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I have stood at centre and seen what lies within. Danced in moonless night while stars have sung. Blessed to remember yet cursed never to forget. Come dance with me. Come dance.


A sneak preview. · 5:20am Jan 20th, 2015

So I do have about half of my next story written. The next part might take a little bit longer to do, but I figured that I would at the very least give you a little taste of what is to come.

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Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the fave on The Twilight Enigma! :twilightsmile:

and the watch!:pinkiehappy:

Actually, the ending of the last chapter of 7DSJ Book 1 is kind of a major spoiler for 'Rise of the Furball' and there's a bunch of small details that make more sense only after reading that story, too.

I'm just so glad that it exceeds expectations after the first one. :twilightsheepish:

I haven't read the other stories, but there haven't been many spoilers in this one.

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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