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Never watched the original show. Here because used to love to kill ponies


for years, the great goddess Faust and her fellow divine beings known as "humans" are worshiped by nearly all sentient creatures in Equis. for they created the land, sea, and air in which the mortals thrive and live in.
at least, that's what they believe.....
drop a normal human in the middle of it and watch as ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, and changelings try and gain their "blessing" from an unwilling "god"

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First chapter isn't bad just a little short.

Great job on the chapters
I always had a soft spot for the
"Humans before ponies " genrie

Yeah, same here. Just wish there were more.

Good story just needs editing

I want more so badly. From the sound of the summary and things so far. I would love to be in this guy's shoes.

This isn't a situation where he doesn't speak the same language as the ponies is it.

Do what u think is right and dont let other people judge the length of story
Still awesome story

Celestia, not celestia.

Forgot some Quotation marks between Celly and Sunset talking.

Rules say you need to start a new paragraph between each character speaking, and that sometimes can get annoying.

The griffin speaking is hard to read in dark mode. Try using a lighter color.

Missed some capitalization. Other wise good chapter.

Does the super strength go for all of his limbs or is that just his weigh so much That he’s able to push it like a train versus a stick

If you could stick to 2000 words are higher per chapter it also might improve as well But I do enjoy the story and it’s concepts

I like this fic its starting to get interesting. If you have things you need to do then update about once a week.

See that’s what I like to see some plot some world building A bit of foreboding nature now would you need some hanky-panky and the story is golden :rainbowwild:

Even took my advice to make the chapters little longer Good on you

Always has been and always will be! All-aboard the one-punch man season 2 train!

The moment she touched the human's fingers, the whole world suddenly makes sense. The cycle of life and death, the rule of the cosmos, the existence of stars the boundaries of physics, the origin of magic, the magic of friendship, the true power of shaggy,........ Her mind could only take so much before she collapsed in the sand. The human's armored foot being the last ting she saw....


This story is best story!
That human is best human!

this is great thanks for writing this story it rocks, Ive been looking for one of these.

"so a human has finally returned to the land they made.... he'll make a good addition to my army" the female voice monologue as she smirked in front of a glowing pustule with a silhouette of an alicorn within...


OOOOhhhhh chrysisy that's adorable! you think you can make a human join you! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Please don’t tell me you’re gonna start taking long gaps in between chapters

Next CH is almost done
Got stuck with constant O.T.s as of late

See I like this the chapters nice and juicy good detail plenty of things happen good character and world building and keeps people well interested you keep this going this is gonna be an amazing story even more than it already is and from the way Luna was acting it’s more like she was panicking which is very nice and foreboding

Hoping to get some retribution for Starlight's rotten behavior. She's really a bitch in this story. Also, something I noticed: Luna is described as "light", but yet she's capable of knocking down our protagonist with little effort. If you're trying to make him strong, I would suggest giving him an extraordinary advantage in combat, or at least super strength. Also, the title of Princess is not usually associated with ruling a country. I think that would rather be King or Queen.

Re-read the chapter
Our poor MC tripped on a door handle from Luna's entrance
And since he doesn't want to get into any more trouble than he already is, he hoped to outlast princess of the night
It's in that chapter somewhere

And wait for a little while...
I think I'm not done yet wit world building....
And don't worry. You already have a clue of what our 'god' can do.....

I have been constantly checking up on this fic waiting for an update, and now here it is.
Keep up the good work.

So.. quick question in the legend it was said that the humans made the world using 1000 comets given how small comets are compared to a planet. Does he have super strength because of the weaker gravity?

'A' thousand.... Not one just 1000....
No spoilers (read the blogs if want some)

So Vann will be a doormat and do and believe everything they tell him ?

See this is what I like a good nice thick chapter around 3500 words good details the grammar is pretty good as well the store is not moving too fast the character have depth and things are not flying out of nowhere happening for no reason all is good keep it up

No he seems more like a naïve person to trust them because he doesn’t know any better or assumes the best in people

as she smirked in front of a glowing pustule with a silhouette of an alicorn within...

Freakin' changelings. Even their crystal balls are gross.

Really, really, REALLY needs some serious editing work. The spelling and grammar are just painful to read.

Will he change for example after being lied to or betrayed by them in some way?

Most likely I mean he hasn’t gotten vault in politics yet so either some notable a king or even another racist actions can easily do so at the same time let’s say the changelings completely idolize him do whatever he wants whenever he says so during the wedding invasion when they find out there’s a human there what would the ponies react if all of us and their enemies want nothing more but then to get his good graces Will Ponys still at hostile towards him What happens if you can even turn a group of demons into good all for the Lord and Savior how would all the world governments react the possibilities are endless

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