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In an abuse of power, a certain admin banned onlyanorthernsong for fact-checking and correcting the scientific claims another user made in a BlogPost on the grounds that it somehow attacks the religion of that aforementioned user. Evidently, if one makes the scientific claim that eating radioactive fallout is good for health, none can fact-check and correct the claim without receiving a ban for attacking the religion of the scientific claimer.

The certain admin, after almost 4 days, refuses to lift the undeserved ban.

This group is here to convince nonabusive admins to reinstate onlyanorthernsong. The more joining this group, the more likely some admin will reinstate onlyanorthernsong.

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Yay! onlyanorthernsong was unbanned! :yay:

I just joined to watch the drama

In an abuse of power, a certain admin


raises hand

I think I know who it is.:ajsmug:


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