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Humans currently poses an entire intergalactic empire, the aid of their brilliant technologies, and the fundamentals of dark energy have allowed them to succeed to a type three civilisation.
A human named Jack decides to buy a planet called “Harmony” on the intergalactic market. This planet holds residence to dozens of sapient species who all are primitive lifeforms.
He decides to transform into one of the native species, with his intention to cause as much havoc/chaos as possible. At the time of his arrival, most of the world hadn’t seen conflict for well over 1000 years. He plans to change this, by encouraging new ideologies, starting a technological blackpowder arms race, and ultimately causing wars.

He may look evil to the natives, though according to the intergalactic government, he is implementing nothing illegal. His planet means his rules.

May or may not include Communists

This story is set in Early Season Two, a few episodes after “Return of Harmony”. This is an alternate universe and thus Equestrian girls don't exist, humans are basically just a myth.

Prereader: crimson velvet
Constructive criticism is welcome.

Chapters (31)
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Comments ( 894 )

Oi. I think him and Discord would have gotten along just swell!

He may look evil to the natives, in reality though, he does it all in the name of fun.

So...he IS evil.

This sounds like what Starbound would use for information on what Earth and humanity before the event, whatever it was (never played as a human) that forced them to leave.

I love it it’s very very interesting I can’t wait to see what he does first

Hmm.... Interesting... You've got my attention.

This seems to be very good
I'd love to see more

Its been quite a while since we’ve had such a wonder bestowed upon us :]
Please, continue ur tale :D the like button doesn’t describe how much joy I feel right now.
The writings great by the way :P I don’t know what fools dare dislike this masterpiece. >:[

Normally I am not too keen with having a TG HiE, but you put in just the right amount of sass to this to make it sound interesting with his/her plans to to reek havoc on this planet starting with the ponies. I wonder how it is going to start out with. I also wonder what Discord was the product of form the advance Human tech that created this world?

By the way if you are interested in an other cover art I am open for commissions, the link to my DA gallery is in the link bellow. If this tickles your fancy, you can PM when you have the chance.

Good luck on your story


Heh. Well I guess this isn't a bad start. Might check back in a few chapters.

This looks like an awesome story. Do you know what your chapter upload schedule might look like?

For the next few weeks, every 2-5 days.
After that, it could stretch to 5-14 days.

Excuse me for my rudeness. What the fuck.

Exactly how I would describe it.

So far. FUCKING AWSOME. this setting is actually a lot like a boom in
M planning on writing. But ya know. Without ponies.

oh my celestia!!!... i don't care what you do to them just don't anger the inter-universal Lyra club

I hope that jack seceds in his mission. Nobody and nothing should go this long without war. Also I hope sometime you have a whole victor made of his pony form.

Comment posted by PoniesMine deleted Jan 17th, 2019

So much potential! This is going to be a fun and chaotic story to read, I can already tell. I'm excited to read the next chapter!

Or to be more specific, he's apathetic and completely lacks empathy. This dude reads like a teenager who lights cats on fire just because he can. It'd be simpler to stomp the cat to death, or drown it, or shoot it, but that wouldn't be as interesting. So instead, he ties a rag to a cat, sets the rag ablaze, and throws them both into a busy street. The whole place might burn down, and the cat will almost certainly die--if not from the flames, then from running under a moving car--and dozens will end up hospitalized or worse, and for no reason at all.

But hey, it's a cool way to kill ten minutes.

I’d say he looks at ponies like one may look at mice or ants, not really caring like, do you care if you squish an ant under your bicycl? It’s like that except they have guns, something that makes for an awesome YouTube video, but not something you really care about. And besides, we don’t know how long he’s been alive for, for all we know he’s been alive for over 300 years. That can do things to people.

some of the controls and currency stuff remind me of EVE online(I currently play the game)

ooh, it's very interesting!
let's see where this goes!

I wonder what she will call herself when predestining herself to the ponies?

Yes! :] Great chapter as always :3


This can only end in tears..... also looking forward to the grand reveal. I always loved the shock of primitive species when they learn just how insignificant they are.

Comment posted by Kiaser reichtangle deleted Jan 18th, 2019
Comment posted by 3-tap deleted Jan 19th, 2019

Quite the story you have here poniesmine, i enjoy the idea behind it because its quite unique. well done!

Why must you you tease us >.< I need more! :3
( what kind of savages dare dislike this >:[ This is everything I ever wanted in a fic and more :] )

Bits are coins. So..... Are they... Bitcoins? :rainbowderp:

I’ve come across some species (when I mean ‘come across’, I refer to google images) that are only clothed in garments that cover the ‘essential’ areas, the quadrilaterals here most likely do the same. Of course, I’m just making some educational guesses, attempting to entertain myself while I travel to my destination.

You men Quadroped?

I wasn't sure what the symbol was for their currency, so I just picked one that fitted best.

Comment posted by Kiaser reichtangle deleted Jan 20th, 2019
Comment posted by Kanna deleted Jan 20th, 2019

I wonder how adorable they can be when they have multiple bullet wounds.

Now THAT is the real question

Wait a minute. *Looks at prologue word count*
Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me :3

I have a feeling them will get interesting next chapter if you know what I mean :trollestia:

If atomic had a PhD, they would call her doctor boom.

The very left is a white coated unicorn, with a purple curled mane, she seems like the stereotypical women.

Isn't it woman?

Shit is going to hit the fan

... And I thought the mc of overlord, and his minions, were evil:pinkiegasp:...

:D Oh, this is going to good :pinkiecrazy:

Activate fanboi sequence in 3 2 1- $0$

Comment posted by 3-tap deleted Jan 23rd, 2019
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