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In an Equestria where Princess Luna was never possessed by the Nightmare the world thrived under both Celestia and Luna's rule. As such, the timeline diverted. After rigorous evaluations, Sunset Shimmer was chosen by Princess Celestia to be her student. Twilight Sparkle, having been glossed over by the Sun Princess, was selected by Princess Luna to be her pupil. One day, the Immortal Sisters send their protégés on a mission to a small town. When the villain named Starlight Glimmer appears all of their lives will be changed forever.

New cover art a birthday gift from my friend Heavy Mole

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Nothing like a small friendly rivalry to start things off with :twilightsmile:

Obsessed already and its only begun

Hum that's a rather cool setup I'm looking forward to more.

This is shaping up to be amazing~:heart::heart::heart::heart: However, shouldn't this story have an "Alternate Universe" tag?:rainbowhuh:

Yep. Just a little spat that could turn into anything.

Thanks I appreciate you reading and commenting!

You could be right, I wasn't really sure. But I supposed I had 3 other tags already, hopefully it isn't too troublesome.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the premise!

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I love the interaction between Twilight and Luna!! Any fic with them being student-teacher... sign me the fuck up!!!

Nice beginning btw


Thanks so much!

Really appreciate the comment!

Sorry I took so long. I was at the dentist yesterday and due to my stupid gag reflex, I can only be treated in sedation so i felt like crap the whole day. And today, I really wanted to put out the new chapter of my story before I read this.

Anyway, so there is no Nightmare Moon and Twilight and Sunset are rivals as the princesses' student. That's an interesting idea. But if there is no Nightmare Moon, I wonder who is causing all the nightmares. Guess we'll see in a few chapters.

Will be following! Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Oh man that sounds awful! Hopefully you're feeling better. The last time I went to the dentist I had to get a tooth pulled.

Never been a fan of the dentist.

So there is an explanation for that coming.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Couldn‘t have said it better!

Thanks for the comment!

Well this intro chapter has me pretty solidly interested. Looking forward to how these two deal with Our Town on their own.

I'm very glad you're interested!

Thank you for the comment!

Also I see that shipping tag. Is this another Sunlight fic?

So is it gonna be in first person the entire story, also is Twilight going to be shipped with Sunset, is Sunset an orphan in this au, and please let Starlight Glimmer have her ponytail and keep it please 🥺 please 🥺 please 🥺.

Good start, but some nuggets in there seem to just be quick bandaids hand waving to build the setting.

Loved how sunset sees twilight in this tho.

I don't think I've ever encountered a premise like this one. You've certainly peaked my interest, and earned a spot on my 'Tracking' list.


Ill say this, there are more than one possible relationships in this story.

Possibly first person the entire way.

There will be shipping. Between sunset and Twi? Possibly. (read almost surely)

Sunset is not an orphan.

Hmmmm ponytail. I'll see if I can find a middle ground.

I could be doing that. This is a fairly long one and I'd like to get to the core of the story asap.

Me too. I'm really liking how Sunset has developed here toward Twi.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

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Every story has growth and conflicts to keep readers engaged, let's see how will this one will become…
Nice stuff, wondering if this will be more fluff or more drama along the way, prefer a deeper plot but if you write it well then it's fine in my book.
I think you probably replied to the wrong comment by accidentally deleting the last two digits of the reply code, so now you're replying to a comment out of nowhere from ten years ago.

Also just an advice but I don't think you need to use a separate comment for every reply to a different user, just reply the new comments in one reply, makes the comment section cleaner, don't you think?
And…it turns out that accidentally replying to the wrong person on FimFiction and then editing in the correct reply number later does not actually send a notification to the other person the way it should. So I'll help out.

I'd really like it to be more drama, at least that's my aim.

Also you are correct. I'm a goof. I really struggle to use this site what with the combination of my troublesome eyesight combined with a complete lack of knowhow.

I would like to mass reply in one message, but as you can see I'm quite incompetent lol.

I do appreciate any help I can get though. Funny enough I barely learned how to track update chapters yesterday from another user.

What it's the style her hair is in when she first appeared in the show and I wish she had kept it, looks pretty on her. Also shopping?

Are you saying that Sunset and Twilight are going to bond with one another at the store.

Lol autocorrect. Shipping my bad.

Also I know, I really like both manes so maybe I can find a middle

Good luck on the story then, was wondering why don't you give it alternative universe tag as well. I mean when using tags we don't care about whether if it's troublesome or not, just make it fit then it will be fine.

And don't worry about "incompetentness" and all that, all you have to do is click the reply button and you can easily reply to a bunch of different users. One comment can fit a lot of content, you know.
Besides, I don't even know how to use an actual thumbnail to a story with links, tags, cover arts, description and stuff since starting to use the site, so it's fine to not know some stuff lol.

With the alt universe tag I forego it because technically every story I write is alt universe. It wouldn't help as far as description goes, I think.

Wait I think I understand hah lms if I can fix some.

Lol I didn't know I could gray tag.

I think I did it. Lol, fingers crossed.

My guesses are Twi x Sunset (not too excited because I ship Sunny with Sci-Twi), Twi x Luna (I'm really excited for that one), Starlight x either Sunny or Twi (not excited but I'll see where it goes), or Starlight x Twi x Sunny (the cover art makes me think so).

Very interesting guesses. Ships I greatly enjoy are TwixLuna, TwixCelestia, StarxTwi, and SunxStar.

I will say though, my preferences have no bearing whatsoever on who will end up together. The story is more important than my own biases.

Oh that's funny, I dislike all of those ships except TwiLuna. Celestia I mostly see as a mother-like figure, Starlight I mostly see as Twi's sister-like figure. And as I mentioned, I ship Sunny only with Sci-Twi.

Also you're amazing for that. I would certainly let my biases get in the way. :pinkiesad2:

Great first chapter, the general story is very interesting as well. I can't wait for more.

I never thought I'd like TwixCelestia either until I read Lost and Found.

It's legitimately one of the best fics I've ever read.

StarxTwi is all head canon too. I just think they'd be adorable together because Starlight is the only normal pony on the same level as Twi imo.

Gotta write the story for what's best for the story, even if it's difficult.

Thanks so much for reading, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Congrats with being featured and all the attention, you worth it :twilightsmile:

Thanks a lot! I'm honestly blown away by it. Never expected it.

makes sense that the pony psychopath would know some of the important ponies in the kingdom are.

great choice on keeping it with sunsets POV.

...I don't think Starlight's thought very far ahead. Surely she doesn't think she can brainwash and hold captive BOTH Princesses' personal students, or that if she somehow succeeds that the Princesses won't take action and bring a contingent of guards with them? Surely she's not THAT drunk on her own power?

Oh, boy! So it's Starlight Glimmer up to her classic Cutie Mark stealing, Our Town shenanigans. That still doesn't explain the nightmares though and judging by how openly malicious Starlight is, she's got something far more sinister in store than she did in the show.

I wonder where this will go. Keep up the good work! Until next time... :twilightsmile:

So about that... Lol. Thanks for the comment! Yeah Twilight and Sunset are pretty big around Equestria in this story and Starlight is beyond intelligent.

I LOVE this comment. Evil Starlight is really drunk on herself, lol. She just might believe she can take on the Princesses.

Good assessment. Yep, Starlight here is a far more malicious antagonist, at least for now.

The hill I will die on! Starlight was so much more interesting as a villain! After she was reformed, she basically just became Twilight 2.0.

I can't dump on Starlight. I hated her so much for the longest time, but I absolutely adore her now.

I can't watch things like this...


And honestly say she's like Twilight 2.0. Her rage in that scene is so amazing. I love her so much, especially cause of her reformation. She'd won. She could've made everything hell for everyone, but she chose not to. It's easy to become good when you're in a position like Discord or Trixie and you've already lost and have no other options, but Starlight gave up her victory because she wanted to do what was right. I love her for it...

That being said, oh yeah, my Starlight is gonna punch people in the gut and hopefully they'll love her for it lol.

I am fully waiting for the shouting match between Twi and Sunny.

Also, wow, Starlight immediately picked up on their insecurities, didn't she.

This chapter immediately made me curious about something... Are we going to stick with Sunset's perspective throughout the story, or will we see Twilight's thought process too? This version of villain Starlight is actually quite interesting as well, being so openly antagonistic right off the start. She also seems to believe in her own twisted reality a little differently than in the show, not trying to hide her enforced leadership of the town. Calling it her town, living in a larger home, and even openly displaying her cutie mark... Though, I do have to wonder just how much more burned she's going to get when she loses.

Starlight has done her research. She isn't afraid of anything, lol.

One of my favorite things to do in my stories is explore not only outwardly how multiple characters react, but internally. That being said perspectives will change to show this.

Yeah, Starlight here has way more... control over her things.

In love with the story already. Something tells me that Starlight might be abit more twisted minded than she was in the show.. Also I'm already adoring the chemistry between Twilight and Sunset already. Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much for the comment!

Starlight has not thought this through at all. Oh sure, she beat Twilight and Sunset. Big deal. You've just pissed off their teachers who are gods in all but the literal sense of the word.

And since Nightmare Moon was never a thing, Celestia and Luna should still be connected to the Elements of Harmony. Plus Celestia is connected to the literal sun, and who knows just how far Luna's dream powers extend...

Yeah. Real smart, Glim Glam.

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