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A New Mareland citizen named Half Heart is suddenly slammed with a routine inspection by the Wingbardy occupation force.

It's not like it could lead to a chain of events which may or may not include: tanks, beer and bullets.

This is my entry for the Equestria at War writing contest.

Note: The 'Narcotics' tag is for relatively minor beer consumption.

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My one gripe is that the story shifts from present to past tense at reckless abandon

The white alicorn princess peered at the letter in her magical grasp. “They say they’re, ‘suffering an extreme shortage of alcohol, and would like some sent immediately.’ ”

Truly the most important war material

I have a feeling Half Heart may or may not have become the face of the rebellion if alcohol is that important.

Mareland Bitter? Nah mate, what they really need is Pon XXXX!

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