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Too much nostalgia.


Minor spoilers for MLP: The Movie

Her plans are foiled, nopony seems to bear a grudge and the Friendship Festival is in full swing. Tempest isn't in a partying mood and keeps to the sidelines, where she encounters an earth pony mare who knows a thing or two about screwing up your own life.

Takes place before Twilight Sparkle talks Tempest into showing off her horn powers through firework.

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I really want a sequel where the corkscrew is constantly brought up creepily apropos of nothing by Berry as a running gag. I have no idea why that was my first thought after finishing this but there you go.

Good stuff. Have a follow.

Author Interviewer

Came for Tempest, stayed for Berry. Is she from another story or something? Because you've come up with quite the original character for her.


Well, my previous Berry Punch story (Drastic Measures) is set somewhere between Tirek's defeat and Starlight Glimmer's redemption, so I kind of extrapolated forward to post-Stormking invasion for this story.

My version of Berry first started taking shape in my meandering Slice of Life/EverQuest crossover mess (Norrath etc) but I wanted to use her in some stories not bogged down by Crossover/semi-HiE stuff, so Drastic Measures and this are the results so far.

Author Interviewer

I will check that out!

Oh, I'm also glad you enjoyed my story, and my narrative being weaker than my dialogue, as you mentioned in your blog, is something I've long suspected/assumed.

Still, forgiveness is a real rookie mistake and really separates the scrubs from the pros. Never forgive, and never forget."

Now that would be a fun 'friendship lesson' to send to Celestia, wouldn't it? :trollestia:

I was told nopony is as normal as they pretend to be. That really helped!

That one would have to be written be either Pinkie or Discord. :pinkiecrazy:
...And now that I'm thinking about it... where WAS Discord during the movie? :rainbowhuh:

"Well, alright. Nopony wants to be measured by the dumbest thing they did, I guess."

Truly, this little one-shot is full of pearls of wisdom. :derpytongue2:

Nice work, well done.

Thanks, had a lot of fun with this, was kind of trying to extrapolate Berry and Pinchy to a point where they'd sorted through Berry's baggage, personality-wise.

This was a pretty nice character piece, veering into the unexpected and painting a splendid portrait of Berry Punch.

I should check out your other story.

Kinda disturbing ....

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