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Brony since Season 1. Done lots for the Roleplaying comunity, wherever I could find it. Two years ago, i got sick. Writing about ponies makes me happy. Pm me if you want, I don't bite. Much.

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New Chapter Underway · 3:54pm Aug 5th, 2018

Hey guys. I had a briliant idea.

I'm going to merge my stories together. Even those that aren't on fimfiction.
One thing you've got to know, in my universe, i'm trying to show that everyone, no matter which era, is connected. By having similar fates, by having similar backgrounds. Just look at Starswirl and Twilight. Lived in whole different eras. Even, for a while, in different universes! Different Dimensions! They still got together in a season finalee. Still saved the world together.

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