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Life is grand for Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Sunset is being accepted by the school and Twilight has a sweet new castle.

When Celestia requests the presence of both of her former students, little did they know that it would forever change their lives and realities. More than one surprises are in for these two ponies.

This is based on my headcanon that Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Starlight Glimmer are all related.

Thanks to The Real McCoy for editing chapters 1-4!:pinkiehappy:

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Pinkie Pie- we'll never forget you even though Sunset said she was just visiting good job :pinkiehappy:

OH COME ON!! You can't just stop it at a cliff hanger! Other than that, it's a great story! Keep at it!:twilightsmile:

Thank you!:twilightsmile: This is my first fanfic, so it's nice to have some feedback!

If you think this is a cliff hanger, wait until the next chapter!:rainbowlaugh::scootangel:

i got an idea what if celestia is sunsets mother, Luna is twilights mother, and cadence is starlights mother

this will make sense because sunset and celestia a sun cutie mark which presents the day.
Luna has the moon and twilight has stars which represent the night.
Cadence has a diamond heart as starlight has a diamond on her cutie mark which represents the crystal empire.
all three are sister because the 3 main princess were pregnated by the same male.

No spoilers!!!:derpytongue2::trollestia:
BTW, not what I had in mind for my story but that would be a good storyline.:scootangel::twilightsmile:

one, two... hang on mate yer missing one.
Sunset (check)
Starlight (check)
Lulamoon (error)

yay but if you want i can get you some more story ideas if you want them. just sent me a text and i will help you out. Music time.

every one loves a comedian.

6434986 you know twilight has stars and luna has the moon moon + stars= night makes them related

I see someone else noticed they basically have the EXACT SAME NAME. Or at least synonyms.

This sounds like a good story so far. I can't wait to read more.

There better be a next chapter...

Don't get your mane in a twist!:trixieshiftright: I'm working on the next chapter. It should be done in the next day or so.:scootangel:

Love the start to this story it has great potential and I would love to read more
cant wait 10 out of 10 :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

That was very surprising with what happened with Sunset. I hope thing's will get better with her.

Love this story can't wait for the next chapter hope more soon :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Well...that was unexpected. I mean, just because Shining Armor is Twilight's BBBFF doesn't mean he's an alicorn...Anyways, this chapter has pleased me. Now for more!

At this point of the story there's still no point of Sunset being an alicorn.

The last part with Luna's line of thought was too jumbled.

Added with the Ponyville tour last chapter just glossed over it still doesn't get much of a reaction from me.

About Sunset being an alicorn, that will be explained in the next two chapters.:scootangel:

Luna's last lines being jumbled? Well basically she's saying that Celestia done a lot for her and she wants to return the favor.

The Ponyville tour was just a little and it was meant to be filler.:twilightsheepish:

I'm barely in my teens, Okay!!! I'm doing my best to make a good story!:flutterrage:

Calm down, I actually want to like this story. Otherwise I wouldn't be following it.

If you were wanting to fill one day yo could have Sunset explpore her new alicorn form. After all it doesn't gives wings and pegasus magic, but also earth pony magic. I still think the best way not to fill to much time there is not having that much time to fill: for example making Sunset get to Equestria just an hour or so before the royal chariot to arrive, just enough time for her to get used to her pony body again (or so it'd be Sunset's plan before she appears as an alicorn)

Anyway, I want to see where (and how) you go with your idea. The premise seems intetresting enough.

I think about what you said

I'm still waiting! I wants Moar!!! :flutterrage:
That is, um, if you don't mind? :fluttershysad:

So you're extending it. I can't wait to see what happens next.

This has the makings of an epic story, I respectfully request you rethink the next chapter is the last chapter idea.

Might, might not:applejackunsure:
Depends on my mood for it.:scootangel:

6474645 please don't make the next chapter the last chapter because i want to read a lot of chapters for this story

Le gasp. Plot twist. Can't wait for more.


The Good: loved Sunset's characterization here: how she reacted to her meeting with Celestia and her whole line of thought of what she did and didn't do while panicking and tried to get away.

Tha Bad: The main problem about the execution of your twist this chapter was how obvious was from the beginning, starting with the name and the description of the fic. Also, your exploring of Celestia's thoughts wasn't as good as Sunset's.

Looking forward to your next chapter.

I suppose Celestia's character is a little underdeveloped in this chapter, :twilightsheepish: but hey, it was focusing on Sunset!:scootangel:
I know the name and description sorta gives it away, but give me a break will ya, this is my first fanfic, like ever.:ajbemused:


To be fair there's actually nothing wrong on having the story's ending easily discovered as long as your way to tell the story is compelling enough in spite of that.

But I'm more worried about your next chapter. You see, I think you've written yourself into a corner because now you have to answer the big question of the fic: Why Celestia didn't raise Twilight and Sunset herself?

Celestia is Princess of the Sun, loved bu her subjects and the one pony with the most personal and political power in Equestria. Considering the sacrifice she had to do herself towards her sister's return I find very hard to believe she wouldn't raise Twilight and Sunset as their mother. Never mind Luna having a more close relationship with her niece(s) would have eased her adaptation to present times after a 1000 years time out.

Take the questions and charge forward. I look forward to your answer next chapter.

I came prepared this time!:pinkiehappy:
I actually thought ahead about that question. I mean like really, you expect me to just write whatever pops into my head?:trixieshiftright:
Answers to that question and more will be revealed in the next chapter:scootangel:

Sunset, Twilight, I'm your mother."

Reaction time!
Particularly from Twilight. I mean, how many life-threatening situations has Celestia put her in? While Celestia just sat back and watched?

That went way too smoothly. Things like this don't just get solved in a matter of 30 seconds. Also, Twilight and Sunset believed this way too fast, but that's just me.

Eh.....I knew someone would eventually.:applejackunsure:
My subconscious mostly writes these and it wants to get to the 'adventure scenes' (darn you, subconscious)
so yeah....:derpytongue2:

Wow sneaking into a private meeting is normally a bad idea but if you find out something like this you would think they would have enough common sense to keep your trap shut. Who ever this was, my bet is a spoiled prince, they just got on the bad side of possibly 6 ponies 5 of which are Princesses.

I think I know who the flash is!!

Starlight Glimmer anypony?

Maybe so, maybe not! :scootangel:


This is based on my headcanon that Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Starlight Glimmer are all related.

That right there. That confirmed it.

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