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Steve is the only Crafter left. A terrible war against Herobrine had taken everyone from him. He lives, but without purpose. His happy-go-lucky attitude hides decades of war and scars. He wishes for a second chance, a way to make it up to those he lost. Now, due to unknown powers, he arrives in Equestria. Can these peaceful ponies make a mark on a battle-scarred Crafter, or will the darkness inside consume him from the inside out.

Post Discontinued Edit: Wow, that Description is way off the mark. I can't believe I wrote this. Anyway, if anyone is reading this, then, well, yeah, the story is discontinued. Has been for a while.



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Hey, to anyone actually reading my piece of garbage story, I won't be updating on a regular basis, just whenever I can. That can be days, or up to a few weeks, so if you enjoy the story or want to see more, just be patient

Yes, this is quite entertaining, please write more.

Oh, and Steve should Totally build his own house in Equestria. And have the ponies watch in awe and wonder. Especially since Steve typically should be able to build faster than any normal person or pony, and can lift heavier stuff with much ease.

This is actually kinda interesting. Would like to see more! :)

Constructive Criticism(tm): do not do “(Le time skip)”, it can pull readers out of the story, and it is much better to use something such as a page break to change scenes, and the phrase “time skip” should be reserved for times of a day or longer.
But on a different note, We like the unique idea of the button presses and the health meter each time Steve takes damage.

I actually really like this, it's a very interesting concept, and I look forward to seeing what comes of this story (Also really AJ? You're the element of honesty, how the hell did you not see through RD's shit?)

Lol, once he makes his spawn point, he'll be invincible. It's just a matter of where he puts it, and how well he hides it.

Comment posted by Hclegend deleted Feb 6th, 2019


that isn't very funny or constructive so my brain is basically screaming one thing that describes what I think your comment means when I read it.


Hope he also makes a beacon. Think about it, Regeneration and speed boost?

Comment posted by Hclegend deleted Feb 6th, 2019

Actually reading the author's note at the beginning might have enlightened you somewhat. Whether you agree with the style choices, your demonstrated failure in actually reading the bit at the beginning, much less you admitting your refusal to read the second chapter makes your criticism less than constructive.
If you want to criticise, at least do the author the courtesy of reading the story first.

Comment posted by Hclegend deleted Feb 6th, 2019

I suggest you try reading the bit in the author's note where the author points out the use of maneuvers and commands from a second game that helped inspire his story. In the continuing failure of yourself to recognise the word as written, I'd politely suggest you find a story more to your taste rather than embarress yourself further.

Thanks for the comments (except for that one dude, hclegend or something) I would like to clear a few things up. One, this story is a combo of Minecraft and MLP. There are a lot of things that exist in the MLP world, that don't naturally exist in the Minecraft world. (e.g. "rope arrows", but more on those later), and all that will be explained later, that including Steve's fighting controls. Another thing. If you all read the description, which I'm assuming you did, this is a version of Steve that has been through hundreds of battles, and has witnessed the death of his species as a whole (again, more on that later). He's not emo, he's just a regular person, with powers, trying to survive in a new world.

Also, if you are going to leave criticism, make sure it's constructive criticism. Frankly speaking, I spent way too much time trying to publish this story for haters to rain on my parade. If you like it, then c'mon in. If you think it could be better, then leave a comment. If you hate it, there's this wonderful little thing. If you look, there's this little "X" in the top right corner. Click it, it should fix everything.

I would also like to personally thank a user named "Paulon" for defending my story when they didn't have to. Thanks.

Also, thank you "Golden_Reflection" for the advice. I'll try my best to do that from now on.

I'm honestly loving this, as someone who has played Minecraft since before it looked anything like it does today I find this a really interesting concept for a story (I tried to read another story before bringing Steve into this world... but it kinda spent a lot of words just retelling the same moments through the eyes of different characters, which would be great for moments of high importance, but it tended to happen for even the most mundane things)

Hmm. This is interesting. The game commands aesthetic is something I haven't seen before, and while I'm still somewhat undecided on the matter, it doesn't seem to hurt the flow of combat.

He has an even temperament, which is a plus, edge-lord win-always characters get tiresome very quickly.

All in all, I like the idea of a guy hiding out in the Everfree and just doing his thing. I'll follow this and see where it goes.

I have some feats or ideas would be amazing if you would use them in the story. The information is from
" The Theorizer" or other YouTube videos of personal exsperince.
1. Steve average punches is 101,000N and his strongest punches are around 54,000,000N.
2. Steve weighs about 900 to 1,000 pounds.
3. Steve once had a beard in early Minecraft but in later Minecraft he shaved his beard.
4. With a trident with riptide 3 he can shoot himself up 60 meters or about a 20 stories building.
5. If you count every Minecraft '20 minutes' a earth day then every minute would be 1 hour and 6 minutes. So every 8 minute potion would really last about 8 hours and 48 minutes long.
6. Minecraft position is stronger then diamonds but normal incision would be fragile.
7. Minecraft gravity is more then earth's gravity and some blocks fall at different speeds.
8. Steve is 6'6 ft tall and from shoulder to shoulder is 3'ft wide. A average Stallion is about 4'ft tall, the average mare is about 3'6ft tall and Celistia 'without counting here horn' is about 6'ft tall.
9. Steve can hold his breath for about 32 minutes.
10. Steve can change his looks "Skin" and his name in the pass to stop others from finding out he didn't have or is immortal. Many years later he have forgotten his name and just went with Steve the last time he saw people.
11. Steve forgot his age and Luna looks at his dream to find out these aren't dreams but his memories of his past lives pretending to be a new person for millions of years.
12. It's been a thousand years since he was the last minecrafter so he can have a better relationship with Luna and Celistia.
13. Even though Steve is strong he is slower then every long on the show.
14. The experience orbs are magical and Steve uses them to enchant items. So what if any living feature he kills, he is generally stealing their magic and if he is taught or self teaches himself then he can do spells. Such as telaporting, legvitating, that fire ball and so much more.
15. When Steve dies he leaves his items and expensive but no corpse. So what if he was made of magic and is connected to the elements of friendship because friendship is Magic. Which would explain the 3rd chapter ending of him feeling happy out of no where.
I hope u like these ideas and hope u use at least one of them. Great story. Bye

Comment posted by Hclegend deleted Feb 6th, 2019

Ahh yes! Finally found an minecraft fic!

The only criticism I can give to you is just reminder that potions take materials, and some materials are exotic, and can't be found in the normal world. Plus, Equestria is sure to have different flora and stuff than Steve is used to, and there may be vital ingredients he simply cannot find in this world. So while he may be good with potions, its not like he can find all the usual things just lying around in Equestria. He'll have to be careful.

Such as netherwarts. The base of every type of potion except thick and weakness potions.

Comment posted by Hclegend deleted Feb 6th, 2019

This is just a silly suggestion, but should he ever use poison joke in any of his potions, he becomes a pony of the opposite gender.

Sorry, but that intro author's note has nearly killed my desire to actually read the story.
Are those controls gonna be mentioned explicitly, in fourth-wall-breaking fashion?
And if not, why do we need to know them?

To anyone reading, if you have any concerns about the whole game controls, as I've stated, it'll make a lot more sense once you read, as I've never been very good at explaining things.

If you did a chapter such as making him go down a cave to get obsidian and make a nether portal. Would there even be a nether world? Or is it just the pits of tartarus instead?

Great fic! Can't wait for more.

As for Steve's predicament, I have a feeling that it will segway into Zecora's since he mentioned it in passing. However, Steve disliking Zecora might've been a way to eliminate that plot convenience and to give the story a little more depth. It's just how I feel though.

Let see what happens next! :pinkiehappy:

This story is shaping up to be really good, and I for one am very much looking forward to the chapters still to come

Minecraft. *Opens the Xbox store* Welp! I’ll see you all next Christmas!

ground up citrine. no idea if there is any in Equestria, but there is no indication that there isn't.

“NOT TODAY, BITCHES!!!”, his invisible form called out as he sailed through the air, leaving two very confused and slightly insulted mares behind.

Because Blaze Powder is from the nether can Steve just build a nether portal? If not he could always use a mixture of Timberwolf bark and Ruby dust.

Well, technically, you could use dragon spit as a suitable replacement, though acquiring it would be a feat of itself.Also, there may be some roots and weeds in the Dragon lands that would suit his needs, though the show doesn't give any specifics. Ironically, Zecora would be Steve's best bet for stuff like that, as she is a potion's master herself.

I think its best to assume such things don't exactly work the same way in Equestria. For all we know, nothing happens when he tries to light it.

Yeah, in my opinion, Zecora would be the best choice for him. Besides, he will need to make an ally at some point in this place, whether he likes it or not.

Not sure why, but the gameplay style of this fic wouldn't be too out of place in God of War. Too bad talking's not an option because Rainbow's stupid af and stealth is not working so well. I also have a strong hunch the Crafter will get an instant game over if he outright kills any of the ponies. I wonder if there's a karma and reputation mechanic here?

I would suppose the possibly the dust of a crushed fire ruby (you know, the thing spike gave to rarity) might work, based on the fact that it has fire in the name, but I do believe that a fire ruby is quite rare if the fact that it symbolised spike being generous enough to rarity that it completely reversed the effects of greed on him.
Yet, Steve is good at finding gems and things, and could probably either find the fire rubies, or figure out how to craft them from regular rubies (or if you don’t want fire rubies to be the fuel, you can make them the fully crystallised version of redstone dust).


I wonder if there's a karma and reputation mechanic here?

If there is, then Steve is currently at about -5 or something, and only because he walked into town once and got attacked by a bag of skittles.

Blaze Powder replacement? Here ya go!

Wicked Powder: Harvested, powderized, Silver Tartarus Rocks brimming with small, but sufficient energy that nearly rivals against the ordinary Blaze Powder.
Hyper Powder: Stronger, Golden variants of Wicked Powder that are twice the power and potentially stronger than the original Blaze Powder, harvested from taking down Tartarus enemies with blood infused with Blaze Powder.

Mostly cause I can imagine Steve would need to go to the Nether to get Blazing powder, Same goes for finding a way to Tartarus. Wicked Powder can be a harmless way of acquiring them without killing sentient Tartarus residents, where as the most dangerous, violent monsters would have Hyper Powder and Steve will not hesitate to defend himself and take what was left.

Imagine if Steve drank a Hyper Powder infused "Speed Potion", Time would literally freeze for a couple of seconds, but allowing Steve to even move impossibly faster than the speed of light. Wait, Scratch that. I'd like to see Steve give that potion to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash + Hyper Potion = Rainbow Nova
"Transcending speed beyond TIME AND SPACE!"

Yeah....that last encounter Might invoke royal action...

While Steve may be able to best most ponies one v one, I don't think he would last long against the entire Equestrian army....

Numbers overwhelm even the strongest of foes.

However, there is a good caveat that can be utilized here. Steve has been doing nothing but making enemies and trying to survive up to this point. You need to throw him a curve ball that he can't simply answer by swinging his sword or fists.

Ironically, he needs a friend. Or at the very like least, somepony who can show him that the ponies aren't all bad. He needs a pony of wit or reason to counter act his more brutish nature.

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