• Published 29th Mar 2014
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How We Got Our Big Sisters Together - TheNewYorkBrony

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom are no strangers to love, even if they're only twelve. So when they see that their big sisters need a little push in the right direction, they're more than glad to help.

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For Whom The Sweetie Belle Meddles

God, that was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. And I’ve seen some weird things. Like really weird. Scootaloo’s obsession with Rainbow Dash, Applebloom’s Sapphire Shores shine. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to what I just saw.

My sister was acting like a complete floozy! Practically throwing herself at Applejack! It nearly made me sick to think that she would even do that! I mean, what was she thinking?!

I banged my head against the back seat window as Rarity continued to drive us home. Is my sister a lesbian? Does she even like girls? I’ve never seen her show interest in them. Romantically, anyway. And what about Fancypants? That guy she wouldn’t stop talking about when she got home from Canterlot that time. Wait, isn't he married? Is that why she turned lesbian? Because all the guys she’s ever liked have either turned out to be jerks or married?

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I reached into my jean shorts to get it. It was a text from Applebloom. I opened it to see what it said.

There’s somethin’ goin’ on between them, ain’t there?

I shrugged and wrote her back.

Seems like it.

A minute went by, and I thought she got busy with her chores or something. I began to zone out again before i felt my phone buzz in my lap again.

My sister ain’t gay. Granny would have a fit. She wants great-grand kids.

That was those southern traditions I guess. I doubt Granny Smith was homophobic, but I could see where she was coming from. She had lost her son and daughter-in-law. And all she had left was her grandkids. She’d probably want the best for them. Even if she didn’t know what that exactly was.

I don’t believe my sister is lesbian either.

My response was a little short, because well that was just it. I don’t think she was gay. And if she was, then I don’t know, good luck to her I guess. Applebloom wrote me back as we were pulling up in the driveway.

I think my sister likes yours. I don’t think she knows it though.

Which could be said for Rarity. Well, almost, maybe. Because it seems to be kinda clear what she wants. And I think she’s just trying to make Applejack see it too.

Yeah, same here.

After that, she didn’t text back, so I guess Applejack came up to the clubhouse to get on her about her homework. Applebloom had probably been procrastinating. She was real good that that. In and out of school. since Bloom was busy, I sat at the kitchen table while Rarity helped Mom and Dad make dinner.

Even though she didn’t live here anymore, she still comes over for dinner almost every night and helps clean sometimes. It’s actually like she never left. Which is nice, I guess. Though it would be nice if I got noticed for once.

“Sweetie darling, could you be a dear and get the wine glasses out the top cabinet?” She asked me, in her sickeningly sweet get-off-your-lazy-butt voice.

Lethargically, I rose from my seat at the table and shuffled over to the dining cabinet where all the cups and plates were. I plucked three wine glasses from the rack and a cup from the bottom shelf for myself since I wasn’t old enough to drink yet.

Setting them all around the table, I quietly sang to myself. AB and Scoots said I’m a really good singer. I just don’t see it. Especially since my voice is so squeaky. I sound no different than I did when I was five. It’s irritating. More so when I’m trying to convey something serious. It just throws me off.

“Oh, you’ve started singing again! How delightful!” Rarity cooed, clapping her hands together. She beamed so hard it scared me.

“Well, yeah. I mean, it’s kinda something I love to do.” I mumbled. I always complain about how the spotlight is never on me in this family and yet when it does shine on me I get all nervous like this.

“Magnifique! You know, when I was your age,” -Here she goes- “I was already designing outfits for the likes of Sapphire Shores and other people who were just starting to make it big!” Why does she always have to literally yank the confidence I have from under my feet every time she puts it there?! I get it! You were a prodigy! You were semi-famous! Stop rubbing it in my face!

A sour look crossed my features as Mom handed me the plates to set next to the glasses.

“Hmm...” She pondered in thought. “Maybe I can set you up with a few of my connections..maybe even possibly get you a record deal.”

“R-Really?!” I stuttered. A record deal?! I mean singing was just a hobby, but a record deal?! That could mean being famous in my own right! Limos! Movie premieres! No longer living in Rarity’s shadow! Oh how I longed for my own spotlight!

Wait a minute! She doesn’t do outfits for multiple record artists anymore! Sapphire Shores is the only one! All her other clients are dignified aristocrats, diplomats, regular celebrities, and rich people! Not only that, why is she being so nice to me?! Usually she would tell me to go play or something while her and Mom cook dinner so I’m out of the way! I knew she was generous, but I mean, really!

“Why of course!” She answered me. “You are my sister after all. And we wouldn’t want you living in my shadow forever!” I felt dizzy. Like I was going to faint. I have felt that way my entire life and now all of a sudden she was offering me things? She never offers me things!

“May I ask why you’re suddenly being so...nice?” I asked, sitting down next to her as Mom put the food on the table. We were having baked chicken and pasta with pesto sauce- Rarity’s favorite.

“What ever do you mean, darling? I just want to be here for you.” She actually sounded offended. Like what I said hurt her. She was faking. She was a drama queen and a damn good actress too.

“You’ve never been here for me!” I outburst. I didn’t mean to, but it was the truth. “You’ve always been so concerned with your dresses and clients you’ve had no time for me! When was the last time you took me to the park? Or to somewhere fun?” I could feel myself on the verge of tears.

I could feel Mom and Dad watching us, looking from me to Rarity in confusion. Yeah, I don’t know where this came from either. Rarity didn’t say anything else, she just reached for the bowl of pasta in the middle of the table and took a scoopful for herself. She passed the bowl to me and began to eat in silence. Wow, I really struck a nerve, didn’t I?

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled after an awkward silence. “I overreacted.” I shoved a forkful of noodles into my mouth so I wouldn’t have to talk any more. I was hopeful that I would choke on them, so that I could die and not have to speak about this again. Because I felt awful. I was jumping to conclusions and making assumptions again, just like I did on my fifth birthday. I had to make it up to her.

Later that night, after I had excused myself from the table when I had finished eating, I texted Applebloom.

So, I uh, said something bad.

I though she wasn't going to text me back since it was so late, but my buzzing phone told me otherwise.

What’d ya say?

Told Rarity that she was a bad sister, basically.


I know. I still feel horrible.

So what are ya gonna do?

What was I going to do? I couldn’t just leave things like this.

What if, we like, got our sisters together. Like we pushed them in the right direction?

You wanna play Cupid, with our sisters?

It did seem like dumb idea. But it was the least I could do. I wanted to see Rarity happy again. I really messed up today. I texted Applebloom back.

It’s worth a shot.

A few minutes went by, and I had thought she was totally against the idea. Until:

Eh. Why not? This could be fun.

A smirk developed on my lips. This was going to be one interesting project.