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As I stroke each letter key The only thing that concerns me Is that my fingers dance so well To create a perfect story to tell


Applejack and Rarity's relationship suffers a serious set back when a familiar colt pops up around Ponyville. A simple lie. Hurtful words. A planned trip to Fillydelphia, and an amazing emotional analysis from the last pony you would expect.

****This is the sequel to My Darling Sugarcube so you should probably read that fic first to be able to follow what's going on here.****

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I like this writing style.

The story was pretty good too. :raritystarry:

Great fic is great

Oh my gosh! It's here! A must read, for sure. I loved the prequel, and something tells me I'm going to love this as well.:twilightsmile:

well i did not see that response from Blueblood comming

I'd love to see a sequel where they get engaged :D

My laughter just exploded at seeing that cover fic. I like the description. I will totally be reading this.

Btw, I have a friend who he and his team are working on a Visual Novel.... It's human based (I can hear the moans and groans already) but the style is beautiful, the team is totally serious, and as far as writers I've read from you seem to have a way with Rarity I simply adore. You didn't make her seem easy, you made her an emotionally finicky and picky mare afraid of falling for the wrong person; always shielding her heart.

Would you be interested in taking a gander and possibly consider writing for Starswirl Academy? Now that this epic is done and all. Contact Derpii Hooves at DerpiiHooves and check out Starswirl Academy they just can't find any Rarity writers that are able to write for her well. I've read Bed Time Secrets, Strange Bedfellows, and countless others but yours I dare say... has just the right mix of what I love and see in Rarity. I hope you consider looking into it.

Was my reaction to your comment. You really think I have a shot? It would be such an honor to be apart of something like this. Thank you so much for telling me about. I'm going to contact DeripiiHooves right now. After I catch my breath from the excitement of possibly being a part of a big thing in the My Little Pony community. *inhale* Alright Sean, remember your 3P's... professional, polite, and prompt. *exhales and squeals to self for a second before clicking link*


Hey there. I'm Producer for Starswirl. Telaros is half-right. We're looking for an additional writer, but it's for Fluttershy, not Rarity. You write a great Rarity, and if you think you can do Fluttershy, then I can't wait to see what you come up with for a writing sample. Good luck!

Oh god Pinkie, we don't need to hear that.

I kinda expected Blueblood to do that.
Did Rarity buck him in the face or not?

Just finished the epilouge, and I can tell this will cause tension based on the last story... :duck:

Something I've learned of myself:

-__- | :raritycry: Sad
-__- | :pinkiehappy: Happy
-__- | :rainbowlaugh: Funny

mlp fim fanfics make me emotional.

Ok, now I think I'm only commenting because there are no comments here.

Wow, you bitch, Rarity. Have the courtesy to break up with someone BEFORE you start another relationship. :flutterrage:

I like how you made Big Mac way more attractive :eeyup: good job...keep it up really love the story so far <3

Oh my gosh that was absolutely <3 oh my gosh please tell me your gonna make more of this when i read this im like watching the tv series just better <3 this is with out doubt my favorite Rarity x Applejack fanfic and "My Darling Sugarcube" was also wow i hope so much your gonna make a continuation to your series <3.

Oh wow, that last chapter was hilarious!

Awesome fic, well done all around!

I finished reading this last night and I have to say, another great story. Although personally I think I preferred my darling sugar cube. Your writing style is certainly better but I think Rarity and AJ had better chemistry in MDSC. Really until the end of the story, I didn't really feel like Rarity had as much interest as AJ had in her, although this could be because the story was primarily from AJ's point of view. The ending was a bit odd also, I fully expected Blueblood to be after AJ because of the picture for the story but it didn't quite seem to fit that well into it.... although it worked for a comedy end, I think if it turned out he had proposed to Rarity it would have made the ending have more power to it. It is a lil bit too easy to interpret the end as "turns out hes not after Rarity at all so she settles for AJ"

Success! Thank you so much!! :heart:

Thank you!

I'm glad I was able to make her come off as a compelling antagonist. Hopefully she does redeem herself in your eyes at the end though? :fluttershysad:

I'm so glad you've liked them so far! I'll probably throw in some short one-shots of these two as a couple in some silly adventures. The next serious one is going to involve a dilemma with Spike and his emotions for Rarity. As you know, up until this point, he's been completely clueless to everything...or has he? :rainbowderp:

Thank you sooo much! I'm glad you liked it!

In MDSC, I focused heavily on Rarity's emotions while it seemed Applejack's fell in place according to the story. Despite that going over well decently well, I wanted to really focus on Applejack's feelings in this fic. I really wanted to antagonize Rarity in this fic, while presenting real life relationship psychology, as to not make the reader completely loathe her. Then, kind of bring it back casually instead of a dramatic emotional explosion, but perhpas, given the situation, a little more from Rarity would've made a stronger ending. I considered having Blueblood see Applejack again and confess his love, then have Applejack try and convince Rarity, but that seemed too cliche' and also didn't fit well with the story I was trying to tell. I wanted Rarity to keep that redeeming quality that, despite lying about it, she truly does love Applejack. (In this universe of fanfiction at least ^^) Now I'm wondering if there may have been another interesting way to go about it. Hmmm. Thank you for your comment by the way, I really appreciate it and it's got me thinking.

Ok just dont make it heartbreaking it would be a shame if the purple dragon began to ruin the couple! he could always try sweetie bell <3 :moustache::unsuresweetie:

1235664 Rarity is an emotionally mature mare who can handle herself and has a lover to support her. Spike is a young man who's about to have his heart shattered. Don't take this wrong, but it seems pretty horrible to be more concerned for Rarity and AJ's feelings. Recently, this fandom has been giving me a stronger and stronger impression that it doesn't care about Spike. It's getting rather depressing.

m8 you do know his a baby dragon? + she doesn't have any (love)feelings for spike and i do not personaly love the thoughts with Spike x Rarity i rather have my favourite pony paired up with my second favourite but thats just me i personaly dont hate Spike i actually love that cute dragon and if i could keep him i would have done that!!!! BUT i just cant see him as a love baby dragon but hey its just fanfic's there is probably lots of Spike x Rarity fanfics but i personaly prefer to read Rarity x Applejack :raritywink::ajsmug:.

I bet BlueBlood is just trying to use Rarity.... Maybe? I know he's still a bad dude, er, pony.

Bitch move on Rarity's part.

I've noticed you sometimes make a new paragraph even though its the same person talking. This makes it a bit hard to follow their lines. Might want to look in on that.

I will admit. Rarity's scene where she counted the bits did make me giggle.

Word of advice though. Rather than use 1, 2, 3, etc, spell the numbers out. It flows better.

Also, cudos to having Blueblood become a nicer guy and not be Rarity's love interest. Never seen that before.

You had an issue with commas and capitalization here and there, throughout the story. If you want, I can get examples straight from the texts. Not now. Right now its nearly 4 AM. Bravo on keeping me awake with your story.

All in all, a decent read. More Rarijack is always good.

Rarity..... For knowing the most about love, you aren't very smart when actual love is concerned... You will soon realize that what you had with AppleJack is what you always wanted. This thing with Blue Blood is probably just a minor setback... I hope!:raritydespair::ajsleepy:

1203198 Pretty much, but you aren't alone anymore!

Very well written.... VERY well, one might say. Anywho, on to the last chapter!

Very well done....... Could you possibly make this a trilogy? :twilightsmile:iaza.com/work/120924C/iaza11560224134700.gif

Ya know normally I get all fussy over chapter lengths as I tend to assume short chapters as being so fast pace they seem rushed but yours.....while not the shortest I read but still yours are those little quickies I can read and yet adore so much. HOW you do that I will never know but still I respect it and I hope to read more of your...how would Rarity put it......ah yes...'Fabulous work darling':raritywink:

Either way I did chuckle quite a bit at Blueblood......I'm mixed on him since well he SEEMS better but still.....wtf brony? *laughs hard*:rainbowlaugh:

“I love you, Applejack.”

She lowered her head, defeated, turned around and began to walk again.

“What do you love ‘bout me?”

Rarity stopped and turned her head towards the earth pony.


Applejack faced the unicorn giving her a stern gaze. She then plopped her rear down onto the grass.

“It’s a simple question; What do ya love about me?”

Rarity cast a glance at Twilight who merely shrugged her shoulders. Was Applejack forgiving her? Or was this merely a test? A sick game to get revenge and play with her feelings perhaps? She walked to her orange friend and sat down in front of her shuffling the grass with one of her hooves as she thought.

“Is there anything specific you want me to say?”

“The truth.”

Rarity looked down at the grass carefully picking her brain for words.

“I really…like your mane?”

Applejack scoffed and began to turn away before the unicorn grabbed her and looked sincerely into her eyes.

“I love the way you scoff when you’re frustrated with me. I love how I can depend on you in a crisis. I love your hoof-made apple turnovers. I love your honesty, your caring heart, your freckles, your dazzling emerald eyes.”

Rarity blushed and leaned in slowly, Applejack moved her head back only slightly, as if unsure whether she decode the amount of honesty in the unicorn’s words. Rarity gently rubbed her cheek against her friend’s.

“I love kissing you, I love feeling your fur against mine; your adorable accent. I love your heart warming smiles and the cute shade of red you turn when I kiss your cheeks.”

Sure enough, against Applejack’s will, her cheeks flushed red after the unicorn planted a gentle kiss on each one. The country equine curled her lips slightly trying to hide a smile.

“I love the feeling I get when you wrap your hooves around me. I love taking in your scent when we cuddle. I love that no matter how I’m bad I’m feeling, I can automatically think of you and find peace in my heart. I love who you are. I love who I am when I’m around you. I love you, Applejack.”

Twilight did her best to sniffle quietly as her eyes filled with tears at the romantic moment her two friends shared. She covered her mouth as a small whimper found its way out.

Applejack stared into the tear filled azure colored eyes of her friend. She felt all ill feeling inside her break; a warm sensation in her heart grew and the gaze of sincerity in the unicorn’s eyes instantly melted away all the anger and frustration she had carried for what seemed like decades. “I… I love you too, Rarity.”

Their mouths shared a soft embrace. The two ponies exchanged emotions of, passion, sorrow, and infatuation, as their lips intertwined, dancing close like lost lovers who were finally reunited after years of disconnection. Twilight was unable to hold her overwhelming emotions and wept to herself softly.

I oughta have Celestia send you to the moon for that beauty. It broke whatever I had left of my feels. This story was just amazing, as is most of your work... :raritycry:

It seems rather strange to me that Applejack didn`t even think of using Rarity`s tactic against her - it`s pretty obvious she mulled it over more then a few times during Rarity`s absence. Something to the tune of...

Rarity let out a low growl and reached in a small satchel around her waist and dropped two bits into the bucket.“There, now can we–”
Applejack shoved the apple in the unicorn’s face almost as instantly as the currency clanked in the bucket.“Thank ya kindly, ya’ll come back now ya hear?”
Orange pony heaved a little sigh. "Rarity, Ah`m tryin` ta earn my bits, here. If yer meanin` to tell me somethang personal, ya can come back once Ah close the stall. Given what yer done recently, Ah do believe Ah`m entitled to that much courtesy from ya, if ya please."

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for this late reply. Sheesh time has really been flying by me. Thank you! And yes, there is a triology battling it's way around in my head.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I do really like that scene, I just wish I did more with it, not quite sure what, but just a little something more. Anyway, thank you so much!

You bring up an interesting point. Although that seems rather mature given the amount of hurt AJ went through, I wanted to still portray that she was staying relatively strong but at the same time show the capability of her being a little cruel and a tad bit immature given what she went through. And (this is just me) if AJ had said that particular line I feel Rarity would succumb to guilt and actually wait, rendering the fight at the cart almost useless. Or would you feel it would still fit?

Oh Master Zero, it's so good to have your reviews. It's people like you who help me improve on the technical side of things! Thanks!

I am glad that you chose a appropriate picture for this story.:rainbowlaugh:
Well done.:twilightsmile:

Rank up: Master bitch of the most extreme bitch of Equestria!

Applejack has handled everything perfectly, she is hardly at fault. Rarity what the f@ck!?


Seriously, Twilight was right about AJ being all passive aggressive when at the Library but everything after that was Rarity being a stone cold basic bitch.

Shit. Don't do it Blueblood! DONT BUCKING DO IT!!!

Came back to this old story and im still mad at rarity for this, which tells me this was some pretty good writing or poor, can't tell really.

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