• Published 27th Feb 2019
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the gods known as "humans"? - A lost anonymous

a creature (human) returns to the world his supposed "predecessors" created

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ch 1: a "god" has returned

southeast of stableside:
Early hours in the morning

A spring green unicorn mare gazes upon the rubble the random storm blew in the beach last night.

"thank Celestia it's Autumn. Or ponies could've been injured here" the mare stated while surveying the debris filled beach.

"as you said mayor Harvest, the weather team couldn't even control the damn cyclone. Good call on ordering the population to hunker down in their homes." a gunmetal gray Pegasus mare replied while hovering above the aforementioned mayor.
"it's not like we can evacuate the town that quickly when a storm just popped out of nowhere Eastern Breeze" mayor Bountiful Harvests said

" call in some folk to help clean this place up. We'll need more than a dozen to finish this by today. I'll look around if there is anything that could show where that storm came from"

"on it mayor. Don't do anything stupid. "

After the Pegasus named Eastern breeze flew off back to to Stableside, Bountiful Harvests began treading carefully across the rubble filled beach while probing her surroundings with her magic..

After clearing away a path for herself, the mayor began rummaging through the garbage the storm brought in. But halfway through, something caught her attention.

A some sort of claw is protruding out of the sand. It's shape is something the mayor couldn't quite put her hoof on it, but it seems oddly familiar to her: it has five appendages instead of a Minotaur's 3 and it looks like it is made of some sort of black fabric material with metal shielding in some parts of it. What piques her curiosity the most is somehow, she can't magically grasp the thing

While she is by no means, a powerful unicorn when it comes to magic, she's not weak either. Yet this strange protrusion on the sand is already making her sweat from both exertion and slight frustration..

'what in Equis is this thing made of? My horn won't even lift it, is this made of some kind of oil? My magic just slips off of it' the mayor of Stableside thought to herself.

Not wanting to be outdone by an uncooperative object, she decided to stop using magic and decided to try her hooves in pulling it off the ground..

"HNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!" with both forehooves on the claw, she drew in all her strength in an attempt to dislodge it off the sand........ But to no avail..

"GAH" with a shout of frustration, she sat on her rump panting as she looked at the offensive thing with both anger and curiosity.

Until the claw suddenly twitched....

The unicorn had to blink twice to clear of any imagination in her head that the claw ACTUALLY twitched. Which could only assure that the appendage belong to somehow "living" being.....

With careful movements, Mayor Bountiful Harvests slowly approached the mysterious claw and prodded it with a hoof...

No response....

She tried again... No response

with curiosity taking over, she decided to try and sniff the claw for any scent of some sort

*sniff sniff*



Without warning, the claw suddenly jerked out and grabbed the unicorn by her horn pulling her head down to the sand.

Bountiful Harvests struggled to undo the claw's grip but to no avail. to make matters worse, when the claw grabbed her horn, her magic was suddenly disabled by an unknown force

as she thrashed and tried to pull herself up, she didn't notice a growing mound just a few hooves in front of her. a mound that slowly grew bigger till it gave way to green and black colored helm...

harvests could only watch in petrified fear as the owner of the claw holding her horn slowly emerge from the sand like a monster.. but slowly realized what is the creature actually holding her..

there is no denying it. the bipedal body design, tall structure taller than the alicorns, and a flat face barely hidden by it's helm,

"a.. a human.... a real one...." were the only words mayor bountiful harvests could only muster as the human stood in it's full height....

then it looked down on her while still holding her horn in it's right hand