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Rainbow FlutterDash

"I'm in love with places I've never been to and ponies I've never met." - Melody Truong (Paraphrased.)

Bio (where it should be.)

Hello Everypony!
I am a super-enthusiastic, slightly psychotic pegasister, here on this site to read and write about the best show on earth!
I am a crazy FlutterDash fan, and a most loyal servant to Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Luna of the Night.
I also like RariJack, OctaScratch, LyraBon and good ol' Twilight in general!
Love and Tolerate y'all!



Urgh, why? · 6:06pm November 9th

For like almost a decade now I've been looking for something to fill the Hunger Games-shaped hole in my heart.

Whyyyyyyyyy is nothing as good? :raritydespair: I've never been immersed in a world and a story like that. And at this rate I fear I never will again.

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Due to FimFiction no longer working on my phone I am unable to change my status per hour or day, but I will try to keep my general status up to date. This status is referring to how often I'll be on over roughly a week's time.

Extended Bio

Hi! I'm Rainbow FlutterDash! I am pegasister and a Disney fan. I also like Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings.

I prefer when Equestria is portrayed more medieval/fantasy type, rather than 21st Century. I never read Alternate Universes, Crossovers, Human or Anthro and I have never watched Equestria Girls or it's sequels.

I write mostly romance stories, one-shots especially (for now.) I strive to live by the virtues that MLP:FiM teaches: Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty and Friendship.
Love and Tolerance friends!

Here's some basic info:

Nicknames: Flutters, Flutter, Dashie, Dash, FD, RFD, FlutterDash
Gender: Female
Personality Type: Too complex to be defined by four letters... XD

I've made a bunch of amazing friends on this site, including, but not limited to:
xStellar_Bubbles AKA "Bubbly" - My senpai, internet daughter and first friend on this site. Who is still one of my bestest friends and a wonderful FimFictioner. :D
scootaloo96 AKA "Scoots" - An amazing and kind man, who is my good friend and internet uncle.
FelineFluff AKA "Fluffy" - my internet little sis!!
Nagi-Muffin AKA "Nagi" - my other little internet sis!
Sky Blue CMC - A Good friend.
Sky Melody AKA "Aunty Sky" - My internet aunt by chance, and a good friend. :)
Rosegamer AKA "Rose" - A great friend. :D
anonymousjedi AKA "... Er..."
Subject 19 AKA "?"
MechBulborb187 AKA "Mechy"
Sleepy Panda AKA "Panda" A fun and likeable person.
Sunman145 AKA "..." - Another wonderful pal!
Jubilee Glider AKA ... um... Jubilee Glider - A fellow Luna fan whom I chat with a bunch.
Thunderbolt Sentinel AKA "Bolty" - A pal I chat to now and then, and a very logical and practical person I respect.

My Favourite Characters are: (Reasoning.)

#1: The Mane Six (EVERYPONY IS BEST PONY!!!)
#2: Princess Luna (She's so freaking AWESOME!!!)
#3: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle (They're all SO CUTE!!!!!!!!)
#4: Spikey-Wikey (Spikey-Wikey!)
#5: Princess Celestia (Funny, beautiful, awesome and Luna's beloved sister.)
#6: Princes Cadence (Kind, cool and loving.)

My Least Favourites are:

#1: Discord (Annoying... and in it far too much.)
#2: Starlight Glimmer (Urgh... ruining the show.)
#3: Trixie (I don't hate her, she's just so overrated.)

Favourite Side Characters:

#1: Diamond Tiara (Always liked her, but now she's GOOD!)
#2: Maud Pie (She's awesome. XD)
#3: Babs Seed (I love her accent!)
#4: Daring Do (Also awesome. :P)
#5: Captain Spitfire (And again, awesome.)

Favourite Background Ponies:

#1: Octavia Melody (So beautiful and awesome, plus brilliant fanon character.)
#2: Lyra Heartstrings (Who IMO has nothing to do with hands or humans...)
#3: Vinyl Scratch AKA "DJ-P0N3" (Funny, cute, plus OctaScratch!!)
#4: Bon Bon (Who IMO, is NOT a secret agent...)
#5: Derpy Hooves (Because... Derpy Hooves!)

My favourite ships are:

#1: FLUTTERDASH! (ADORABLE and Believable.)
#2: RariJack (So hilarious and cute.)
#3: LyraBon (Obvious.)
#4: OctaScratch (Cute.)
#5: ScootaBelle (Cute!)
#6: TwiPie (Because I respect it's rightful place in the Holy Trihorse!)
#7: CheesePie (Deal + pretty cute!)
#8: TwiJack (Believable)
#9: DiamondGlider (Pretty cute)
#10: Derpy x Time Turner (Why not?)

My least favourites are:

#1: FlutterCord (Ewwww...)
#2: FlutterMac (They've close to never even met in the show!)
#3: SoarinDash (Seriously...)
#4: AppleDash (The two tomboys... CLICHE!)
#5: Anyone else with Dashie or Fluttershy. (ARGH!)
(Though I don't mind TwiFlutterDash... or whatever it's called.)

Favourite Villains:

#1: Queen Chrysalis (Evil but Believable, actually cares for something other than herself.)
#2: King Sombra (Evil and epic.)
#3: Nightmare Moon (Epic backstory.)
#4: Lord Tirek (Tolerably interesting.)
#5: Starlight Glimmer (She was a decent villain... at least...)

Favourite Episodes (Best Episodes ever!):
#1: Crusaders of the Lost Mark (OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
#2 (Tied): Trade Ya! (FLUTTERDASH! and RariJack!)
Luna Eclipsed (Funny, and LUNA!)
#3: Friendship is Magic Part 1 (&2) (Nostalgic, Mane 6 meet for the first time.)
#4: Testing 1,2,3 (So funny...)
#5: Read it and Weep (HILARIOUS!)

Other good episodes:
#6: May the Best Pet Win (FlutterDash)
#7: Ticket Master (Hilarious, nostalgic.)
#8: Cutie Mark Chronicles (Cute... FlutterDash)
#9: A Canterlot Wedding (1&2) (Epic! + Cadence and Chrysalis.)
#10: Look Before You Sleep (RariJack)

Least Favourite Episodes (Unwatchable...):
#1: Princess Twilight Sparkle (1&2) (Discord)
#2: The Return of Harmony (1&2) (Discord)
#3: Twilight's Kingdom (1&2) (Discord and destruction the library)
#4: All other Discord and most Starlight Episodes (I haven't watched them, so I can't judge)
#5: Slice of Life (Stupid, headcanon-ruining bogus.)

Other dislikeable episodes:
#6: The Mysterious Mare Do Well (Reasons...)
#7: Boast Busters (Boring...)
#8: Feeling Pinkie Keen (Seeing is believing, not the other way.)
#9: Dragonshy (Anti-FlutterDash)
#10: Magic Duel (Also boring.)

Best fan made videos (that I've seen):
#1: Snowdrop (Obviously!)
#2: Fall of the Crystal Empire (Epic!)
#3: Children of the Night (beautiful and amazing)
#4: I am Octavia (so beautiful and heart wrenching.)
#5: A Day in Ponyville (lolololol!)

Best songs:
#1: The Pony I Want To Be/Reprise (OMG... So amazing.)
#2: Make This Castle a Home. (Especially the reprise, despite it's length)
#3: A True, True Friend (Tears every time...)
#4: We'll Make Our Mark (A Brilliant song and an amazing moment in the show)
#5: Luna's Future (OH-MY-LUNA!!!!! Epic Lunaness!)
#6: Celestia's Ballad (Beautiful piano... reflecting on first thee seasons... magical.)
#7: You'll Play Your Part (...So beautiful... and LUNA!)
#8: The Light of Your Cutie Mark (Sweet and fun)
#9: The Magic Inside (So beautiful.)
#10: Find A Pet (FlutterDash duet!)
#11: Art of the Dress (My old favourite)
#12: This Day Aria (Ahem... Disney?)
#13: Winter Wrap Up (Nostalgia...)
#14: The Laughter Song (Nostalgia...)
#15: Becoming Popular (Nostalgia...)
#16: The Smile Song (:D)
#17: I'll Fly (Rainbow solo also... ELECTRIC GUITAR OF AWESOMENESS!)
#18: I've Got to Find a Way (Beautiful)
#19: What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (So catchy and funny)
#20: Pinkie's Lament (Sad, but also funny!)
#21: Pinkie the Party Planner (Couldn't think of anything else right now...)
#22: Hearts as Strong as Horses (My workout jam. XD)

Honorary mentions:
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme (Love it, plus so nostalgic)
- My Past is Not Today (Just... wow...)

Best fan made songs:
#1: Lullaby for a Princess (OMG this is the best song EVER! Other than Let it Go from Frozen...)
#2: So Much Left to Know - EileMonty cover (Such a perfect MLP song)
#3: I'm Proud to Be Brony - EileMonty cover (So amazing!)
#3: The Moon Rises - EileMonty cover (Pretty amazing)
#5: Luna Dream Mode - female cover (Also amazing)

Best ponyfied songs/animations:
#1: Do You Wanna See the Moonrise? (Frozen + Luna = AMAZING!)
#2: Children of the Night (Already said it was BEAUTIFUL!)
#3: I am Octavia (Also already said it was beautiful....)
#4: Angel of Darkness (So epic)
#5: Daylight Ends (Awesomeness)

Favourite Quotes:

From My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

"It's not the things that you gather 'round.""It's not how much you own.""The things that hold the meaning in your life, are the memories you've sown."
- Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity

From Make This Castle a Home which is in Castle Sweet Castle.

"Pinkie Pie, don't be ridiculous!" -Rarity
"Aww, but I'm so good at it!" - Pinkie Pie

From Fillili Vanilli

"Pinkie Pie! Stop giving him cake! - Twilight Sparkle."I'm not giving him cake! I'm assaulting him with cake! - Pinkie Pie.

From Secret of my Excess

"Twilight, not everypony gets all freaked out about tests like you." - Rainbow Dash.
"I do not get "all freaked out" about tests!" - Twilight Sparkle."Uh, seriously? Your freakouts are so epic, you sing whole freakout arias about freaking out." - Rainbow Dash.

From Testing 1,2,3.

"I hate to admit it to myself, and I would really hate to admit it to my friends, but... I love this story! I, I... I love reading! ... I'm an egghead!" - Rainbow Dash.

From Read It and Weep.

From fanfiction:

“Home is the one true place,” she whispered. “Because it's not really a place at all. It's a feeling. It's the memories you've made, the experiences you've shared with the one's closest to you." - Rarity

From One True Place

My Quotes:

"One does not simply not ship FlutterDash and Rarijack after watching Trade Ya!" - Me

From My Stories:

"I shouldn't be ashamed of loving you... I am not." - Bon-Bon to Lyra Heartstrings.

From "Best Friends" Anniversary Party.

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can you please follow Twilight+Glimmer if you already don't. And if you already do, please spread the word. Thanks.

Thank you! AWESOME to meet another shipper of FlutterDash and RariJack! :yay: Or just any pegasister/brony in general honestly.

Yay another Flutterdash fan *Reads bio* oh and slightly psychotic, likes Lyrabon, and rarijack!?!?! This person deserves all the follows.

I don't think you need to thank me for being active xD
I'm not nearly as active as I once was and sadly it's not only because real life it's digging it's claws into me. I have to admit, I'm not enjoying the show as much as I once did.
But, I'm still around, even though my reaction time might have increased to a few days xD

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