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Rainbow Dash loves a good cider, and she seems to love a good hard cider even more. More to the point, Rainbow seems to be enjoying her hard cider a bit more than usual lately. In fact, her near single minded determination to get plastered has raised more than a few brows.

Follow along as Dash wanders the streets of Ponyville in a drunken stupor and discover why she has been hitting bottle with such fervency .

((Inspired by lack of sleep and Great Big Sea's "I'm a Rover"))

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Totally adorable! I love it! :rainbowkiss: It's so silly, but that's why it's cute and fun. Rainbow's attempts to get Fluttershy to take care of her, while unorthodox, is really cute. And Fluttershy, while worrying, still puts up with it and helps her, which is really sweet of her.

Poor Rarity and Applejack... XD I wonder if they'll ever figure it out!

Either way, I love it! :yay:

Best line ever. “Feels weird to be making plans when I’m already in your bed.” It's like "Fluttershy, get in here we are going to cuddle now." :yay::rainbowkiss:

So wait was this over several years or just a few Cider seasons? I mean that rumor Rarity had makes it seem kinda like years have passed or something.

Sorry double post.

Comment posted by Zeyon The Green deleted Aug 14th, 2013

Cute and fun, easy quick read.

But there's no way Rainbow would ever know the word "brusque". :applejackconfused:

Thumbs up!


Adding to "Read Later" list 'cause I've got work.

ugh flutter dash :pinkiesick:

*Puts cookie on the desk* here you deserve it.

Insomnia's a bitch, isn't it?

3063387 Holy crap! That avatar scares me!

3063387 ..J...Jeff? You're a brony??

Seriously cute story, I recommend (because I am an awful human being) having insomnia kicks more often and writing more flutterdash fanfic. This was a super sweet story and I was grinning stupidly by the end. Nice work.

Oh my gosh, so cute. I don't know why, but Dash's drunken thoughts are so funny to me, and her lines when sober were even funnier. Aj and Rarity's banter was funny. And of course Fluttershy was super sweet and cute. Really liked it.

Why yes my darling I am!

This needs a sequel! I want MOAR!!! :twilightblush:

Funny, when I was reading the title it seemed familiar. Like the song and the story seems interesting... I shall give it a look!

Yay im the 100 hoof up, what do i get?, nah just joking...
well this sotry was really nice, and RD was so funny XD jajaja

Dear Princess Celestia
today i learned that Rarity and AJ are reeeeally terrible taking care other ponies and that i need to always bring my tap horshoes with me in case i feel like dancing in the rain jejeje

Rainbow positively beamed, and so did Fluttershy. It wasn’t exactly a story book start to a romance. Yet in the end, both mares were simply just happy to have a shot at relationship free of pretense.
Hey, it might make a fun story to tell their foals one day…

But, it was not to be, for due to the amount of drinking Rainbow did to get to Fluttershy, she felt more and more the desire to have cider, and eventually became an alcoholic. Their foals never asked how they met, they simply asked Fluttershy,

"Why was other Mommy spanking your face last night?"

Fluttershy would then cry, the tears coming out stinging the cuts and bruises.


Well. That got dark quickly. :raritydespair:

With that said though, this story was absolutely adorable and definitely meets Rainbow Dash's criteria of awesomeness! Make more, dear author, make more!

Im usually against this ship just because in my own head cannon they are more sisters than lovers. But my tastes aside I looked third story and I totally see how these two could work together romantically. A warm and fuzzy story.

Nice job :ajsmug:

I hope you're happy! I can't listen to the song without thinking of Rainbow tumbling in through Shy's window! XD

This is cute and defiantly put a smile on my face after Dash woke up and things turned sweet.


They both become drunkards and have drunk sex when drunkenness ensues, mentally scarring said foals

Foal 1: big sis, what's with all the noise?
Filly: moms are drunk again

You got extra dark there. That slightly disturbed me.

“A random one-shot written on an insomnia kick. Enjoy.”

I did enjoy, also on in one shot, on an insomnia kick! , the way it was intended XD

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