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The real villains were the friends we made along the way.


Minuette has a visitor in her bathtub. Unsure about how to handle this, she invites Lyra over to help. She's not sure either. Especially when the visitor looks just like her. Just who is this mysterious visitor? Well... she likes to swim...

Now has a reading right here!

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And that wasn't the weirdest thing to happen.

Rather enjoyed the characterizations you swing with the characters here~

Comment posted by SkittleQueen deleted Nov 5th, 2015

6602693 Thanks. I wrote this story to test and experiment with my writing. Characterization was the main focus.

6604284 Now this is why we shouldn't have clopfics on this site. Otherwise we'd miss out on good decent stories like this. Thank you for not falling into the clopfic trap! You just got a follower and a like!

6608502 Thanks. I do try to make my writing enjoyable. I certainly enjoy writing it.

“Are you hiding a changeling in your bathroom?” She whispered sharply. “You know what those things did to us!”


. We don’t even know where she came from or how she got here. For all we know, she could be the first step of an alien invasion!”


Did you ASK HER?

She’s not a kelpie.” Lyra assured her.

I hated that IDW comic SOOOOOOOOO much.

Just call the Aquastria embassy and have them take her home.


6790642 I never actually read the IDW comic. I only read the pirate and the Nightmare Rarity ones. Though I do learn a lot from outside sources.

Why'd I never fave this? This story was fun!

Praise the Cookie Goddess!

All hail the Cookie Goddess! Praise be her crunchyness! Sweet is her chocolate chips! Might they sing your praises for Eons to come!

It was good, but near the end it seemed to kind of lose the steam in its engine.

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