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Rainbow Dash is tired of Applejack and Rarity always arguing and tries to get them to admit their feelings for each other. Too bad she's dealing with the two most stubborn people in the world outside herself.

Editor: Alovelylittlecomplex

Contain Rarijack, humanized ponies (the type that can fly and shoot magic[because that's realistic{sarcasm}]), strong language, and an odd mishmash of the show, comics, and EQG continuity.

Not sure if comedy tag applies, but this is meant to be lighthearted in tone.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 22 )

Rainbow Dash is tried of Applejack and Rarity

Might want to fix that typo, BTW

I have a picture that might wanna go with that...

;3 :trollestia: I think its good, even though I dont really like this ship, Buuut, Good job! :D :pinkiehappy:

Your first shipfic? A great one, I must say, if a little short. I was all like "Oh, great, a Rarijack shipfic! And Fluters and RD in tags, so there's a real chance for Flutterdash as well! And thise are OTPs! Hoo boy, I need to read first chapter!"
But then I was like: "Com... Completed..? Such a good fic in less than 100k words?"

Bravo! If you feel like it, definitely write another one, about 97000 words longer :P
You got one reader in me!

Not bad for your first attempt at a romance story. I found it to be great. Here is a muffin to celebrate.

@Sidral Mundet...

For your first Romance 'ship & Comedy fic, I give this a positive-sided "Not Bad."

The ending may have worked better if you had done both 'shipping angles of Rarity & Applejack as well as Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash {Portmanteau'x make my eyes twitch.} getting together in the end.

Then, in the denouement when each pair's emotions have leveled off after their confessions/realizations, both of the now-couples go, "ugh... [opposite couple] are never going to let us live this down...", thus giving an ironic (yet romantic) comedy end.

that authors not was funny yes i think you two get a lot of screen time together :ajsmug::heart::raritywink:

That was awesome

love it and no Rainbow will never let it go..at least until you start bugging her about her secret crush for Twilight :rainbowhuh::twilightblush:

Cute little story, and though I would have preferred Flutterdash shipping, them being best friends is acceptable.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:I KNEW IT!!!!....i like it!!!:trixieshiftright:

Haha, this story was quite awesome, I must say! Was entertained the whole way through reading. :twilightsmile:

I also really liked how you wrote Fluttershy in it, like when Rainbow called her on the phone, and Fluttershy was right behind her. I have to say, she was probably my favorite part of the story! :yay:


I wanted to see Dashes reaction :rainbowlaugh:

5117838 I'm with you on that! :rainbowkiss:

Really good story, but I just am slightly annoyed at the fact that you bashed Flutterdash. Although I prefer Rarijack to Flutterdash, I still ship it :ajbemused:

5529497 I don't hate FlutterDash, it's just I see them as really close friends instead of romantic partners, seen I don't see much sexual attraction between the two.

Not bad. A 7 out of 10 most definitely. I don't appreciate the FlutterDash bashing but I can't and won't force my OTP on anypony. I must admit I'm glad that despite not supporting the ship you still respect them as characters and that you go as far as to say they're your favorites (: anyways nice fic.

You know, if you don't feel that strongly about FlutterDash, you shouldn't have made any mention of it in the story. You had me hoping that there was a scene at the end where Rarity and Applejack weren't the only ones to get together.:fluttercry:

Yeah it was great. But the flutter dash bash. Plz, plz don't do that again. You don't want the ship included, okay but you don't need to include that scene. Anyways your fix you do what you want it just wasn't appreciated however love everything else so consider this a bit pick.

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