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Some secrets need to be kept, and others need to be set free; but sometimes, not even the Element of Honesty can tell the difference. How do you tell your family the truth about something that you can't even admit to yourself? When Applejack begins to realize that she may have feelings for a friend, she needs to find the courage to accept who she really is before she can truly be happy.

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In all seriousness, I'm actually worried about this one. Applejack is probably the character I write least, and I have no idea if I got her voice down or not. Oh well. :ajsleepy:

Very well done :heart:

Great story, it's my first Applejack+Rarity shipping, and i loved it. Largely because you write a brilliant Applejack, she was spot on in every aspect,. :ajsmug:

This is a comment.

This is a like.

This is a favorite.

Oh and I bet 10 bits that this story is going to be featured! Anyone care to challenge?

This is absolutely beautiful. It's a simple idea, and at its core it's a simple story - but you portray it as exactly what it is. One of the most complex and difficult to deal with things in the world. And the writing is amazing too, but that's kind of a given by now - your writing is always amazing. I love the way you portray Applejack here. I think her dedication to what she feels people expect of her fits her perfectly, and the way you captured the emotions involved is absolutely spot on.

Also, the way you made Rarity's feelings perfectly clear without having the story switch to her perspective even once is truly remarkable. Not many people can pull it off, but you do it and you do it perfectly.

I know people will want to stab me for this, but before today I wasn't really sure that I liked Applejack. I didn't hate her, I was just impartial - and now with this you've tipped the scales, and I think she's an awesome character. All without her feeling out of character once.

And despite it all Dash still stole the show. She wins the award for being most awesome pony in this story, and I loved seeing her in mentor pony mode for a change. Plus, she made me laugh hysterically with all her awesome.

Be proud - this is incredible.

I loved this!
But this was Rarijack.
But...in my head...Appledash?
But I loved the story.
But I only love Appledash.
What have you done to me AA?

I didn't use to care for RariJack....
But now...
I don't know what's going on! You!

Anyways, I'm glad you didn't do that cliche when AJ walked into Rarity's boutique- I was really worried when they were *this* close to kissing, but then you were like 'lolnope' and such. And even though I want to see where this goes, it's marked as "complete" so I won't trouble you. Unless, in doing so, I get this story featured.....
Ignore that bit! I'll track it for the good of the cause!

:heart: Great story. I really appreciate that you didn't just jump in at the end, not too many stories around here don't end with 'and then they kissed'.

i usualy don't find romance fanfics good, but this was pretty nice. good job :twilightsmile:


If only someone bet me.

This story is now featured so...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was too short a story.... I wanna know what happens next! :raritycry: :ajsleepy:

(silently roots for another GWP length story) :twilightsheepish:

Oh my Celestia, I've been looking for a good Rarijack story. I loved it!~ :heart:

Awww that was sweet :fluttercry:

You earned the feature. That's all there is to it.

306610 My response as well, but it happened when I saw just who wrote this.

Hopy shit.

Seriously though... I haven't really been interested in RariJack shipping, but maybe I should give it a chance. Also, average society is one of the worst existing things I've ever heard of.

You got Applejack down, don't worry AA! c':

This was simply exquisite: The story-telling and writing was fluid and flowing,
never stopping to be awkward. The repeated phrases may have been a tad awkward
at first but I got used to them and found that it made the impact all the more, well ... emotional~?

Also - Dash being 20% cooler YAY! :rainbowkiss:
Loved this, it's nice to see you deviating from Pinkiedash every now and then ^w^

AJ's voice is difficult unless you have that same accent, everypony struggles with accented voices at times. I, for one, enjoyed this story, a deep introspection and character piece, short enough to read without taking up too much time but long enough to explore the characters and their relationships.

I love that gif.

I'm sorry, but I simply couldn't resist throwing Dashie in. She's my very favorite character, you know, and I'm always looking for an excuse to give her cameos in my fics. :rainbowkiss:

I was severely tempted to make them kiss, but thought better of it. I'm glad you guys think that was the right choice.

TOO SHORT?! This is the single longest one-shot I've ever written!

Oh, wait. You want a TGWP length fic? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That'll never happen.

Never again.


I'd complain if you didn't do it so well - but you do.

Also no I wouldn't, since Dashie is my second favourite too. :rainbowdetermined2:

This was extremely good. So is it wrong of me to be slightly disappointed I didn't end up finding out what 'kinda dumb' thing Applejack did at the Gala and how that fell out in 'The Games We Play'?

Ah well, it still was an enjoyable read.


Any side stories related to "The Games We Play" will go in the supplementary materials collection, so I promise to get around to the dumb thing at some point. I'm just...really, really lazy and haven't done it yet. :rainbowlaugh:

Yet again, you have blown me away, AbsoluteAnonymous!

I especially like the way you've captured the complexities and self-doubt that people face when they come to terms with their true selves. Speaking as a bisexual person myself, I can totally identify with the insecurity and fear that Applejack was feeling about her sexuality. I am glad that she had the support of her family and friends in the end. Perhaps this fic may one day help someone get over their own fear of "coming out".

I was really loving the apple metaphors, they really went along with the whole Applejack theme, allowing readers to immerse themselves in AJ's world. All of the characters were well written, and Rainbow Dash was a total Bro. Her scene seemed so much like her.

Also, I think it was a good idea that didn't end the fic with a stereotypical "yeah, they kissed and now they're happy, the end". Instead, I think your decision to leave it a little open ended was a good one. That allows readers to come to their own conclusions, and it also helped me to imagine this as a real occurance behind the scenes of the show.

That being said, I first thought of RariJack as being an odd ship, but you've pulled it off with aplomb. Providing good reasons for her attraction to Rarity, and the little hints that Rarity was returning those feelings, I was smiling the whole time. While I still wouldn't consider myself a RariJack shipper (I'm more partial to AppleDash myself), I must say that this fic would probably have to power to open people up to the concept.

Again, a brilliant job, and I look forward to reading more of your stories!


I really like the stream of consciousness narrative here. It really puts me in Applejack's head and makes me feel as nervous as she does. An excellent little piece over all! :pinkiesmile:

I'd rather not comment on the shippings. :unsuresweetie:

Needs to be longer!!!!!:flutterrage:

Comment posted by Geyshawins deleted Mar 24th, 2016

Ooh, nice!
I very much liked that this was about AJ's uncertainties and fears, and her overcoming them, than romance as such. And it was wonderful to see Rainbow Dash, for once, being the sensible, mature person! :rainbowdetermined2:


I know (but one can always hope!)

Let me rephrase my original post, It's not to short, it just cuts off before the relationship can really get going, and all the problems and joys that come with them establishing a relation in this manner in the first place, THAT is was I would like to see.


Your god is pleased, human.

I think you got the voice of Applejack down well. And I like how the thought of family is what's sticking in her head - preconceptions can be tough, especially when you supposedly "know" what everyone else will think. That includes one's own preconceptions of what a family is. I also agree that the open ending is excellent.

Is 'fillyfooler' a fanon thing that everyone's just using now? Like Celly or Tia? :rainbowlaugh:

Also, now I want a Fluttermac fic called Like a Hurricane. :eeyup:

I am a total TwiDash shipper, but this was amazingly well written!
After reading this, I might finally put enough time out of my life to read the novel-length 445 page 'The Games We Play':twilightsmile:

Sorry, best ship goes to AppleMac.

Congrats on the feature!

I know I'm going to repeat at least some of what others have said, so apologies in advance on that. First, I loved the Red Delicious metaphor. LOVED. Especially as it developed as the story went on, as Applejack developed--first it was about how no one actually likes Red Delicious apples, though they think they do, then how some people actually do. It's probably the most brilliant metaphor you've used in your stories, to date. I could feel it in my chest, as I read along, all of Applejack's strain at hiding parts of who she is, her determination to do what's right by her family, her confusion, her longing, her grief.

I especially liked the reasons you gave for Applejack's reluctance to openly admit her feelings, even to herself--that it's up to her to keep the farm going, and that means she needs kids to give the farm to. Sometimes these "do I come out or don't I?" stories can seem a bit contrived and overly reliant on pre-manufactured angst (mind, I'm speaking as a queer man, myself, so I'm not ignorant of the strains and agonies of coming out ... I just think some stories capture the experience more realistically than do others) ... but it felt absolutely believable here. And also, absolutely unique to Applejack as a character--trying to keep that connection to her parents alive--which is not just some generic concern that any character would have, but a concern that only Applejack would. Well done.

I also liked Granny Smith's reaction. I think it could be believable for her to react otherwise, even done sympathetically ... but it hurts my heart a bit, I must confess, when Granny Smith is written as reacting badly.

LOVED Rainbow Dash. Rainbow was just perfect. I'm not sure anyone does Rainbow/Applejack friendship as well as you do. They feel like best friends whenever you write them, and I enjoy it. I could totally understand why AJ would go to Rainbow with her confession, as Rainbow reacts just about perfectly--takes it in stride, makes a few jokes to lighten the mood, provides reassurances. I do adore your Rainbow.

Also love your Rarity. Her generosity, her basic goodness, always comes through when you write her.

Last but not least, I too really liked the ending and how Applejack didn't kiss Rarity. I think that was a good choice for this story. The entire story is so hesitant, tentative ... it just felt right to end things on a similarly tentative note. Plus, though I'd love to read more RariJack from you, I think the ending establishes what's really important for this story--that Applejack has learned that she doesn't NEED to shoulder all of the burdens she's been shouldering, that an important shift has occurred in the relationship between Rarity and Applejack, and that no matter where the relationship goes from here, things will turn out okay.

As always, thank you for writing and for sharing this.

Really well done. As others have said, Applejack's voice was spot-on, and her anxieties were perfectly in-character. Glad you ended it as you did, as well - ambiguous, but hopeful. AJ coming to terms with herself was the climax, rather than a big sappy declaration of love. Good stuff.

A non-Pinkie story? Bullshit, she's in there somewhere.

Well done. The best fics (I find) are the ones with the lesser-known or lesser-recognized fanships (TwiDash, TwiPie, Rarijack, etc.). They offer so much more to work with, and there's much more of a foundation to be built to bring the two characters together.

I agree with Professor Piggy's observations, and with everypony else that it is a well-written work. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. :yay: /)

YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH RARIJACK?! ...because if so, that's perfectly fine and understandable, and I tolerate and appreciate the differences between us.

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
(pleasedon'teaskifI'vefinishedEternalpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease I'LL FINISH IT SOON I SWEAR)

Like a Hurricane? I'm...afraid I don't get it.

Ewwww. :ajbemused:

You always leave the nicest comments, Donny...I feel as though I don't deserve them. :fluttershysad:



If I have to complain about some aspect of this story, it would be the part where it ended. Otherwise, sheer brilliance as always.

Great story, AA! Rarijack is a nice ship, definitely one of my favourite (together with Appledash, Twixie, TwiLuna, Twilestia, Lunashy, Appleshy, FlutterMac, Rainbow Pie, Flutterdash... So, somewhere in the top 10 I guess).

But most of all I like how it played out rather than the ship itself. Applejack is the pony in my headcanon who'd worry the most about this sort of thing, other than Twilight (that little worry wart), and put into the fanon of this world (as the "sole" inheritor of the Apple Family) it makes so much more sense for her to be hesitant to the whole concept. Again, great story!

really good story, loved it :D rarijack is one of my favorite ship and you got it down perfectly! :ajsmug::raritywink:

I'm writing friggin' prequels and you haven't finished it yet?!

No matter, no matter. There's no rush.

I liked this, by the way. I always think the lead-up to the romance, and that first moment, are much more interesting than the romance itself.


When I finish it, I'll leave a nice, length, 1,000,000,000+ word review, I swear! IT'S JUST SO LONG, I'M SORRY! :fluttercry:

Yay! Loved this one! I have a soft spor for Rarijack! :ajsmug::raritywink:

That apple metaphor/motif was absolutely amazing. I understood where it was going after the first time, but then you threw me a curveball about the context. For once, I'm generally surprised by a twist. (not this :twistnerd: though)

Applejack's anxiety was really well done, and pretty much the same way I felt when I realized I might also like people of the same gender. Her worries actually made sense, and to me, that's a great accomplishment. Dash was also amazing. Even though I prefer her being straight, you actually made me like her more than usual.

Granny Smith's reaction was perfect as well; especially the moment when you think she's going to be mad, but then isn't. It just made so much sense I can't even express it in words.

Ultimately, the best shipfic I've read to date. I'm not even joking.
Star rating: 5/5
Thumb rating: Up
(To reward you, I shall present you with five mustache spikes: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: , two internets, and a chocolate chip muffin.)


Wow. Fucking 10/10. Bravo. That was amazing.

go on...... you need to keep going with the story.... dont stop... please? for her?:fluttershysad:

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