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Before the Grand Galloping Gala, Applejack makes a very...personal request of Rarity. How could the element of generosity refuse?

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For a second there you really had me questioning what this was going to lead to...

I have to say that you didn't fool me for more than a paragraph. :applejackunsure:

Infinitely ambiguous, but that just adds to the fun doesn't it?

This, needs!, sequel! :twilightsmile:

Fist I was like :pinkiegasp:
Then I was like :twilightblush:
Sequel indeed :D

they danced? :rainbowhuh:

first i was like :ajbemused:
then i was all:rainbowlaugh:u tricked meh

So...much... innuendo... baby.... :yay:

I thought they were dancing before I thought about sex :yay:

I read some of the comments before i read the story, so i figured it wasn't sex...... but the dancing caugth me off guard a bit.

Awesome story, we need more rarity/AJ stuff.

177132 Yes.... they did the twenty-toed tang - no, wait. Um... Dammit, you said 'Tango', so there's no real way to give it a sexual reference other than '20-toed Tango', which is stupid. They don't have toes. But yes, they had very.... 'happy feet' as they danced.

Sorry, folks. I think I'm dying of laughter. I can't think of any jokes. :rainbowlaugh:

And then they all... danced.
Nice story.

and they totally did it.

AND THEN THEY (:pinkiegasp:)


It's too bad the rating sort of ruined the punchline. I still got a good grin at how it all sounds so horribly, horribly wrong.

It's so delightfully RIBALD!

And then they danced, like a wave of emotion romance!

it was way too vague, and had way too much innuendo for me to honestly think it was ACTUALLY about the... deed...

but, still. it took me hafway through to figure out what they were actually doing. good job

Lol I remember reading this! And I figured out pretty much at third or so line.

yeah I knew it was dancing, I could say you did good, yes you did, but I know you could have made it less obvious. still I lol'd :trollestia:

Aw, i really thought hey had a miss communication and that one talked about seduction while the other talked about dancing. Cue comedy.

Nice story!

It's been a long time since I danced a tango. haha

Lemme tell ya, I LOVE fake-out stories like this. Once I become aware that it's going to be a fake-out (which is usually pretty quick), It becomes a game to try and discern what the exact nature of the fake-out will be. It's so much fun. ^_^

Anyone else know some good fake-out fics?

Awww, I heart friendshipping these two as much as actually shipping them!

Great idea. Execution is... not so great. Sorry. :/
At first I thought this would have to do with making a dress, then I thought 'Well, maybe it's a fake-out fakeout', then I thought 'Oh, a phonograph, it's dancing', then it was dancing. And that would have been just fine, but the pacing was a bit fast for my tastes. Then again, I read really quickly, so that might just be in the eye of the beholder. Oh well.

Definitely doesn't merit a downvote though.

soooo....no sex? Eh, nice work all around.

Your stories seem to be destined to make me giggle. Well played. I think it might have been better had you made it a bit more ambiguous though.

Gotta say, as soon as it started with placing their hooves on each other, I immediately thought 'dancing? They're dancing? Huh.'

I gotta say, I wasn't fooled for a second, but it was pretty cute.

Very old trope, clearly telegraphed, but nicely written and well-handled in-character. Very entertaining read.

No. I will not resort to such churlish crudeness.

Besides, they're just friends. Appleshy is otp.

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