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Normally, Dinky would be pretty happy to get a new sibling. However, everything has limits. Getting a new brother overnight? Possible. Getting new siblings everyday, some of them older than her? Something surely is going on...

Preread by Bootsy Slickmane
🇺🇦Russian translation🇺🇦 by FoxcubRandy

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This is a good kind of wut.


I was thinking of either them messing up with every part of the continuum they find themselves in, or trying to find what's going on. Probably a bit of both.

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Of all the Dinkys, Fighting Dinky is probably the best. She might even be a match for Crystal Borf Punchilee the 24 Barbarian. ('Half Note' to her friends.)

Good story, all in all.

Background pony problems.

I wonder if Pinkie also knows.

Ah, the issues of being a background pony, though I have to say, I do love what this is parodying too (even if I'm guilty of the doing the first half of the story for my headcanon of her).

Now why can I see her battling four other Dinkies?

Seems like it's the day of great one-shots today.
Great premise, both for a stand-alone chapter and for a longer story. Did you make any plans or ideas what the reason is (aside from writers-be-lazy)?

lol, Very Stanley Parable with the narration. Loved it!

i hope Alondro sees this one.

Oh yeah. Imagine how much of a disturbance in the force Twilight Time was.

She probably doesn't suspect anything. As a main character, her life doesn't get as many retcons (aside from Pinkie Pride, when Maud appeared in the photo from her first party).


Now why can I see her battling four other Dinkies?

There can be only one :rainbowlaugh:

On a side note, there'd probably be more than four. According to the wiki, Dinky either has no cutie mark at all (most of the times), or it's a pillow, a bow (this one must be interesting), a horseshoe, and two dolphins, like Sea Swirl's cutie mark. Not to mention that at least one of them would like to be a firepony.

I have several ideas and I'll see how it turns out.

7485554 Lets not forget her as a pegasus or an earth pony (I do like the idea of Dinky having a bow for her actual cutie mark).

Oh yeah. Not to mention that, if I recall correctly, there are seven or eight fillies using her character model (Pinchy, Tootsie, and Bloo, for example).

7485582 Yup, lets also not forget the various cutie marks that Pinchy and Tootsie have alongside Dinky too.

This was beautiful.


I'm surprised it doesn't have a mystery tag; but this is truly an engaging reading if I ever seen one.



I was referring to her propensity for breaking the fourth wall. While they rarely happen to her specifically, I'm thinking she'd be aware whenever a retcon happened. How else would she keep track of everypony's birthdays?

Speaking of which, I'd probably call that colt from that kart episode is Derpy's little brother, but ah well.

Wherein a filly finds herself adrift in probability space, moving from worldline to worldine, hoping each time that her next leap will be the leap home.

Well, maybe not that last part. She seems to have embraced the insanity. Good to see Best Filly roll with the punches. It's not like she can do anything about it. Not until she finds that universe where her special talent is countermagic, anyway. :raritywink:

Very fun tribute to how slippery causality and history can get for background ponies, especially background foals. Dinky's probably enrolled in Cheerilee's class no more than half the time. Thank you for it.

7485154 I did not see this at all.

Of course I have seen it.

I may or may not have read this.


*All the Alondros of various universes are converging! THE END IS NEIGH!!* :pinkiecrazy:

“But... “ Dinky shuddered. “It’s like our lives have no continuity at all! As if someone kept putting us in various roles and change them whenever they’re bored…”

This is both hilarious and sadly true...

7483272 I saw some fic with the random tag : It's not readable but this kind of fic need a group THIS F**KING INSTANT!!!

I recall flower pot, hourglass, and horseshoe (another one) for Tootsie. As for Pinchy... gems, horseshoe (it's a horseshoe conspiracy, I guess), golden horseshoe (she was the first one to realise something was wrong?), four-leaf clover (she's a lucky kid), a cupcake (as pictured here), or nothing at all (usually). Also, when the CMC's lack of cutie marks was relevant (Call of the Cutie), everyone in their class had a cutie mark. Most of them were revoked rather quickly (Snips, Snails, Featherweight, DIamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Twist are the only ones whose cutie marks seem permanent. Guess it has something to do with the amount of lines). Pinchy also changes race most often, including being an earth pony in Cloudsdale, somehow).

On a side note, Pinchy is seen with Button Mash more and more often, while Tootsie Flute sometimes finds herself in rather interesting places:
Just look at that face. She knows something went very wrong.

I'm surprised it doesn't have a mystery tag

I considered it, but didn't put it since the mystery is not solved eventually (yet).

Who said she's not a part of it? :rainbowderp: :pinkiecrazy:


Dinky's probably enrolled in Cheerilee's class no more than half the time.

She's too busy saving the world. Or one day she learns she's now the member of Babs Seed's CMC Manehattan Branch.

Well, I came up with a downer ending (this line is a trace of it), but I decided against it since I didn't want to torture Dinky (that's why I didn't enjoy Background Pony, despite shortskirtsandexplosions being a great writer; he just went overboard with Lyra).

7486326 I only remember Tootsie having a flower and not a flowerpot for her cutie mark.

As for being in cloudsdale as an earth pony, probably had a cloudwalking spell casted on her by her unicorn self (why else is she called Cloudwalker as an earth pony while her pegasus self is named Cupid?)

She does, I do wonder if Lyra rescued her daughter from there (and yes, I still see Lyra as Tootsie's mother, because hey, its cute).

7486335 "Background Pony" made a mistake in that everything hindrance Lyra encountered made no sense with relation to the world when taken as items created independently of her. The universe itself seemed constructed for no other purpose than to screw over Lyra and deprive her of any possible chance of remedying her situation. The elegies, the spells, the way the memory erasures worked... none of it existed for a single plausible purpose when you take Lyra out of the equation, especially when you consider what the creator mare was trying to accomplish with all these outrageously overcomplicated constructs; that being her not-quite-dead foal... (how the hell does an astral being have stillbirth anyway and not realize it wayyyyy ahead of time, given that one of its primary powers is sensing and creating life?)... is not forgotten. The very nature of the spells erasing every shred of memory... the Sisters exploding when they remember anything about their undead Sister... Discord destroying the universe out of love for the ghoul... and then the rotten cherry on top: the 10th Elegy. Lyra simply believes the undead alicorn. She takes at face value the word of something utterly merciless and completely psychologically unbalanced. It would seem to me that the Elegies would function to PRESERVE memory, given their creation. Or else they would be a failsafe to unmake whatever abomination resulted from an undead god trying to cling to existence... in which case the Undead Alicorn would have every reason to lie to Lyra!

But plot points aside, the simple fact is that these gods somehow managed to always create things with future characters seemingly in mind. There is no reason for them to put in place things the way they did unless the whole plan was to screw over mortals. Taken from the perspective of their motivations and drives... it really doesn't work.

It's a trope that used to be called 'The Unverse Really IS Against You!'. Not sure what it's called now, but it's a trope in which every situation appears constructed to ensure that the protagonist will fail utterly, even when it involves characters and settings that should not be aware the protagonist exists when they go about their business.

It seems to be similar to 'Deus Angst Machina', which is an extreme form of the 'Butt Monkey'. From the page: "This is a step beyond the coincidences that most stories tend towards to build up drama, as the character seems to have provoked some sadistic god who is now dedicated to making his life as miserable (and angst-filled) as possible. Sure, anyone would be miserable in his situation, but when said situation is less likely than being struck by lightning, it can seem to be outright ludicrous. If used too much, it can cause Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy."

May also be this: " If, at the end of this long chain of unlikely tragedies, The Protagonist dies without accomplishing anything then you have Shoot the Shaggy Dog. "

Or this: "An immutable Crapsack World has agony Inherent in the System, both physically and metaphysically, and cannot be saved or made a better place. Trying to break The Corruption will instead always result in breaking every bone in your body and it winning, and any positive changes that you try to make will ultimately be torn down and revealed to be All for Nothing—or, even worse, they will only succeed in making things even worse for you and the people that you were trying to help, and/or even accomplish whatever the villains wanted in the first place. "

This all fits BP to a tee...

Well, funny thing about Ruby in Cloudsdale. That's how her scene looks like in The Cutie Mark Chronicles:

The same shot is reused in part 2 of The Cutie Remark:
Even her retcons get retcons :derpyderp1: Or she just had a Red Bull.

Also, Lyra may have rescued her from there, but how did Tootsie end up in the village in the first place? (I guess the story started with, "hey, how about running away from school?")


'The Unverse Really IS Against You!'

May be Malevolent Architecture up to eleven, when not only the architecture is malevolent, but everything is. Diabolus ex machina, maybe too, with a shade of God is Evil. And on a side note, Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy is the reason I didn't finish Background Pony, bailed out of Fallout: Equestria: Project Horizon after the first book and some spoilers regarding the rest (the original was fine. Project Horizon turned into a monstrosity), and, outside of fics, had a hard time finishing Oriana Fallaci's Insciallah. That's probably the worst thing that can happen to a story.

Hmm, it seems that we spend too much time on TVTropes :pinkiehappy:

7486419 I do remember that little mistake as well as the little fix, thought it was kind of amusing really.

That or she went there with her aunt and got caught up in the whole mess with Noi and Tornado Bolt.

7486436 I just happen to be REALLY good at searching terminology and themes.

Anyway, I finished it as there seemed to be some theme to the elegies at first... I suspected a good resolution might involve them being part of some plan the goddess put in place to allow mortals who advanced sufficiently enough in magic and wisdom to possess the knowledge of the foundation of their world and the sorrow of the goddess at the loss of one of her children... but the undead thing somehow attached its unlife to them and perverted them all in an attempt to keep itself from being remembered, as that would cause it to be unmade... and playing the 10th elegy, the Dawn, would 'bring all to light as with a new day' and thus destroy it.... or at the very least it believed that to be the case.

One could have crafted it such that the elegies were instead a heralding system the goddess put into place as a call to her if her god child somehow survived or resurrected and was found by beings in that world who'd advanced enough to understand what they were seeing. She's a goddess, after all; she should expect such possibilities. And it would make sense to construct the 'messaging system' in such a way that only those who could both handle the magical and existential strain, as well as be of a staunchly good and kindly nature would be able to complete all 10 and summon her.

There were plenty of ways to play the elegies out and not leave the last tune's effects a dangling plot thread we only had the word of a not-so-credible insane undead soul-hoarding monster to go on.

Hence why I couldn't believe Lyra just took its word, when it appeared very eager to NOT have that elegy played and its rationale was quite feeble given the mountain of evidence indicating the song shouldn't work that way.

It felt like we were all playing a 'Choose your own adventure' book and picked one of the bad ends, without the option to go back and read the REAL ending.

As someone who unwisely spent two and a half solid weeks trying to make sense of Cheerilee's class roster before eventually giving up in a fit of blood, tears, and ice cream, this fanfiction speaks to me.

OK....this was a random of my life I'll never get back...totally worth it tho...so I get this story, you're going with the whole "multiverse" thing and you actually pulled it off...not a lot of people do that...and also you impressed me friend...KUDOS:moustache:

7486661 Got any leftovers I rewatched the S6 premier eps again....also my roommate made me watch G1 ponies....*shudders* FAUST IS DEAD


I like to go with the fandom mix of Amethyst being adopted, and Crackle Pop is mistaken for Derpy's son when he's in fact Derpy's much older sister.

Cute Dinky and her new siblings was nice. Sleeping Dinky and her new family was pretty nice as well. But fighting Dinky takes the cake for me. :rainbowdetermined2:

Anyways, that was a pretty entertaining story. I loved the theory of how Ruby, Tootsie, Dinky, and possibly other background ponies are constantly traveling through different timelines and getting new roles and family in the process. :derpytongue2:

I guess it may be a matter of making things up as you write, instead of having a clear idea in mind before starting. Like, when some plot point is necessary, but the author fails to develop the whole background thing that'd make it work.

Maybe they just have lessons at different hours. Though given that there's at least 32 of them:
And the class has only 9 seats... No, I have no idea how that works, especially since some ponies we've seen in class before, like Archer and Sun Glimmer are not there, somehow (on a side note, remember those times where most of the cutie mark drama came from the fact that the CMC were the only blank flanks in their class?)

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Wait, Crackle Pop is Derpy's sister? :rainbowderp:

Whatever the course of events want from them. I can imagine such a dialogue going on:

Lyra: Umm, Bonnie? Don't you think something's wrong? We leave with each other for two weeks already and nothing changed since then. Not even your voice!
Bon Bon: That's simple, darling. We became the supporting cast.


No. Most seem to think little brother.

Normally I really like meta-humor, but this just really didn't work for me. Once you realize the joke, you get a small laugh, and then the rest of the fix is just so much filler. I wish I could give you a better critique than "it just didn't work for me," but I don't really know any better way to give concrete constructive feedback on how to better form a joke-fic centered on making fun of continuity errors caused by animation quirks and/or requirements.

Mechanically, you did excellently. Good grammar, no spelling errors, dialogue flowed smoothly. I just think the joke would have been better served if constructed differently.

7488567 That's why all professional writers really ram home the notion of outlining the plot from the getgo. Even if you happen to get a better idea where it should go later as you write, at least you already have an endpoint and path to take if nothing else come to mind.

Oh yeah. I can keep track of many small details in my head, but writing it down makes me get stuck less.

*sniff, sniff* Is that... I smell something... *sniff* I think it's... Yep. It's Potential alright

I'm glad I decided to finally read this. It was sitting on my shelf for a while. I was not expecting it to go the way it does. :rainbowlaugh: Nice surprise. :pinkiehappy:

I have reviewed this here.

Dinky sat on the couch and levitated a book from the shelf. Unfortunately, she lost....(her)…. grip and the book fell on the carpet somewhere halfway through. Groaning, Dinky got off the couch and trotted to the book.


EPirates For A Day
Pipsqueak and Dinky have the greatest day ever!
DawnFade · 2.7k words  ·  805  11 · 23k views

There is a sequel, but IMO it is not as good

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