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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".


Sweetie Bot learns to play chess. Rarity gets checkmated by her electric bill.

Brainstorming and prereading by SockPuppet. Sweetie Bot Vector by java--jive.

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Moondancer, one of the pioneers of High Energy Magic

Take an upvote for what appears to be a subtle nod to Terry Pratchett.

I was kinda aiming at Pratchett feel there (for starters, I wanted to turn this bit into a footnote).

As someone who knows nothing about chess, was anything going on here legal? Cozy's cutie mark is a chess piece, so of course Sweetie lost to her.

Well, she clearly didn't think much of Sweetie's skills in the first place, given she went for Scholar's Mate in the first place (it only works if the opponent makes a mistake, otherwise it gives white a worse position). Also, Sweetie learns chess the same way neural networks do (the title is a reference to a neural network chess program called Leela Chess Zero).

Hehehehehehehe. 🐱

One way to slow down the impending Sweetie Skynet, get it hooked on chess.

Scootaloo being smart enough to get past Sweetie's programming and finding out how to make Semtex... :rainbowlaugh:

This story greatly amused me.

I love how we as a society have just accepted that Sweetie Belle is a robot.


We need to get Sweetie Bot some liquid cooling or something. And no, not like that.

I guess the technology just isn't there yet.

I suggested literally that joke!

Samey had better taste than to use it.

Stockfish vs Sweetie bot.

After the opening i had expected this to be related to the news story about the guy who won a photography competition with an Ai generated photo.

It went in a much better direction. Great work

Poor sweetie, she should have just used a minimax algorithm instead of learning like a human (or pony) would...

I have to move fast but pieces too slow.

Is that a reference to the infamous "I have to kill fast and bullets too slow" line from Full Life Consequences?

Google en passant

Comment posted by Mike45 deleted Apr 19th, 2023

“Maybe tic-tac-toe would be more her style?” Scootaloo asked.

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

the only winning move is not to play, anyways back to the map of the frontlines..

Scootaloo is very smart, just in the wrong direction.


Well, she does drink coolant. The question is, what is she doing with the excess of fluids...
Also, now that I think about it, I could technically find a relevant chess reference.

Probably win for Stockfish, though it depends on hardware.
On a side note, the cover art background is a visualisation of how Stockfish NNUE works.

Somehow, I'm not even surprised such a thing happened...

Well, she sort of learns like Leela Chess Zero, hence the title (though then, Leela had no chess knowledge beyond the basic rules of the game).

It is :pinkiecrazy:

Holy hell.

It's all a matter of the game tree, I guess.

Every time it's mentioned drinking oil or battery acid is too funny and I don't know why.

weetie Bot learns to play chess. Rarity gets checkmated by her electric bill.

that's pretty good

The hard disks whirred and Sweetie remembered that she was supposed to download the opening book before the tournament, but all she got was the user manual of a can opener, a short file titled Winning with the Bongcloud, and an expensive picture of an ugly ape.

Hearing about NFTs gets old, but making fun of them never will.

Haven't read this yet. However, I recognize Sweetie Bot as being from the Friendship Is Witchcraft series of videos basically, show episodes shortened & alternate soundtracks . Some are excellent. Others, not so much. so I've stored it to read later.

There are only about 1200 stories ahead of you so I expect I'll read it Real Soon Now.


Short and hilarious. The Full-Life Consequences joke got me good.

It may take a while.

Thanks :pinkiehappy: Also, your avatar is kinda fitting given this story's number in the url ends in quads...

Moondancer, one of the pioneers of High Energy Magic, suspected this was somehow Discord’s fault.

Generally a safe bet with anything inexplicable.

“Queen endgames,” Sweetie replied, pouring herself a tall glass of battery acid.

Chapter 3 will come in time. Trust the dog.

In any case, most amusing stuff, especially Sweetie falling into the foibles of neural nets. The wonderful thing about the developments in real-life artificial "intelligence" is that we can make fun of it with fictional ones. Thank you for a delightful spiral into mechanized madness.

Many ponies called those beings ‘robots’, though no one knew how this word found its way to the pony language; Moondancer, one of the pioneers of High Energy Magic, suspected this was somehow Discord’s fault.

The word "robot" was originally Czech. It meant "forced labor" or "serf". It was brought to English by Karel Capek in his play Rossum's Universal Robots in 1920.

Oddly enough, the first "robots" were nonmetallic & they were what we today would call "androids."

The word "robotics" was probably invented by Isaac Asimov in one of his short stories. He later said he didn't mean to, he thought it was a word & just used it.


I don't think ponies have an equivalent of Czech, hence the lampshade.

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