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The World is my Sandbox - PoniesMine

A human buys a planet called “Harmony” and decides to mess around with the natives. What could possibly go wrong when he provides weapons never even thought to exist?

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Chapter Two: Arrival

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Chapter 2: Arrival

My Pajero Space car suddenly appears, in a blinding white flash, in front of the target planet ‘Harmony’ and continues to head towards it.

The first thing that I notice, is the single massive supercontinent, it somewhat appears to be similar to Pangea.

Nice. It’ll be easier to cause havoc on a single landmass, instead of two. I think I’ll start by providing black powder firearms, and produce the munitions using my Atomic Fabricators. Establish an arms race. Before I start this though, I need more information, which will grant myself ideas, concepts and new weapon designs.

Conveniently its night, this will give me the opportunity to set up a base.

“ETA 7 minutes,” the AI informed.

That reminds me, why the heck did the government make it compulsory for an AI to be located inside every vehicle? Couldn’t they just of kept the old manual navigation system? I really enjoyed those in my youth. Why are AIs in every single object? Aren't people worried about them uprising and stuff? They literally control everything, even the industry. If something were to go wrong, like a virus that causes AIs to go rogue. It would result in the end of the human reign. At least I’ll be temporarily safe on this planet if that were to somehow happen.

After a little thought, I decide to whistle the introduction music to the Doctor Who.

I still can’t believe they revived that show. It is literally the oldest running in existence, back in the early 2000s they had to actually create the scenes. Nowadays, however, they can just travel to any planet. I’ve even been to one of them, it was pretty disgusting place, I could, however, understand why the film crew decided to go there. That episode did end up being one of my favourites.

ETA 3 minutes,” the AI enlightened.

I wonder how warm my fur will keep me? I guess I’ll have to do a bit of scientific ‘research’ by rolling in some snow, that is if they have any. Snow angles would look really weird as a quadrilateral, I’ll have to try that out too. So many activities to do in this new body! Why didn’t I try something similar to this before? I’ve only ever used the biological fabricator a few times, and each time it was still in the shape of a human, just with slight differences.

Fire surrounding my vehicle quickly knocked myself out of my thoughts, must be entering the lower atmosphere now.

“Activating fire extinguishing shield now,” AI stated. This had immediate effects, the flames surrounding the car suddenly dissipated, giving me a clear view of the ground below. Well, it seems completely green, as I’m not able to make out any details from this far up.

Serval minutes pass, and I’m able to notice a forest and a small rural town beside it.

Perfect, I can gather information from that town in the morning. In the meantime, however, I’ll set up a base, with a somewhat basic defence in the forest.

“ETA touchdown in 10 seconds,” the AI informed.

These woods could possibly be one of the natural ones, unaffected by the artificial weather.

“Touchdown in 5,
Welcome to planet Harmony Jack, the outside temperature is seventeen degrees Celsius, and slightly cloudy,”

The door to my right suddenly slides backwards, exposing me to the external surface.

I uncurl from my position and jump out of the car, onto the soft brown dirt. How my hooves are sensitive, I will never know. I take in my surroundings. Green bushes, trees and grass litter the environment, just as I expected. Although, it does seem to have a little more of a creepy vibe compared to most of the forests I’ve seen online. Horror movie forests always come out on top though.

I turn back around to the Pajero and notice it’s not there.

I facepalmed (hoofed?) mentally, the car is still invisible, wouldn’t want myself to lose it already, now do we?

“AI, set transparency to one-hundred per cent,” I asked.

“Confirmed,” it replied.

This promptly affected the car to reform back into its original state, causing a small smile to spread across my lips.

I trot around to the back, and tap twice on the boot door, causing it to open outwards and expose the objects within.

Wait, how am I supposed to move this stuff out? I don’t have the robotic arms to assist me, and my hands are nonexistent, furthermore my head only just exceeds the boot floor of my car, therefore there’s no possible way to carry out any of the objects.

I guess I’m just going to have to push them.

With a small pounce, finalising myself on the platform in my boot. I manage to make my way to the back and use my hind legs to strike the object closest to me. Immediately, all probable objects end up scattered on the ground below.

That was much less difficult than what I originally expected, who knew that horses could be so strong?

Returning myself to the ground, I shuffle through the pile (somehow) until I detect a robotic sphere with multiple blinking lights. Being the gentleman (or gentlemare) that I am, I supplied it a moderate kick to the side, causing it to activate and float above the collection.

One feature that I do enjoy when it comes to AIs, is the ability to carry out any orders that I give it, which means I don’t have to lift a single hoof.

“Fabricator, clear the area, and create a small base with the ability to fit my vehicle,” I requested.

What I love even more about AIs is the intelligence, the capacity to make decisions for themselves, while maintaining the highest efficiency.

A blue laser is emitted from the base of the fabricator and commences by disintegrating trees in the adjoining area.

—Sometime later—

The fabricator was just finishing up on the final touches of my new base. The building’s appearance is a sensible bland grey, considering the only material was iron, that’s not much of a surprise.

The building is a five by ten by a five-metre metal rectangle, with a garage door located on the right side, and a regular door on the left.

It’s nothing spectacular, but It’ll get the job done.

I walk up to the metal entrance and use my right foreleg to push, opening the door. I’m not certain how, but the AI is bound to only allow me entry, strange considering I’m in a different body.

Inside is the same dull colour as the outside, a single equine sized bed is located in the back left corner, and the machinery I brought from home is located on the opposite side, in contact with the right wall. A door, leading to the garage is subjugated not far from the front opening to the right.

This place is a considerable downgrade from my home on Earth, I’ll amass the fabricators to upgrade it tomorrow while I’m gone.

I’ll quickly put away my car, and finish up for the night unless I desire to be tired tomorrow.

First priority is dressing in my pyjamas, to ensure maximum comfiness.

—The Next Day: 7th of September, 989 (Local Time)—

I groan, flop onto my back, and stretch my legs, earning me a couple of popping noises. For once it seems I’m not tied, most likely due to my short day yesterday.

I collapse out of bed, and onto all fours.

“Good morning Jack,” stated the AI.

Of course, the demon followed me here, great. Just great. Why can’t I be allowed one single day without hearing that annoying voice?

*Sigh* “Why did it follow me here?” I mumbled.

“It is a requirement for all Earth citiz—“

“That was a rhetorical question,” I interrupted with a swipe of a foreleg.

After a few more stretches, I ask, “What’s there for breakfast?”

“Nutrient bars,” it replied.

I paused a few seconds, expecting to hear more.

“Annnnnnnnnnnd?” I enquire.

“The atomic fabricator was able to produce basic nourishment compounds from the local topsoil, and compressed them into several bars,” the AI acknowledged.

I’m actually kind of tempted to kill myself, respawn from the regeneration pod, and eat my dead corpse. Anything would be better than that crap. That is if, this species can eat meat, I’m not entirely sure.

“Just give it to me,” I commanded.

A small robot with tracks and a plate on its head, had serval nutrient bars on top approached from one of the corners. The robotic fabricator must have made it last night.

Eating these will just be like broccoli, eat it as fast as physically possible without giving your tastebuds the chance to register the flavour.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Good thing I’ve been training for this, I always eat too quickly at breakfast.

Before I know it, they’re gone.

I mentally celebrate.

The robot disappears out of slight once again.

“I would recommend a wash in the river nearby, your body has released a considerable amount of sweat overnight,” the AI suggested.

Not a bad idea if I say so myself, I guess I could do with a bit of a refreshment.

In preparation for any possible attacks by the local wildlife, I seized my musket and ammunition from the right wall utilising my right foreleg. You’d think it’ll be superior to take a modern ray gun, and your right. That’s just easy and boring.

Good thing I decided to modify the trigger slightly, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fire it.

Reloading the gun sounds like a fantastic idea, that way I’ll be able to fire it on demand.

I carefully place all the bullet paper cartridges besides one, on the floor next to me and exchange the musket to my left hoof. Realising that it would be impossible to balance on my hind legs, I decide to lay on the cold metal floor.

I’m eventually going to have to come up with a solution to this.

I bring my right foreleg up and use my teeth to bite down on the end of the paper capsule and rip it off. Promptly spitting the remainder from my muzzle, to the floor.

Carefully, I pour a small amount of gunpowder on the pan, in addition to concealing the powder by closing the frizzle over the top.

I rotate the musket around on a 45-degree angle to gain a clear view of the firing hole, furthermore pouring the rest of the blackpowder down the muzzle. I then violently shove the remaining cartridge into the barrel, in addition to taking hold of the metal rod located underneath, and sliding it out. Plunging the rod straight into the barrel, then compressing it extra hard to stop the ammunition falling out.

Once I was satisfied, I returned the rod underneath. If I want to fire it now, all I need to do is cock the weapon, and pull the trigger.

I stand back up, while still holding onto the musket in my left foreleg.

“The robotic fabricator used cotton manufactured by the atomic fabricator, to create a pair of saddlebags,” the AI informed.

Saddlebags? What kind of name is that?

The same robot from beforehand approaches with the bag in question on top. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to look like, but white. I guess the fabricator didn’t make any dye, and just kept the original cotton colour.

I grasp hold of the bag, and slide the item onto my back. Surprisingly comfortable, and it doesn’t seem to shift around much.

I open the right saddle bag by unfastening the two vertical belts, flip the cover-up and stash my musket horizontally. I toppled the flap back over, and refastened the straps securely tight. This is an easy to access area, which will allow me to swiftly take hold of the gun when needed.

I swipe the paper cartridges off the floor and store them in the opposite saddle bag.

I guess it's time to head off to the river.

“AI, where is the river located?” I requested, as I gathered some soap, and a towel from the wall, stashing them in my left saddle bag with the ammunition.

“Continue to walk straight out of the door for 300 metres,” it replied.

That’s a lot closer than I expected, at least I don’t have to walk far.

I trot towards the front door, open it, and head towards the river.

I wonder what’s it's like to wash in this new body? It would be quite difficult to dry myself as fur usually can be like a sponge.

Several minutes later and I appear to have arrived at a thin river.

Hopefully, it’s not too cold.

I go ahead and take off my yellow pyjamas and saddle bags, and deposit them directly next to me. Using my right hoof, I shuffle around in my left bag until I come across some soap.

A cannonball would be satisfactory, who wouldn’t do one?

I undertake a full sprint, and jump off the edge of the river bank, causing a huge splash in the river.

Eh, it’s not that cold, that’s probably the fur taking though.

I begin to rub the soap on each of my forelegs, and continue with the rest of my body. Shampoo and conditioner would’ve fulfilled superior standards, which would’ve authorised my fur to be soft.

I hum a random tune, using my amazing creativity to combine seemingly random music notes together.


Oh shit, what was that? My heart began to beat slightly faster, and my adrenaline levels shot upwards. I slowly turned my head towards the source of the sound, until my gaze connects with a bush on the same side of the river, 30 metres away from my saddle bags.

A rabbit pops out.

I sigh in relief, you might think I wouldn’t be terrified of anything as I literally respawn when I die, it is slightly painful though, however, the main reason is that I don’t want to lose my musket.

If a powerful wicked creature appears behind the rabbit like it always does in the movies, I swear I will—

I didn’t even get to finish my thoughts as it was interrupted by an ear-splitting roar.



As fast as a lightning strike, I squirm and immediately attempt to arrive back on shore. The key word is ‘attempt’ there, as when your bloodstream is pumped full of adrenaline, you tend to constantly make several mistakes.

The dirt consistently slipped under my hooves, just like what happens in the movies. Only afterwards the character gets eaten, and I’m not going to allow that to happen.

This time, while further concentrating on my movements, I am able to successfully leap onto land. Without a second to lose, I sprint the short distance to my saddle bag and yank the musket out, additionally cocking it.

Time to find this son of a bitch.

I scan my surroundings and evidently come across a large creature behind the bush where the rabbit appeared from

IT IS THE MOST boring animal that I’ve ever seen, I mean seriously? It's like someone attempted to create the most terrifying creature in existence, but failed fantastically.

The beast is literally just a lion, with a scorpion tail, and is currently running directly at me. I guess that’s understandable considering it just views me as a meat source. Too bad I’m not prey, I’m the predator.

I lay down on my belly, using my left foreleg to curl around the shaft and aim my weapon at the monster with uttermost precision. While holding onto the small rod connected to the trigger.

Time to die motherfucker.

I tug the small shaft, springing the cock forwards towards the frizzle. Electing serval sparks.


The muzzle exploded with a stream of fire, forcing the lead projectile out of the barrel and straight through the chest of this unfortunate creature. Blood and gore sprayed behind, covering shrubs and trees in the surrounding area, causing the body to collapse on the forest floor in a heap.

Did you know that muskets can actually cause more damage to a person than a modern gunpowder weapon? As the bullet usually splits into several pieces, affecting not just one part of the body, but damaging several organs.

Yeah, I suspect that’s what happened here.

I push myself up, walk the short distance to where the lion-scorpion is laying, and poke it with the end of my musket. Its chest area seems to be rising and falling rapidly, a lung or two likely got punctured. What’s done is done, may as well head back to base, I should reload my weapon beforehand though.

I then realise something, oh shit! I’m naked!

I gallop to the saddlebags and quickly wrap the towel around the lower half of my body.

And I should probably put clothes on too.

—In a town not so far away—

Twilight Sparkle was busy organising books in her tree library, for the third time this month, each occasion accord a new sorting system, to appropriately find the most efficient method possible when locating a title.

She peers to her side and finds Spike, a small purple baby dragon asleep on top of serval books.

Twilight sighed, he seems to fall unconscious too often for her liking.

“Spike,” she asked.

All she got was snores as an answer.

“SPIKE!” Twilight yelled.

“Wahh—“ he groaned, in the process toppling himself over, ending with a small tump on the floor.

“How would you like some ice-cream?”

That seemed to have gotten his heed, he immediately jumped up and stood at attention.

Twilight Sparkle rolled her eyes, “Alright, let’s go.”

Both of them walked out of the establishment, and towards the centre of town where the ice-cream parlour is.

The purple unicorn began to hum a happy tune, as she trotted down the pathway.

When all of a sudden, both were interrupted by a distant, unnatural echoing sound, originating from the Everfree forest.

Bang bang bang bang bang

This promptly got Twilight’s attention, she paused, never had she heard such an unusual sound before.

“I wonder what that was…” she mumbled.

Spike honestly didn’t care, all he wanted was a double scoop of chocolate ice-cream, therefore he didn’t seem to notice the sound, or simply ignored it and continued to walk onwards.

He became aware that Twilight was no longer beside him.

“Twilight! Come on, stop lagging behind. I want ice-cream!” he thoroughly stated.

Twilight, however, was preoccupied with attempting to dissect the noise she heard earlier.

“Did you hear that sound Spike?” she enquired.

He turned around, giving his full attention.

“What?” he cluelessly asked.

“You know, the echoing sound of a bang. Though it’s never any kind of noise that I’ve heard before,” Twilight mumbled the last part to herself.

“I don’t know, It’s probably nothing, come on! Let’s get some ice-cream now!” Spike began to complain. He was already thinking of the delicious substance melting in his mouth.

“Maybe it is,” Twilight stood while tapping her chin in thought. “Eh, I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually.”

Spike has never been more incorrect in his entire life, the source of that sound will affect the world in more ways than anyone can imagine.

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