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I N T H I S W O R L D I T ' S K I L L O R B E K I L L E D . . .



This story is a sequel to Sunset of Evil


Once a quaint, peaceful little village.

Now, only a few weeks after the alicorn sisters take the crown, Ponyville is nearly deserted, most of the homes burnt down.
One building stands untouched however, and this is Sugarcube Corner, once the brightest, happiest place in the village.


For this is where Pinkamena Diane Pie lives. And her madness shall cause the death of many a pony...

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Whats left.. Lust, greed, Sloth,Envy, and Wraith... Is Discord and Chrysalis bring back "Father" from FMA Brotherhood:rainbowhuh:

7306986 I'm in no way writing Lust. Let's just say that it happened before Sunset of Evil.:facehoof:

Oh! These songs! (And you even have Sunset as Daughter of Evil)

Let's see if I can guess the others:

Envy-Rarity as The Seamstress (Fairly obvious)
Greed-Applejack as the Corrupt Judge (Even though she's the element of honesty, but since the judge was taking bribes to help his family it still works)
Sloth-Fluttershy as Princess Sandman (Even though this all shares a universe, there isn't any other major character I could think of for her)
Lust-Starlight Glimmer as Venomania (True it leaves one Mane 6 Pony without a song, but there are a lot of parallels; both are about somebody that brainwashes a large number of people to create an ideal world for themselves as a result of being left by their childhood friend)
Wrath-Has the song for it been finished now? I remember reading the gun song was something separate but....Either way I'm not sure who it would be

7307309 I won't be writing Lust, but for the others, well... you'll see.:raritywink:
And the Wrath song is called "Muzzle of Nemesis"

For the record, grimderp stories like this usually get a Tragedy tag, to let the reader know it's a bad end.

7351728 Oh, my bad, I thought I did put a 'Tragedy' tag.:derpytongue2:

So what's next? I can't wait for more!

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