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I N T H I S W O R L D I T ' S K I L L O R B E K I L L E D . . .


After conquering Japone, the empire of Nymphia has renamed it Colony 11 and its citizens, Elevens. War is everywhere, yet one vows to bring peace... no matter the cost.
Among the Elevens, one shall rise and become the beacon of hope. His name... is Zero.

Under the mask lies a young Nymphian, an exiled noblechangeling by the name of Stryker, who wants to avenge his father, King Rancor vi Mirren's, murder and make a peaceful world for his disabled little sister, Moth. At his aid is a great power.

The power... of Geass.

But will his efforts bring great gain or great loss? How many relations will be forged, broken, and lost? And will peace truly ever come in the end for Equus?

Warning: Language
'Gore' tag just in case because war.
Cover Art By: Nero_Nova
MLP and Code Geass Crossover
Code Geass belongs to Sunrise.
OCs belong to their respective owners.

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good story so far!
how close is it going to be to the series?

Nice start!!! Can't wait for more:pinkiehappy:

7362007 Thx for your support!:scootangel:
As for your question, pretty close, but some points will be different. You'll see how different in about 2 chapters.:raritywink:

YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THE LULUCH CHANGELING WAS GOING TO BE USED AS COVER ART, i WOULD HAVE ADDED A BACKGROUND!!!:pinkiehappy:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Is your story also gonna have product placement for Pizza hut like the show :rainbowlaugh:

Guess I have to keep waiting for nina aka my oc to show I'm not used to the show but I can't wait to see her role played

7362077 Uhh...oopsies?:twilightsheepish:I didn't want to ask for much.

7362306 Haha!:rainbowlaugh:Nah man.

7362404 She'll be showing up in about 2 chapters. And for later use, I'mma apply the fact that she's Chrysi's daughter.

7362642 well at least i added the foreground color

7362643 I think it's fine as it is, to be honest.:scootangel:

7362645 caught me just in time to, just decided to cut down on my mlp art. I'll still be making some but more original work with it.

This is awesome!!! Can't wait to see Ember and Melody (my OCs) in it!

Well that's actually Shadow’s backstory originally to be the daughter of Queen Chrysalis so yeah sure go for it

7363045 Yeah thx, I did my research.:derpytongue2:

7363044 They'll show.:raritywink:
(Btw, how's the profile pic coming along?)

What research is this... I guess my story

the light within darknes


7363290 Research = oc backstory. XD

Nice start! Can't wait for more!

7363467 More is definitely to come.:raritywink:

This is amazing my mate kinda explained the show to me and this is just as awesome to his description

7376788 Why, thank you. You really need to watch CG if you haven't, it is hands-down, the best anime I've come across.

I know it ain't really an anime but my favourite is roasterteeth's RWBY because of how it takes the mick outta anime logic and idea's

7377055 Oh yeah, I've watched only a few of those, but one of my friends love it like crazy.

Hell yeah! This is really awesome so far. I love thinking back to the show while reading this, although sometimes the dialogue is a little vague on who's speaking


7382358 Well 1) I thought back to the show too, when writing this. Heck, I was watching through when first writing it. And 2) if some lines are non-specific in a room full of creatures, they're probably subordinates/minors talking.:derpytongue2: 'Cause you know Code Geass loves its background characters talking. 3) Thank you.:scootangel:

This is awesome keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Shadow Aura

Finally she's here just a little bit but I can now prove my cameo YAAAAAAAAAAAY keep up the work from what little I have seen yoy kind of got shadow on track

7397727 Tell me if I go off track, okay?:twilightsheepish:

Sure if you want to see how I portray her just have a peep at my badly written story my life

Wait how did I forget to favorite this

great chapter!

wait, is there another Eclipse? or is that an error?

This has been fantastic thus far. I cannot wait to see the introduction of Zero

7411675 Yes, there is another Eclipse. By typervader, if I'm not mistaken.

7412294 Zero's intro will certainly be something. I can only hope to be as great and magnificent as the original.

>> EpicMuttonChops Yes, there is another Eclipse. By typervader, if I'm not mistaken.

ok cool. that'd make some interesting comedy perhaps

7412386 I actually have something planned for that.:twilightsmile: More of a gibe instead, but what's the dif?:derpytongue2:

Shadow Aura who was the most shocked.

Oh shadow shocked Yay? Um I'm just happy that she is in the story keep it up I would like to see more of her though

7417132 Shadow will have a more prominent role in future chapters, the second arc especially. So don't worry.
As for why she's shocked, that'll tie in with her being Chryi's daughter. Xirex and Chrysi were cousins after all.


OK then that's cool thanks skye

7411675 Yea, mine. Should make things interesting

Why do you always update this around midnight. Sleep well always elude me then, for sleep is for th....Zzzzzz (Falls a sleep)

Great chapter as always.:twilightsmile:

7437399 Thx and Idk! XD I really do a lot on the iPad at midnight, I guess.

Yay Chrysalis is here wahooooooo best canon pony/changeling is Chrysalis in my opinion

7438089 Haha, same!:rainbowlaugh:
Long Live The Changeling Regime!:yay:

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