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After the mishap with Trender, Rarity and Applejack discuss their feelings about the situation- and each other.

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First few sentences you typed "gurk". I am pretty sure it's supposed to be girl.

don't know why there's already 3 down votes. prob didn't even read. i liked it.
read before you down vote people!

3922803 haha gurk :rainbowlaugh: yeah i did not see that. thanks. :pinkiehappy:

3923648 that's exactly where I got the idea from

Rotul #7 · Feb 10th, 2014 · · 5 ·

Such a straight read but just one little detail.....

You just going to leave Spike out just so easily?? Kinda makes this story mean spirited and incomplete don't you think????? Simple Ways kinda didn't put Rarity in a favorable light with her acting like S.O.M.E. didn't happen but yes that's like a common gripe that's in shipfics. Can't just act like some characters don''t exist.

Nicely written and good pacing but:
1. I didn't see the reason for them to be humanized.
2. I PERSONALLY find the two being together a shattering of my willing suspension of disbelief. IDK. Fem ships in general for me, but it didn't bring it down. That wouldn't be a fair way to rate.

Still, why humanized? :trollestia:

That. Is some nice cover art:moustache:

T'was only a matter of time before someone made something out of that... interesting episode.

Although, I haven't been on the site for a while, so I'm completely oblivious to any other stories similar to this one.

But anyways, good story. :moustache:

I always thought Rarity was bisexual, with a preference for males. She hoped and dreamed and wished for a dashing stallion (figuratively if human, literally if pony), but she wouldn't mind in the least if said stallion happened to be a mare...

3929960 I had the same headcanon

Comment posted by Merc the Jerk deleted Feb 11th, 2014

Link to the cover art?

No I LOVE humanized. Just saying why for this story.


Hush. Enough goddamn Spike-complaining. There's groups for you people to rant about things not being fair to Spike.

Yes, believe it or not, Rarity does get shipped with other entities besides Spike in this fandom. We are completely free to do that, yet it seems we can't get through even one of these without someone or a whole gang of someones showing up and whining about Spike, or starting fights about Spike's rights this and that.

There are LOTS OF SPARITY FICS. Go read those. Be happy. They have Spike and Rarity together. Don't come to a Rarijack fic and expect Spike to be with Rarity. It's pure lunacy, because Rarijack automatically disqualifies Spike as being Rarity's partner. Rarijack means she's AJ's. Basic, simple - not every story features or should feature segments revolving around Spike, since not every story includes every other character, either - even those who are more main characters than Spike is.




That said, for a short one-shot I suppose the pacing is alright. Felt a slight touch of cheese that AJ immediately responds to Rarity's declaration by coming out about it herself, with almost no emotional reaction at first. The mutual reveal scene sort of felt flat without some sort of going-ons there, some emotional quandary or interaction.

1. I didn't come to a Rarijack fic expecting for a Sparity fic. That's. just. stupid.

2. Stop being so damn defensive and labeling. If you weren't going lay yourself to constructive criticism then you shouldn't post. So it's the Deus Ex Machina "it's my story I can write what I please reason." Fair Enough.

3. There are quite a few stories of Rarity x other shipping, and they miraculously include how Spike take situations (Green is a great example). Those happen to be some pretty good reads too. Seems to me you ignored your post that the read was good for what is was, but it's alright.
Maybe I was getting way ahead of myself as well.

4. Anyways besides the gripes, you made this story feel believable. Mixing in Rarity making a fool out of herself and mixing it with signs of affection reminds me of Hercules.


Where was your constructive criticism, exactly? Your post amounted to "Not enough Spike". Had you posted just that nothing would have been lost.

I'll restate. Not every story needs to deal with Spike's feelings on the matter. Hell, plus these are humanized characters. Those feelings might not even be there considering Spike should literally be a human child and Rarity a young adult - removing the whole ambiguous age-interspecies issue that makes Sparity work (quite well) in its vagueness and replacing any returned romantic affections with pedophilia. I may have sounded harsh, but this is why. I can't go to a nice story about Rarity with anyone else without people trouncing by and griping about Spike or the lack of or why he doesn't have a harem or what-the-hell-have-you and it's gotten ridiculous. Dozens and dozens of times now, the same arguments against the story, the other readers, the author.

Do you see where someone would get tired of someone showing up and then going "Spike deserves a part in this story" like it's some sort of fact? When they see it everywhere they go, getting crammed down their throat?

Well if you want to build up on it, I would suggest that you focus more on the inner turmoil Rarity would have, say since you want her to be done with the male, say reference the past experiences particularly Blue blood. It would make the buildup a lot more natural in terms of the chemistry. Also since you mention the sleepover, I suggest that you build up on the past. gain it is a straight up one shot, and I figure those types of mental build ups would be better suited for chapter tics, but I guess it’s just something to think about.

I guess what you just mentioned is a double edged sword. We can discuss the whole Spike age gap thing later if you wish. That’s a different conversation upon itself.

But again at the end of the day I say you’re suggesting that we take the fan fictions for what they are. Fan fictions. Is that where you’re getting at sir?


There. That's a much more reasonable post, and I can agree with what's being said. Bravo.

cute whats the shipping for applejack and rarity called:applejackunsure:

but i still would like to see moat maybe a series or somthin:raritywink:

3939305 it's called RariJack i think :duck::ajsmug:

OTP! So cute!!! :raritywink::ajsmug:

Aw I liked it!!! :duck::ajsmug:!!! I really liked Trenderhoof. It had more of a mature plot than usual. I also liked Maud Pie ._. :D :pinkiehappy:

It might seem crazy but so are we..
Give me
Crazy Stupid Love.

Love that song!!! Lol!!

Love you too!!!

Love this fic!!

Good job!!!!!

“I don’t think I’m very interested in men anymore.”

:duck:🏳️‍🌈ME TOO QUEEN!🏳️‍🌈:ajsmug:

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