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My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


Co-written with Professor Piggy. Rarity and Applejack go out for a fun night on the town with their friends, but when Rarity's flirtatious tendencies flare up, the evening rapidly turns into something more serious than either of them expected it to be. A RariJack story.

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Oh my i shall have to read this later

Damnit Donny's Boy, stop writing romance so well, it's getting really-

Applejack felt every muscle in her body go rigid the instant the unicorn touched her. She loved the feel of that soft, familiar hoof against her back, as warm and as welcome as a summer’s breeze.

-hey, I said stop writing romance so well you're making everyone else look bad are you even listening-

Applejack pulled back a bit, herself, enjoying the cool feel of air against her forehead, where Rarity’s warm lips had just been. Rarity’s kisses weren’t usually like that. Usually, they were quick, fierce, passionate. Almost devouring. This sudden burst of tenderness was a little unusual - but not unwelcome.

Stop that! I said stop it!

Seriously, I actually love your work more than I love whiskey. You've written the only piece of work that makes me tear up every time I read it, and not from cheap tragedy and sadness (The Lovers That Never Were).

Thought this was a great story! Not too many fics (that I've read anyway) that ship Rarity ever really show how her tendancy to flirt to get her way with stallions can effect the pony that she is being shipped with. I liked that you kept applejack true to her honest self without making any mention to the Elements of Harmony (it's a pet peeve of mine) and that she didn't really understand the idea of casual flirting without having a romantic motive behind it.

I'm really interested in that backstory though, if you wrote a prequel to this that included what Fluttershy said to Rarity that made her so upset in the first place then I would love to read that too.

Overall, I thought it was a great, short, ship. :ajsmug::heart::raritywink:

best read ever

Dang it, Donny and Piggy! Stop making me like ships I hate! Must resist the whisperings of Rarijack, for I know Flarity is the right ship...

But seriously, very touching and sweet story. Even though I personally cannot see Rarijack working out, your guys story presents a very strong case that they will, because they're in love darn it! You two, with your skill, making the rest of us( and by "us" I mean me) look bad. One day I hope to have half of you two's skill. Keep it up.

A truly lovely story, written thoughtfully and with great understanding of both characters. Hats off to you!

Great short story, although I cant help but feel its attached to some other story.

'Twas an honour as always, DB. :raritywink:

I think that the author was referring to what Fluttershy said in the episode "Putting Your Hoof Down."
Fluttershy calls Rarity (and Pinkie Pie, but that's not talked about in this story) petty, frivolous, and accuses her of throwing her life away on pointless pursuits that nopony else cares about. Which is why, after that, Rarity came to Applejack (not in the episode, but in the story) wondering if her life meant anything, and whether she meant anything.

Whoa. This is AMAZING! How come I've never read anything of yours before? Before I read this, I didn't really like RariJack. You might even say I hated it. But now I think it's my OTP. You, my friend, have done an amazing job. Fav'd and liked! :ajsmug::heart::raritywink:

(Le collective gasp) AWESOME!

1004929 It was probably when Fluttershy had the Iron Will lessons.

Great story guys! You're good at writing this stuff.

Great story. Congrats on the 0 dislikes, you really earned it. :ajsmug::raritywink:

RariJack in the featured box? Verily some AWESOME is this!

On my "Read ASAP" list! :ajsmug:

Breathtaking. I'm envious of your talents.

ughhh, this made me all teary eyed. I'm a sucker for lovey-dovey stories and rarijack fics

And believe me when I that I remember


I loved this.

Pretty good story, and very solid narrative too. =3


This was a great story, guys.

Meaningful, cute, romantic, and it had Drunk Twilight, to boot.

For your efforts, you have won Bacon Pancakes!


Cute. Nice to have those WAFF fics every now and then.

If they are referring to the Iron Will lessons, Hearts and Hooves day was only two episodes prior. I guess AJ did something right romantic while her brother was off getting poisoned.:raritywink:

I would love to know what Fluttershy said.

Score awesome work I never wouldve thought those two would get together :pinkiegasp::raritywink:

It's beautiful. *tear*
*looking around*
:raritywink: You sir have one new fan. Congratulations.

This was a very enjoyable read. Thank you for taking the time to write it. :twilightsmile:

1007136 its referring to putting your hoof down, shy called her and pinkie frivolous. Apparently Rarity took it hard.

cute and adorable.

haven't read a rarijack in a while and i did miss this ship. good work, it sure as hay slacked my thirst :rainbowkiss:

Ahh... my Rarijack itch has been well scratched. Good work Donny Boy, and to you Professor Piggy. :raritywink:

the best rarijack fic i have ever read, i shall watch u good, sir, and i may take a look at your other fics as well like 1007024 said up there ^^, u my sir have a new fan :rainbowwild:

Twilight sounds like a fun drunk.

Hellooooo, all of you lovely people. Thanks so very much for the kind words. Professor Piggy and I are thrilled that y'all like the story as much as you do. :pinkiehappy:

Also, I just wanted to be clear that I didn't write this all on my lonesome. The story planning and story writing were both shared equally with the fabulous Professor Piggy, and I highly encourage everyone who liked this and started following me to go follow Piggy too. His stuff is all great and, in particular, I think Piggy's Fluttershy characterization is one of the best in the fandom. So go show him some love! :twilightsmile:

Last but not least, since a number of folks were wondering about the mention of Fluttershy: Yes, it was indeed a reference to the events in "Putting Your Hoof Down." Sorry for the confusion!

My goodness, this was amazing, great job sir.

Amazing, the characterization was perfect, and it explored some very essential points of this ship that most (if not all) fics tend to ignore. Great, great job

Aww that was sweet, I loved it.

Every time I see a fic like this, I wonder how the author managed Spike's inevitable devastation at Rarity gives herself to somepony else. Sometimes he's not even in the fic.

I shall read this later.

Well I was pleasantly surprised and this story was really really good.

and although I know that the fluttershy part was from putting your hoof down, I would like to see what you think happened once rarity left, like all the thoughts and feels of the two of them

and just one more question were they together before or after "Putting Your Hoof Down" in your story?

1009097 Before, but not by very much - a few weeks, I'd say. Glad you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile:

Very heartfelt, I like it.

Well done guys. I'm not sure how you did it, but this story seems to exist as a larger whole and neither really begins or truly ends.

One very smooth powerful fic, definately the V12 model with the walnut trim, very refreshing :raritywink: well done!

Still getting used to this increasingly-popular pairing but this was just frigging adorable!:yay:

1006989 Watch "Putting Your Hoof Down" the answer to your question is there. :twilightsmile:

Now the story- This was a very touching story, and by all I love Rarity and Applejack together. Opposites Attract, and nonetheless, instant favourite and thumbs up! :ajsmug::heart::duck:


So they started dating slightly before that episode? Odd.

Love is exasperating sometimes, yet it endures. Stories like this really help, since they give hope to those of us riddled with doubt. (See? We don't read these just for the feels.) Tip of the hat to both authors for a job well done.

1011293 Well, not canon wise of course but...in the terms of this fan-fic, yes. :yay:

I guess my question is why you wrote a story about the characters sitting in a bar talking about more interesting things occurring sometime in the past (e.g. AJ "sweeping [Rarity] off [her] hooves", Fluttershy, etc)

I feel like the crisis here (Rarity's flirtatiousness) could have easily been worked into those plots as well

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