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Rainbow FlutterDash

"I'm in love with places I've never been to and ponies I've never met." - Melody Truong (Paraphrased.)

Bio (where it should be.)

Hello Everypony!
I am a super-enthusiastic, slightly psychotic pegasister, here on this site to read and write about the best show on earth!
I am a crazy FlutterDash fan, and a most loyal servant to Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Luna of the Night.
I also like RariJack, OctaScratch, LyraBon and good ol' Twilight in general!
Love and Tolerate y'all!



Hearth's Warmingtime is Here Once Again! · 6:44pm November 25th

It's that time of year again, finally! :yay:

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My Stories


Boring Info:

Groups I'm an admin of:
scootaloo96 Fan Group

Stellar Bubbles Fan Club

Sky Melody Fan Group

Vector credits:
Vectors and backgrounds:
All others unknown


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Completely Offline/No Internet Access

Due to FimFiction no longer working on my phone I am unable to change my status per hour or day, but I will try to keep my general status up to date. This status is referring to how often I'll be on over roughly a week's time.

Extended Bio

Hi! I'm Rainbow FlutterDash! I am pegasister and a Disney fan. I also like Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings.

I prefer when Equestria is portrayed more medieval/fantasy type, rather than 21st Century. I never read Alternate Universes, Crossovers, Human or Anthro and I have never watched Equestria Girls or it's sequels.

I write mostly romance stories, one-shots especially (for now.) I strive to live by the virtues that MLP:FiM teaches: Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty and Friendship.
Love and Tolerance friends!

Here's some basic info:

Nicknames: Flutters, Flutter, Dashie, Dash, FD, RFD, FlutterDash
Gender: Female
Personality Type: Too complex to be defined by four letters... XD

I've made a bunch of amazing friends on this site, including, but not limited to:
xStellar_Bubbles AKA "Bubbly" - My senpai, internet daughter and first friend on this site. Who is still one of my bestest friends and a wonderful FimFictioner. :D
scootaloo96 AKA "Scoots" - An amazing and kind man, who is my good friend and internet uncle.
FelineFluff AKA "Fluffy" - my internet little sis!!
Nagi-Muffin AKA "Nagi" - my other little internet sis!
Sky Blue CMC - A Good friend.
Sky Melody AKA "Aunty Sky" - My internet aunt by chance, and a good friend. :)
Rosegamer AKA "Rose" - A great friend. :D
anonymousjedi AKA "... Er..."
Subject 19 AKA "?"
MechBulborb187 AKA "Mechy"
Sleepy Panda AKA "Panda" A fun and likeable person.
Sunman145 AKA "..." - Another wonderful pal!
Jubilee Glider AKA ... um... Jubilee Glider - A fellow Luna fan whom I chat with a bunch.
Thunderbolt Sentinel AKA "Bolty" - A pal I chat to now and then, and a very logical and practical person I respect.

My Favourite Characters are: (Reasoning.)

#1: The Mane Six (EVERYPONY IS BEST PONY!!!)
#2: Princess Luna (She's so freaking AWESOME!!!)
#3: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle (They're all SO CUTE!!!!!!!!)
#4: Spikey-Wikey (Spikey-Wikey!)
#5: Princess Celestia (Funny, beautiful, awesome and Luna's beloved sister.)
#6: Princes Cadence (Kind, cool and loving.)

My Least Favourites are:

#1: Discord (Annoying... and in it far too much.)
#2: Starlight Glimmer (Urgh... ruining the show.)
#3: Trixie (I don't hate her, she's just so overrated.)

Favourite Side Characters:

#1: Diamond Tiara (Always liked her, but now she's GOOD!)
#2: Maud Pie (She's awesome. XD)
#3: Babs Seed (I love her accent!)
#4: Daring Do (Also awesome. :P)
#5: Captain Spitfire (And again, awesome.)

Favourite Background Ponies:

#1: Octavia Melody (So beautiful and awesome, plus brilliant fanon character.)
#2: Lyra Heartstrings (Who IMO has nothing to do with hands or humans...)
#3: Vinyl Scratch AKA "DJ-P0N3" (Funny, cute, plus OctaScratch!!)
#4: Bon Bon (Who IMO, is NOT a secret agent...)
#5: Derpy Hooves (Because... Derpy Hooves!)

My favourite ships are:

#1: FLUTTERDASH! (ADORABLE and Believable.)
#2: RariJack (So hilarious and cute.)
#3: LyraBon (Obvious.)
#4: OctaScratch (Cute.)
#5: ScootaBelle (Cute!)
#6: TwiPie (Because I respect it's rightful place in the Holy Trihorse!)
#7: CheesePie (Deal + pretty cute!)
#8: TwiJack (Believable)
#9: DiamondGlider (Pretty cute)
#10: Derpy x Time Turner (Why not?)

My least favourites are:

#1: FlutterCord (Ewwww...)
#2: FlutterMac (They've close to never even met in the show!)
#3: SoarinDash (Seriously...)
#4: AppleDash (The two tomboys... CLICHE!)
#5: Anyone else with Dashie or Fluttershy. (ARGH!)
(Though I don't mind TwiFlutterDash... or whatever it's called.)

Favourite Villains:

#1: Queen Chrysalis (Evil but Believable, actually cares for something other than herself.)
#2: King Sombra (Evil and epic.)
#3: Nightmare Moon (Epic backstory.)
#4: Lord Tirek (Tolerably interesting.)
#5: Starlight Glimmer (She was a decent villain... at least...)

Favourite Episodes (Best Episodes ever!):
#1: Crusaders of the Lost Mark (OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
#2 (Tied): Trade Ya! (FLUTTERDASH! and RariJack!)
Luna Eclipsed (Funny, and LUNA!)
#3: Friendship is Magic Part 1 (&2) (Nostalgic, Mane 6 meet for the first time.)
#4: Testing 1,2,3 (So funny...)
#5: Read it and Weep (HILARIOUS!)

Other good episodes:
#6: May the Best Pet Win (FlutterDash)
#7: Ticket Master (Hilarious, nostalgic.)
#8: Cutie Mark Chronicles (Cute... FlutterDash)
#9: A Canterlot Wedding (1&2) (Epic! + Cadence and Chrysalis.)
#10: Look Before You Sleep (RariJack)

Least Favourite Episodes (Unwatchable...):
#1: Princess Twilight Sparkle (1&2) (Discord)
#2: The Return of Harmony (1&2) (Discord)
#3: Twilight's Kingdom (1&2) (Discord and destruction the library)
#4: All other Discord and most Starlight Episodes (I haven't watched them, so I can't judge)
#5: Slice of Life (Stupid, headcanon-ruining bogus.)

Other dislikeable episodes:
#6: The Mysterious Mare Do Well (Reasons...)
#7: Boast Busters (Boring...)
#8: Feeling Pinkie Keen (Seeing is believing, not the other way.)
#9: Dragonshy (Anti-FlutterDash)
#10: Magic Duel (Also boring.)

Best fan made videos (that I've seen):
#1: Snowdrop (Obviously!)
#2: Fall of the Crystal Empire (Epic!)
#3: Children of the Night (beautiful and amazing)
#4: I am Octavia (so beautiful and heart wrenching.)
#5: A Day in Ponyville (lolololol!)

Best songs:
#1: The Pony I Want To Be/Reprise (OMG... So amazing.)
#2: Make This Castle a Home. (Especially the reprise, despite it's length)
#3: A True, True Friend (Tears every time...)
#4: We'll Make Our Mark (A Brilliant song and an amazing moment in the show)
#5: Luna's Future (OH-MY-LUNA!!!!! Epic Lunaness!)
#6: Celestia's Ballad (Beautiful piano... reflecting on first thee seasons... magical.)
#7: You'll Play Your Part (...So beautiful... and LUNA!)
#8: The Light of Your Cutie Mark (Sweet and fun)
#9: The Magic Inside (So beautiful.)
#10: Find A Pet (FlutterDash duet!)
#11: Art of the Dress (My old favourite)
#12: This Day Aria (Ahem... Disney?)
#13: Winter Wrap Up (Nostalgia...)
#14: The Laughter Song (Nostalgia...)
#15: Becoming Popular (Nostalgia...)
#16: The Smile Song (:D)
#17: I'll Fly (Rainbow solo also... ELECTRIC GUITAR OF AWESOMENESS!)
#18: I've Got to Find a Way (Beautiful)
#19: What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (So catchy and funny)
#20: Pinkie's Lament (Sad, but also funny!)
#21: Pinkie the Party Planner (Couldn't think of anything else right now...)
#22: Hearts as Strong as Horses (My workout jam. XD)

Honorary mentions:
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme (Love it, plus so nostalgic)
- My Past is Not Today (Just... wow...)

Best fan made songs:
#1: Lullaby for a Princess (OMG this is the best song EVER! Other than Let it Go from Frozen...)
#2: So Much Left to Know - EileMonty cover (Such a perfect MLP song)
#3: I'm Proud to Be Brony - EileMonty cover (So amazing!)
#3: The Moon Rises - EileMonty cover (Pretty amazing)
#5: Luna Dream Mode - female cover (Also amazing)

Best ponyfied songs/animations:
#1: Do You Wanna See the Moonrise? (Frozen + Luna = AMAZING!)
#2: Children of the Night (Already said it was BEAUTIFUL!)
#3: I am Octavia (Also already said it was beautiful....)
#4: Angel of Darkness (So epic)
#5: Daylight Ends (Awesomeness)

Favourite Quotes:

From My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

"It's not the things that you gather 'round."
"It's not how much you own."
"The things that hold the meaning in your life, are the memories you've sown."
- Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity

From Make This Castle a Home which is in Castle Sweet Castle.

"Pinkie Pie, don't be ridiculous!" -Rarity
"Aww, but I'm so good at it!" - Pinkie Pie

From Fillili Vanilli

"Pinkie Pie! Stop giving him cake! - Twilight Sparkle.
"I'm not giving him cake! I'm assaulting him with cake! - Pinkie Pie.

From Secret of my Excess

"Twilight, not everypony gets all freaked out about tests like you." - Rainbow Dash.
"I do not get "all freaked out" about tests!" - Twilight Sparkle.
"Uh, seriously? Your freakouts are so epic, you sing whole freakout arias about freaking out." - Rainbow Dash.

From Testing 1,2,3.

"I hate to admit it to myself, and I would really hate to admit it to my friends, but... I love this story! I, I... I love reading! ... I'm an egghead!" - Rainbow Dash.

From Read It and Weep.

From fanfiction:

“Home is the one true place,” she whispered. “Because it's not really a place at all. It's a feeling. It's the memories you've made, the experiences you've shared with the one's closest to you." - Rarity

From One True Place

My Quotes:

"One does not simply not ship FlutterDash and Rarijack after watching Trade Ya!" - Me

From My Stories:

"I shouldn't be ashamed of loving you... I am not." - Bon-Bon to Lyra Heartstrings.

From "Best Friends" Anniversary Party.

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I don't think you need to thank me for being active xD
I'm not nearly as active as I once was and sadly it's not only because real life it's digging it's claws into me. I have to admit, I'm not enjoying the show as much as I once did.
But, I'm still around, even though my reaction time might have increased to a few days xD

I’m sorry I’m not on much, but I’m glad you consider me a good friend... I just saw your list. You’re a good friend too sister! :brohoof:

That sounds awesome, but a shame about the fire, though. I do hope no one was injured.

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