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A new Saddle Arabian restaurant opened a couple months ago, and Rarity has been suggesting she and Applejack give it a try ever since. With Hearth's Warming just around the corner, and the restaurant just one town over, Applejack decides it would make a good early present and takes Rarity out to dinner.

Now, if she could just quit worrying about those clouds rolling in and focus on their date...

(Oneshotober 2014—Contains RariJack and ponification of real-life events.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 12 )

Never actually read the rules for oneshotober, good luck. This is a great start by the way. Applejack is a really worry wart, as "Somepony to watch over me" demostrated. This fits in a similar vein to that in a charmingly romantic way.

My silly brony :p. Turned out well though <3

Hah! Something similar happened to my parents for their anniversary years ago.

Never again shall my mother utter the words "Well, it's only this far on the map..."

Nice story, I really got hooked in the beginning. :twilightsmile:

Honestly I can't really get behind this fic. It's snowing, big woop. I know it's based off of your experience, but with a car, your worrying is genuine, and a cart just doesn't make sense.


Have you ever tried going out in fresh snow? It's difficult. You're dealing with slush and mud and breaking through any piles that may have been created by the falling snow. And then you add a cart which, unlike a car, has no engine to power it, so it's effectively dead weight that you're dragging. While dealing with cold, wet, miserable weather.

There's a reason why wagoneers in older times had a person breaking snow in front of the horses.

5049484 Carts have wooden sticks for tires, you know that, right?

AJ sounds so much like my girlfriend in this. Always fretting over the practicalities. :rainbowderp:

Not often you see a bad date story here. A well done change of pace. Gracias

Ugh. adult problems :pinkiesick:
just kidding! It was a nice story, if not emotionally intensive. It took a bit of work for me to not feel Rarity's frustration, and for that, you win a poorly disguised positive comment

This was such a nice, sweet, almost-but-not-quite relaxing fic (AJ, please chill!).
I like how domestic and real it all felt, which makes sense considering it's based on a real life story. I like how you handled their relationship here, and the characterizations seemed very good if a bit more mature than we'd ever see on the show.
Cute with a nice little moral to boot :ajsmug:

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