Music is life.

I do a signature because I can and because it does not (currently) break the sites rules.

That's all you need know.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Who is Skeeter?

The man behind the GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS.

Never stop writing. Never stop reading.

Skeeter was a guy know for reading everything and commenting everywhere. He was introduced to the Pony world late 2011, but would not fully become a fan until one year later, in 2012.

After finding the site through a video share site known as Plug.DJ, he has been here ever since.

The nickname of "Skeeter" was obtained years before pony at his former workplace of WalMart. He added "The Lurker" upon joining Plug.DJ and subsequently this site.

He has numerous ambitions, all of them unobtainable and impossible for him.

Always remember, decency isn't hard.


The master of Masters

The First Aku Avatar of Mine

My faves grow daily. Check back often.

Things I need to read eventually.

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It's a fantastic set of stories.

And one of the few, if not first of the SunPie ship.

You should be proud.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Appreciate the favorites for my little trilogy. 👍

Well, my honest hope that things work out for ya regardless.


I don't know. I really don't know.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yeah, I totally get what you mean.

Two jobs though? That's kinda nuts. How do you find the time?


I've been better.

I work two jobs these days. It's not enough to do what I need.

I'm here, but I'm not "here", you know?

~Skeeter The Lurker

and how have YOU been doing?

It's been a long while, my man.

Other than the daily grind, everything cool?

Honestly, I'm sort of just scoping the place out. The fact that y'all still remember me is honestly quite touching and precious to the beans.


Well... Hmm.

I can't really think of anything major having happened while you were gone.

Well, Majin made a thing called "Benis" which then became a thing? Drama wise... Been more or less calm.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What'd I miss tho
Any juice?
I need juice
Daddy needs his juicetarts.


Well... The site's been marching ever onward, people are home from the Last BronyCon, and I find myself overworked constantly.

And how to do shit? You're guess is as good as mine.

~Skeeter The Lurker

So, like

What's been goin on

and shit


how do I even po


I tell ya, it was amazing, too!

~Skeeter The Lurker


I heard you met kkat at Bronycon!

I'm so jealous!!!


Yup, from about 2000 to 2011, I think. Right as the MLP insanity began.

Nowadays you can find me in the county next door: Frederick.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Freaking Haggerstown?! Seriously?! :rainbowwild:

Nice to finally meet at BronyCon! :raritywink:

No problem, Friend. Hope I see you at BronyCon!


Long over due.

Kept forgetting.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thank you for the watch!

thanks for adding my story to your list of reads. Hope its up to snuff lol

thanks for the favorite, hope Rules of Etiquette lives up to your expectations! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 2,878 - 2,897 of 2,897
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