000 years old and science has proven Christianity ( one gets the feeling that Ralph is not familiar with the meaning of either "Science" or " religion") and scientists who disagree with the above are all part of a massive conspiracy to ignore God because they want to keep sinning ( surely you recall all those orgies that scientists get up to!) , vengeance is the highest form of justicecand so on and on and on and on ad nauseam.

Of course I feel bad for Ralph. I feel bad for his ill health. Above all I feel bad for what his family did to him and continues to do to him. But do I feel bad for how people treated him on this website? Not one bit. He earned every bit of it. If I ran this website I would have banned him long ago. ( and yes I would also ban left wingers that are equally toxic , like Chatoyance as one example) .

Ralph's relationship with this website was toxic. And I am glad it is over. He was harming this website and I am sure you would not disagree that his presence on this site was not doing him any favors. We are better off without him, and he is better off without us.

I wish him all the best. I also wish to forget he exists.

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