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Horrifically Fun


Spike the dog approaches Sunset Shimmer with an important question. A question she simply must find the answer to for the sake of Equestria's future.

Part of the MAD verse.

Thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolve for their edits and suggestions!

Wonderfully serene picture by fizzy-dog!

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This is twenty kinds of fantastic and I love you for writing this.

Celestia thought for a moment. “Get Twilight to fix it?” she suggested.

It works for you, don't it?

Seems legit...

I suppose it's a good thing Sunset didn't find this out before her redemption, as replacing "army of zombie teenagers" with "army of trained dragons" is a mite more threatening and likely to have been successful...

Man, I never even thought of that. :rainbowderp: I mean, it's possible she could have turned more of the kids into demons which would have been fearsome, but yeah... she could have also just gone across the portal with a bunch of dogs so long as she was okay with the messes they left in their wake.



Also was most hilarious, thanks for writing!

“Well, prepare to have your mind blown!” Spike said confidently.

Sunset let out a laugh and brought up both sets of index and middle fingers up to her temples as she leaned forward. “I’ve assumed the ‘pre-mind blown’ position.”

Independent of the following insanity, I love the interaction between these two here.

Not to say that said insanity isn't notable. On the contrary, it's fantastic. Hilarity abounded almost as much as dragonfire. Thank you for this.

Considering that, at the time, Sunset was insane enough to think that a highschool's worth of teenagers was an army, I'm not so certain that she'd have even considered the tactical advantages of dragons in her plan.

Two notes.
One: pretty sure that Ember is not going to be happy when she hears about this.
Two: wouldn't another alternative simply to have Princess Twilight ask Smolder to go through the portal and see what happens?

First, I continue to love your characterization of Celestia in this series. Second,



But that's not nearly as fun!


I liked that series.

There's always that gap between what sounds good on paper and what happens in practice.

Those are an awesome set of four words.

In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

Twilight continued, “Also, there’s no way we can execute a plan that convoluted in just 22 minutes!”

:applecry: Maybe it's a friendship problem, and it'll get fixed in a half hour or so!


Oh, but wait... Exposure to Equestrian magic makes earth dogs sapient. Now you have 12 talking dogs, even if you take them back to earth. And what will Dragon Lord Ember think of the trainable dragons plan? :)

Everything about the MAD universe just makes me so very happy

Ember: ...gimme some for an elite guard, and I'm golden.

Alternatively, if this is the same setting as 'Dragon Lord Spike', see what Spike thinks of it.

I love Sunset's "act now, ask for forgiveness after" approach.

As furious as Princess Twilight is, Sunset really has to watch out for the righteous rage of -- on behalf of squirrels and trees everywhere --


“Rent a dog?” Spike exclaimed. “Dude, that sounds soooo wrong…” Spike’s eyes were alit with possibilities as his tail began to wag. “And yet soooo right. Ask her if they have any foxes over there! You know… not actual foxes, but hound-foxes. Like, a cute lady dog and not a tramp…” Spike thought for a moment and wiggled his doggy eyebrows wildly. “Eh, it’s the inside that counts! You know, so long as it’s a “lassie,” if you know what I mean?”

Well. Clearly, somebody hasn't been neutered.

...which, in all honesty, I'd be horrified if that had happened to Spike the Dog...but I was also caught off guard by this whole comment, so, you know, I can't win here. :rainbowlaugh:

Funny story. :twilightsmile:

You know, the 'demonizing' thing seemed to kick in as the plan only once she turned into a demon herself.
...what if the original plan was 'trained dragon army controlled with alicorn-level magic'?

that would actually be one of those define "messes" things to pre harmony sunset. I would think the chaos left in the wake of them would be a bonus when trying to get the crown.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in this story.


Sunset rolled her eyes. “Somehow, Twilight, I’m sure you’ll manage. Besides! I think you’re missing the bigger picture here! Sure, I’ve caused lots of property damage and necessary therapy sessions today, but Equestria can now bolster an unstoppable army provided we aren’t completely blindsided by a threat and taken over in a few hours like what seemingly always happens.”

Celestia looked down at Sunset with a heavy frown. “Was that last part reaaallly necessary?”

Coming from her own daughter no less.

“And now no squirrel can escape his wrath,” Sunset said as closer and louder screams from streets below joined the distant ones of Ponyville. “Also, Mom, you’re going to need to replace like… all the trees in town…”
“Mwhaaahahaha! And your little squirrel FAMILY, too!”
“I’d happily burn this planet if it meant the death to every squirrel!”

Me and spike are kinsmen. I’ve lost so many trees because of squirrel bark stripping this year.

When I saw the chapter title I can't help but think that Spike would be asking: "Where are my balls?"...yes I know there is no Sex tag


Sunset is taking notes from Celestia's MO.

Has any one considered that she may have turned the teens into demons i think people keep getting stuck on the teen part and not what sunset can do its not like she would lose her mind control powers once she crossed over so any pony who fought her would fall under her spell adding to her army she also would have gotten a boost in power once she crossed over getting her magic back it would also be an unexpected attack with the rest of the main six and tia and luna being caught of guard and sunset was straight up trying to kill people in demon form it would have been bad

Its a scary thought

There was so much great stuff here, but I think

Starlight sneezed. “Pardon me!”

“You're pardoned,” Twilight said without missing a beat

wins just for its simplicity! :rainbowlaugh:
The 22 minute time limit was close though!

“I’m thinking about the children soooo hard right now!” Sunset assured.

Sunset....I don’t think that came out the way you intended it to.:facehoof:


Since this is such a BIG problem, it’ll probably take an hour and be split up into two episodes.:pinkiehappy:

I love this and I can perfectly imagine MAD Sunset being unhinged enough to try it.

And also of convincing Fluttershy to command said dragon army for there are few things more therapeutic or self esteem raising than having an army of dragons at your beck and call. Specially is they like belly rubs :yay:

Here Here. I'm surprised at how many people fall to grasp the danger of "an army of mind-controlled teenagers" that Sunset can turn into an "army of mind-controlled demons" whenever she wants.

I never got that so many people overlooked that :fluttershysad:

Favliked. This was hilariously random. I thought this fic was going to be serious for a moment. Glad to be wrong.

All in all, this Sunset is very clearly this Celestia's daughter, in spirit at least.

Sooooo... what happens when pony!AJ brings Winona through the mirror to Girlsverse?

I really want a Celestia, Sunset, Luna story now. We dont get enough Luna. Or Rarity.


Probably because Sunset stressed the teenage part of her army not the demon one.

Ya know......that's a valid question. What would happen?


The weirdest part is that she could be a believable menace: Until the Deus Ex Machina there was no way Sunset could lose since the elements weren't at hand for the mane 6, if she could easily brainwash people, then I think she wouldn't have problems brainwashing ponies or even other dangerous creatures like dragons. Plus, again, until Deus Ex Machina, she actually tried to get rid of Twilight permanently, depriving the element of Magic until it's too late, and even the biological differences that would make stumble the human-now-pony army would be rendered moot since they would be controlled as puppets anyway. Plus, Sombra did something similar with the helmets in his bad future and everybody in the fandom thougth it was cool, but apparently is like the time Obi-Wan used the word younglings: apparently a single word can fuck a message about how fucked up things really are.

Twilight continued, “Also, there’s no way we can execute a plan that convoluted in just 22 minutes!”

:pinkiegasp: "Hey, quit poking the fourth wall! That's my shtick!"

She would've been an awesome villain that way, yeah.
But I don't think she would've been powerful enough to match Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Discord working together.
And all of them would've had a very personal reason to put her into the ground in that scenario.

Wow! Just all my WOW!:moustache:


To be fair, she only need to brainwash them at first sigh instead of actually fighting them. And besides, the first EG movie is between season 3 and 4, back then Discord was still kind of an ass (well, he still can be an ass at times, but you know what I mean), so we probably wouldn't help until it's too late.

I wouldn't mind her redemption, in fact she's more interesting as a character and as a hero nowadays, but back then I thought her potential as a cool villain was kinda wasted, and I was a bit sad about it because I kinda liked her anyway. Nowadays I love her but I wish they could elaborate her past a bit more.


Jesus can sympathize with Sunset. He only said "Let the children come to me" and now he has several restraining orders for an out-of-context phrase. :P

My main point is that she was more of a threat then people considered she still had a puppet army and two demons and mind control powers, and she was out to kill most mlp badguys don't ever atempt that, which made her more dangerous , keep in mind tempest and the changlings have won against luna tia and cadence they are not good at combat unless in their evil forms

Me dischord and sheogorath are laughing our metaphysical behinds off

That is assuming that she could just brainwash them like that.
He was an ass, yeah, but he cared about Fluttershy. And Sunset just killed one version of her and is going for the other one.

I know, right? They hand out little teasers about Sunset's past, but they never commit to actually telling us something substantial about her backstory.

Sunset might have an army, but Equestria has a Discord.
And I doubt that even Season 3+4 Discord would just sit by and let Sunset murder Fluttershy.

Yeah, but Tempest caught them off guard and send them panicking with a 1-hit-kill anti-magic weapon.
If that orb hadn't gone through Cadance's shield, that battle would've gone a lot different.

As for the changelings, well, Luna slept through the whole thing.
We have no idea if Cadance even had the chance to fight back when she was captured.
And Celestia lost because Chrysalis was jacked up on Shining Armor's love and a lot more powerful than usual.
Look at her face when she blasts Celestia; she was not expecting that win. Hell, she outright states that Shining's love is more powerful than she thought.

What we do know is that Cadance is strong enough to shield a whole city for days on end, and that Celestia and Luna wiped the floor with Sombra the first time around.
The reason they always lose now, is the same reason Discord is almost never around when he would be useful.
They have to preserve dramatic tension, so that the main characters can still be the heroes.

In a story where the Alicorns are allowed to be as strong as they're implied to be, read: powerful enough to match all the magic in Equestria + Discord combined, things would go a lot different.

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