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The name's Dash. (Previously Ronnie) And I write humanized pony stories. Welcome to my humble page.


Applebloom and Sweetie Belle can see plain as day that their sisters like each other. They just won't admit it. Now the duo, with the help of a few of their big sisters' friends, take it upon themselves to bring their sisters closer than ever!

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Seems interesting…I wanna see how this turns out...

I'll see how this goes... But I have one question. Why did you humanize?

Ah, well that's fine, if you feel more comfortable with it. I just wanted to ask.
But the story is so far good, and I really enjoy Rarijack, hehe.. :duck::ajsmug:

Human Rarijack? You've got me! This seems to be pretty interesting, I want to see how things are going to turn out

They're no strangers to love, you know the rules..
And so do iiiiiii!

This is shaping up to be interesting, only problem that could arise in my opinion is that it is going to be quite restricting writing only from Applebloom first person prospective...

4155997 actually, it'll be from both Applebloom and Sweetie Belles perspective. It will flip flop each chapter. :)

Who is the creator of the cover? :derpyderp2:

HM, interesting! I liked it. I know Applebloom is southern, but I didn't like all the "Ah"s. I know they meant "I", but still. They confused me a bit. Other then that, nice story!!!!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This was great. :pinkiehappy:

My only advice would be to tone down the Southern accent a smidgen. It was distracting me a little from the story. :fluttercry::raritywink:

Keep it up. :rainbowkiss:

ooooh, it´s ramping up! This will be interesting!

Nice.Looking forward to more.

Doesn't Applebloom remember what happened last time she tried to set up one of her siblings in a relationship?

This is a bit random but it just a cured to me........what does the humanized CMC do? Humans don't get cutie marks (well maybe in some universes but I'm thinking about regular humans).

4158741 well, they still look for their speical talents, but not to get a tramp stamp. so they're still looking for a career, just not, you know for a butt tattoo. :pinkiesmile:

4158662 there's no love potions this time i swear! :applecry: :scootangel: :unsuresweetie:

Shame, butt tattoos are one of the few things in life that you can't regret.

my thought at reading that last sentence literally was just:

sh:yay:t... this is gonna be interesting

i smell really akward moments for rarity and applejack while their little sisters giggle in a bush, or under a cardboard box:pinkiehappy:

IT SMELLS DELICOUS!!!:pinkiecrazy:

muy bueno y espero su primer intento de cupido

WRITEEEEEEEEEEE MOREEEEEEEEE OR I WILL GO INSANE FROM CLIFFHANGERS :pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

uuuuugh the wait is killing meeeeeeeee :raritydespair:

Yea, about that, you sure she won’t be made when she finds out?

I think she'd be "mad," rather.

But other than that, good chap.

4239065 oh man its a good thing you spotted that. Thank you!

There's your opportunity AJ, you can do it!

Nice chapter!

“We’re doing a paper on lesbians.”

That's definitely one of the funniest things I've heard all week.

Why do I get the feeling that AB and Sweetie are gonna hook up?

I thought Sweetie would say we were dating or something. That seemed more believable than some stupid paper


Also, lesbian bank robbers reminds me of this music video:

Plot twist: Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle will end up together. :rainbowlaugh:

At this rate we’ll be having them banging each other in no time!

:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::trollestia: Priceless! :rainbowlaugh:

I really love this set up the relationship fanfictions. They are often times hilarious, like this one. Now I wonder what Rarity and Applejack were talking about though.....:applejackunsure:

Aha loved this! Please update I absolutely love this story!

“Whatever! At this rate we’ll be having them banging each other in no time!


I finished reading it this morning and I could picture Applejack's face after Rarity's confession of her sexual orientation! I can't wait for this to go on :ajsmug::heart::raritywink:

I've said it multiple times, GOD-DAMNIT SCOOTS!

Scootaloo, you're gonna get Rainbow Dash arrested if you start a relationship with her! And Rarity is seriously just about shovel the shit directly into a fan, which is pointed at another fan.

Poor girls, hope every things get better for them.

“God, kill me now.” I mumbled in despair as the worst forty five minutes of my life began.

reminded me of when my little brother asked what gay meant, not something I thought I'd have to explain when he's not even in middle school :rainbowderp:

their endeavor has brought some unexpected "pleasures" to their lives I guess XD

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