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Everyone knows of the damned war that caused Equestria to become a disease-riddled land. Some are lucky, they don't need to know about it—they're already dead. Lucky batards.

On the opposite end, being immune to the deadly Plague makes you a target—for jealousy, for hate, for murder. Constantly having to look over your shoulder and be on your guard, knowing that if you ever let it down, it could be your doom. Fun, right?

There are only a few like that though. The others have all gone bloodlust mad from the Pastromorbo Nostrae. Only takes a little for them to snap.

And if you're really unlucky, you're one of the last scattered remains of Chrysalis' hive or Sombra's army and immune. Hunted, tortured, made to suffer a slow and painful death. Justice, ponies would say.


I used to be different back then, y'know? Back when my brother wasn't killed in the damned war, back when my sister wasn't cruel and fake, back when I wasn't aware of how unfair the world really was.

Then everything was taken from me...

Based on Aeluna's fic, 'The Pastromorbo Epidemic'
Written for Aeluna's contest.
Warning: Language

Chapters (1)

After conquering Japone, the empire of Nymphia has renamed it Colony 11 and its citizens, Elevens. War is everywhere, yet one vows to bring peace... no matter the cost.
Among the Elevens, one shall rise and become the beacon of hope. His name... is Zero.

Under the mask lies a young Nymphian, an exiled noblechangeling by the name of Stryker, who wants to avenge his father, King Rancor vi Mirren's, murder and make a peaceful world for his disabled little sister, Moth. At his aid is a great power.

The power... of Geass.

But will his efforts bring great gain or great loss? How many relations will be forged, broken, and lost? And will peace truly ever come in the end for Equus?

Warning: Language
'Gore' tag just in case because war.
Cover Art By: Nero_Nova
MLP and Code Geass Crossover
Code Geass belongs to Sunrise.
OCs belong to their respective owners.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Evil Food Eater Pinkamena

Canterlot thrives under the rule of the benevolent alicorn sisters.

But not all is pleasant...

Shortly after Pinkamena's gruesome suicidal death, the third sin will blossom. And in the streets of Canterlot themselves...

Rarity's always loved the noblepony, Fancy Pants, but what her envy will drive her to do is truly sinful...

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Sunset of Evil


Once a quaint, peaceful little village.

Now, only a few weeks after the alicorn sisters take the crown, Ponyville is nearly deserted, most of the homes burnt down.
One building stands untouched however, and this is Sugarcube Corner, once the brightest, happiest place in the village.


For this is where Pinkamena Diane Pie lives. And her madness shall cause the death of many a pony...

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer rules over the kingdom of Canterlot. She is hated and feared by all of her subjects. At her side stands Flash Sentry, her most trusted guard...and childhood friend. He would do anything for his princess, even taking a life.

Fluttershy lives in the quaint little village of Ponyville. Shunned by the villagers, she lives by herself in her cottage near the forest. One day, while in the forest, she stumbles across an unconscious alicorn. The two become the best of friends.

The paths of these ponies will cross in the worst way possible.

Based off of these YT PMVs:
(With a few twists, of course)

Chapters (4)

All her life, she's been alone. Never had friends. The only ponies she had in her life were her sister and her mother... that is until her mother disappeared one night when she was a young filly and her sister never returned a few nights after.

Skye Mist always had questions about her past, but no one to answer them. When she finds her answers, will she regret it?

Cover art by me!

Chapters (13)

Life is grand for Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Sunset is being accepted by the school and Twilight has a sweet new castle.

When Celestia requests the presence of both of her former students, little did they know that it would forever change their lives and realities. More than one surprises are in for these two ponies.

This is based on my headcanon that Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Starlight Glimmer are all related.

Thanks to The Real McCoy for editing chapters 1-4!:pinkiehappy:

Chapters (7)