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She knew what Applejack wanted. She'd known since she saw the look on the earth mare's face when she stared into the unicorn's eyes, weeks ago. Now she just had to make her admit it.

A gift for a friend, but I hope other people can enjoy it too.

Did you guys know Rarity is, like, crazy fun to write?

Update: Hey, cool, somebody did a dramatic reading! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSxF5oQFDXU

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You have no idea how much i laughed while reading this! "I like trees!" Classic! :rainbowlaugh: The way you portrayed Rarity is absolutely perfect (In my opinion) and Applejack is just as awkward and new to the whole concept as one can expect. I very much enjoyed this!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

3826806 I appreciate the kind words. And I'm pretty proud of the way I portrayed Rarity, too. Having never had her as a main character in one of my fics before, I had no idea how much fun it would be to make her part of the story's main focus.

Oh Rarity... You magnificent drama queen.

Seriously, I could totally see Rarity doing that.

Jajajajajaja this is one of the best one shots jajaja I laughed so much!! Aj so shy and rarity so..... Rarity jajaja

Author Interviewer

This story is hysterical. :D I think it might've been funnier if Rarity had remained unrequited at the end, but I still enjoyed the ride.

4456501 ...are you saying she should never have been interested, or she should've played hard to get even after all of that? because the former is just too cruel for her to have gone through all that, and then not been interested, but the latter....well, that's brilliant and I wish I'd thought of it. might've even gone on to be more than a oneshot.

Author Interviewer

Just kind of... Ending on a big "No" and then Rarity's all "Oh, phooey". Womp womp? :B

4458100 oh...well, the whole point of it was as a gift to someone who wanted rarijack. sinking the ship wouldn't do.

Rarity walked over to a table and daintily slammed her forehead on it.

I've read this story before and I missed the gem that is this line. How did I miss this line??!!??

Author Interviewer

Ah, true enough.

Now, before I say anything, my favorite ship is Rarijack, and this fic shows why. I love the dynamic between them, and I really enjoyed your take on Rarity. I also liked Twilight, she seemed kinda like Holmes. Love the last line. A great short, happy ship fic. Greenthumbed!

Ah, been awhile since I read a good RariJack. Good job, author. Good job.

Aw man how did I miss this before? :rainbowlaugh: Cute and hilarious and perfectly in character with the canon versions of the characters as far as I'm concerned... I could totally see Rarity doing this and smitten Applejack's awkwardness was adorbs.:heart: Great story, I'd love to see more of the pairing from you.

4699300 well, it WAS a lot of fun....and I can't think of a story of mine that would have a better sequel hook than Applejack's question at the end...

YOU MADE :ajsmug::heart::raritystarry:SOUND SO GOOD!

"She spoke as if she had something seductive caught in her throat, and was pushing it out a little more with each word."

That line confuses me. Can you please explain it.

This is so nice and aww I can't even... :heart:

6194243 "I can't even?" "I CAN'T EVEN?!" I don't wanna hear that you can't! You pull yourself up by the bootstraps, you put your nose to the grindstone, and you even! you even till the cows come home!

it was very late when I wrote this reply and I fully acknowledge that, in a more wakeful state, I may find it far less hilarious.

6195349 :rainbowlaugh: Alright, I'll do what I can,

It's ok, though surely unexpected. :'D

Hey bud, this fic deserves a ton more likes than it is getting. I listened to this fic on youtube and it was amazing. You did great.

Oh for the love of pete.../facehoof.

Reminds me of the truth of a lot of relationships: the simple hope for the good to outweigh the bad.

Well done. ^^

I came here from the Lost Narrator's reading of this XD.

Very well written.

This made me so happy. :raritydespair: I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! ALL OF THEM!!! ALL THE PONIES!!! APPLEJACK, RARITY, TWILIGHT!!! THE REST!!! ALL THE PONIES!!!! :raritycry: :raritystarry:

By which I mean: Great job on portraying them well!!


“...This is gonna suck, ain't it?”

“At times, undoubtedly. But I'm certain we'll enjoy more than we'll regret.”

The BEST lines in pretty much any RariJack fic I've ever read. :rainbowlaugh:

I come back to read this because it's such a good story, but I have to ask, the part with Twilight ends up being a bit of a loose thread. What exactly did you add the bit about the day for?

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